Chapter 33: Disciplining the Nun VII (part 3)

In order to maintain secrecy, they had to carefully select the miners, procure the necessary food, and equip the miners with the best quality tools, not the low quality ones they used at the iron mine.

In addition, the cost for transportation increased by several folds as well.

Naturally, the funding they needed was immense! 

Furthermore, it was impossible for them to allow investors from other places as the work had to be carried out in secret, away from the eyes of the Beden Merchant Company.

At a time like that, the complete suspension of trade in iron mines and grains, which were their main source of income, was a huge blow to Jake.  At the same time, it meant that dark clouds were hanging over the development of gold mines, which they were investing in with great enthusiasm. 

“Da*mn her… that damn Empress! Instead of helping us, she hit us in the back like this!” Jake cursed out loud.

“Ple…please calm down, My Lord! This… first of all, shouldn’t we quickly tell Lady Linda about this news?” One of the aids suggested.

“It’s not something that can be solved just because you’re angry. We must act quickly!” Another one of the aids advised.

“Haah… ” Jake tried to calm his anger with difficulty at the words of his aides.

It was an unexpected situation, but as they said, now was not the time to be angry.

He had already invested a significant amount of funds in the mine development.

In order to prevent that from shutting down, we had to come up with a way to raise more funds in some way.

‘If I let it shut down, it will all be for nothing. It’s a hard- earned opportunity, so I can’t just end it with losses.’

The huge loss caused by the sudden cessation of iron ore and grain trade was very painful. However, once the gold mine became operational, all the damages would be covered immediately.

Thinking so, Jake urgently sent someone to contact Linda, who was in the Aosta Mountains.

He couldn’t think of something good, but he believed that Linda would somehow find a solution.


“Sigh… ”

After hearing the news, Linda hurriedly ran over and let out a heavy sigh.

“Hey… how’s the gold mine situation right now?” Jake asks with hope.

But… Linda shook her head slowly in response. 

“It’s not easy, the people from the Beden Merchant Company made things very bothersome before they left.”

“Bothersome? What do you mean by that?”

“They blew up the entrance to the mine before leaving. Since they couldn’t have it, they wanted to make things difficult for the others as well. Due to that, it’ll still take a while before we can start mining anything in earnest. And… the same goes for the funds.”

“Um… ”

They could understand why they did that, as it was the equivalent of forcibly taking a mine that was still being developed.

And, they would have done the same as well.

However, the Beden Merchant Company had done it at the worse possible situation. So it was natural that both Jake and Linda were seething with rage.

“Now what? Fortunately, we still have the money we’ve earned so far, so it’ll be fine for a while, but…”

“That’s still not enough. It will take at least a few more weeks to get to the veins and mine something. If we’re unlucky, it could take even longer.”

Linda calmly analyzed the situation from the standpoint of carrying out the mine development.

Hearing her opinion Jake’s head began to ache as he realized that their future would be quite quite hard.

“Um… is there any other way? As you may know, this is the biggest project of our lifetime. We can obtain more wealth than we have ever been able to squeeze out of the farmers.”

“That’s true… ”

At Jake’s words, Linda automatically frowned.

It was as Jake said, if they succeeded in this venture, they could turn the whole situation around.

She would be able to completely end her life as a nasty fake nun and confidently live a happy life of grandeur as Jake’s wife.

‘And.. for that, it was necessary to take a certain risk.’ Linda concluded in her mind.

“There’s a way… but…”

“Yes? Do you have a solution? That… what is it? Come on, tell me.”

Jake urged Linda with urgency

In response, Linda carefully talked about her thoughts, and at the same time, traces of deep worry began to show on Jake’s face.

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