Chapter 33: Disciplining the Nun VII (part 2)

After that, they calmly boarded the carriage waiting at the entrance and left.

The carriage went out of town. 

Inside, the two women remained silent with an expressionless face.

However, the moment they were far enough from the town…

“Pooh!… Hahahahaha!!!!” 

Yuria burst into laughter as soon as she didn’t have to worry about her surroundings.

“You’re too much… don’t laugh. No one might be able to hear us now. But we still… have to be… careful.. Puch!” 

In the end, even Isolda, who was trying to stop her couldn’t hold on, as she herself was having a hard time holding back her laughter.

If you saw them from a stranger’s point of view, it would be completely incomprehensible. 

But the two people who knew the inside story couldn’t help but laugh about the current situation. The project they had just completed was just that funny.

‘Really… the more you get to know him, the more mysterious he seems… our Master…’

Isolda had already heard about a big news right before she came to this place.

And, as she though about what would happen as a result, Isolda once again recalled the face of Bahamut, who had spoken with a confident voice.

‘To think that it was true. It really happened that way.’


If everything went smoothly as planned, it would be a matter of great happiness.

Unfortunately, things didn’t always go as planned.

Variables always occurred, and they often aggravated the situation because they tended to come suddenly, at an unexpected point.

And in that respect… the variables Linda and Jake were facing at the moment could be said to be the worst.

“Are they going to stop the deal? What do you mean by that?” Jake shouted in agitation.


“Um… First of all, calm down and look at this, My Lord.”

The aide brought out a sheet of paper without knowing what to do.

In response, Jake urgently accepted it and confirmed its contents.

“This.. this.. what the hell is this? W.. what is written here.. is it really true?”

“That…that’s…” The aid stammered.

As Jake expressed his anger, his aides couldn’t help but hesitate, and was unable to answer.

“I am asking if it’s true!”

“Oh..yes! It’s true, My Lord…”

Jake’s aides finally answered Jake’s question, but the moment he heard that, Jake began to feel as if all his strength was draining from his body.

“This.. this… why.. why, at a time like this…”

It was the worst thing that could possibly happen.

In response, Jake stumbled and sat down, and in the process, the papers in his hands fell to the floor.

The information in it was something that brought relief to many people. 

But for Jake, signified a disaster!

To be clear, the information was about a peace treaty between the Dragona Empire and the Kingdom of Hangury, which had been seething with enmity.

The peace treaty was an effort to relieve the tension that has lasted for a while and catch some breath.

From the point of view of the people who were trembling in fear, thinking that a war would break out and a lot of blood would flow, this was regarded as no different from the grace of a merciful god.

Those who had been forcibly conscripted and wielded weapons, returned to their hometowns to pick up farming tools. And the forge, which had been spitting fire nonstop and producing weapons, took a break after a long time.

Those who trembled in fear praised the blessing of peace in relief, and the lords who were preparing for war were able to breathe a sigh.

However, no one knew how long this peace would last. Because a treaty could be broken at any time with just the slightest noise.

Despite that, it was definitely a great blessing to be able to put their mind at ease for a while, at least compared to the time when they were trembling with fear day and night.

But… the news that brought joy to so many people was no different than a disaster for Jake.

All his trades in iron ore and grain, which were the sources of his profit, were suspended.

Usually, it would have been a tolerable setback.

However, Jake was currently in a situation where he was spending funds to the maximum for developing the gold mine.

Although it was a neighboring territory, sending people and resources to the Aosta Mountains, which was quite far away, was incomparably difficult compared to developing iron mines in Lugano.

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