Chapter 33: Disciplining the Nun VII (part 1)

As Isolda took the money and left, Lord Easter sighed in relief.

‘I’m glad it’s finally over. In any case, the problem has been resolved without much escalation…’

Although they had no particular direct influence on the commercial district of his territory, the opponent was nonetheless, the Beden Merchant Company.

In the worst case, the Company had the power to move the surrounding lords and punish them!

At least, they agreed to relent with just the compensation money. It was as if they didn’t want to drag the situation too far, and this was a very fortunate matter for Easter, the powerless lord a mountainous region.

‘The compensation money hurt us a lot, but… if the gold mine development goes well, there will be tens and thousands of times the profit…’

With that thought in mind, Lord Easter began to recall the plan Jake had discussed once again.

First of all, they would take back the rights to the mine using the inherent authority of Lord Easter and show that he was doing it due to the administrative pressure.

Then, they would begin developing the recovered mine with the help of Jake, and the profits from the process would be divided into two.

In the process of starting this work, Easter had secretly sent someone to check the mine in advance out of concern.

And the result, was exactly as Jake had said. 

The Beden Merchant Company was transporting ores mixed with sparkling gold!

After having discovered that, Lord Easter lord didn’t delay the plan any longer and immediately put it into action, and thus it was successfully completed.

‘Now all that’s left is for Lord Jake to develop the gold mine well. Then the light of fortune will finally shine on our territory, which has been in poverty for so many years!’

The plan itself was quite simple, and at the same time it was unlikely to fail as it was based on the force of the law.

Satisfied with the fact that his part was finished without a hitch, Lord Easter began to swell with dreams for the future to come.


In the increasingly blurred vision, a man struggled to hold onto someone’s hand.

And, what he got in return, was a warm and caring touch.

Then, the man spoke earnestly, as he felt his life slowly fading away.

“Sister… Sister… Linda..Sister..”

“Yes, please speak!”

A benevolent voice reached his ears. So he squeezed out the last of his strength and begged her.

“Pl… please, please.. protect my family… my family…”

After that, the man couldn’t say anything more.

After the last request, his soul escaped from his sick and tired body and left for the world beyond.

And, seeing the now dead miner, Linda slowly closed her eyes. “Just today… we already lost 9 people…”

“Sorry… the accident was too big as the mine collapsed.” One of the men in charge replied with a sorrowful expression.

“It’s heartbreaking. I won’t be able to come here for a while… I can’t believe I have to leave these people behind.” Linda too, spoke in a voice filled with sadness.

Then, she slowly got up from her seat and spoke in a voice filled with determination.

“Even so… I ask you to be patient with me. We will definitely develop the gold mine to change this situation.”

“We will only trust our Sister!”

“Don’t worry. We will take good care of this place.”

Even in the middle of such suffering, the workers cheered her on.

Linda gave a sad smile and bowed her head, “Thank you, everyone. Then… I will trust you and go.”

With those words, Linda Halls slowly left the clinic.

Leaving the horribly crushed nine corpses behind her.

As she closed the clinic door, a cold smile appeared on her lips for a moment.

‘With this, I will never have to come here again. To these dirty sl*ves…’

With that thought, she got on the carriage heading for the gold mine without any regrets.


A few days ago.

Isolda left the lord’s castle in Aosta.

As always, Yuria was walking right beside her.

“With this, we got all the compensation money. I received a report that the mine work was finished a long time ago. All that remains is to pack up and return to Schwyz.”

“I see. You must have suffered a lot.” Isolda spoke with her usual blunt expression.

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  1. Wait… Did the mine really exist and he just mined all the gold before they could get to him? If that is true than he is just savage.

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