Chapter 38: First draw with the villainess (part 2)

I gave her the cookie with the intent of feeding the animals.

Then, when he looked at the animal again after handing the cookie to Shael. I hear a crunching sound from the side.



I quickly looked back at Shael. And yes, the cookie I gave to Shael was gone.

“Did you just eat it?”


She must be so embarrassed that she couldn’t even say anything.

Well, the villainess… wouldn’t be kind to the animals.

Even if it was a cute animal. So, she ate the cookie instead. Yeah, she wouldn’t like to show kindness animals indeed.

‘Absolutely, and wanting to eat cookie herself was probably not the reason…’

After barely organizing my thoughts, I said to Shael.

“I guess it’s nothing.”

Then I walked on, trying to ignore the animal that was staring at me eagerly as if it wanted more cookies.

Then we walked around the zoo again, and I was able to see an animal which seemed quite intriguing.

It was a small puppy. 

A pure white puppy with a very cute appearance. However, the small size and cute appearance did not imply a docile personality.


The little guy started barking while glaring at Shael.

Of course, even if it was a cute puppy, there was no way that the villiness would be kind towards it

As expected, Shael also glared at the puppy, and said, “Hehh, tiny worm…”

As if understanding Shael’s words, the puppy began to struggle against the cage.

As if to prove that this was indeed a world in a fantasy novel, the puppy suddenly transformed into beast even bigger than Shael.

The beast’s face became ferocious, and thick veins were visible on its angry face.


Even though it looked cute, there was a reason why it was locked in a sturdy cage.

‘Honestly, even I was a little scared.’ 

But Shael was still glaring at the unknown beast.

‘Seriously, does she have no fear?’

It was then, the beast barked again.


This time too, it was a sound that almost made me faint. I calmed down my nerves and asked Shael.

“What are you doing?”

“What is it?”

At some point, Shael had hid behind me, and was using me as a shield. 

She was really fast. To the point where I thought that if there were to be a fight, Shael would run away while using me as bait.

Could it be that she was so frightened earlier that she couldn’t even run away and stayed still?

Anyway, this was an opportunity. A good opportunity to tease the villainess.

“Are you… scared?”

“No, I’m not!”

Shael answered confidently. But she still stayed behind me. So I provoked her again.

“Then go ahead.”


Shael pondered for a moment, then spoke up.

“If you can go first, I will too.”

Usually, I would confidently walk ahead and make Shael come too, but… I couldn’t do that this time. 

If I really did, I was sure that my soul would just fly away.

As it was being kept in the zoo, there were magic circles attached on the beasts body that were not there when it was a small puppy. But that didn’t mean that I could be assured. 

If I go next to it right now, I felt like it would tear my limbs apart.

Of course, since it was being kept in the zoo, safety would be guaranteed with all kinds of magic, but it was still a scary thing?

I just turned around and started walking away without saying a word.

Shael also followed me.

We fought against each other quite a lot. But, this time it was a draw. 

We succumbed to one beast…

While we were walking around while ignoring the prior incident, I heard a familiar voice.

“Ah, it’s the very shy sister!”

It was the voice of the child we had met in the past, when I was giving dessert to Shael, who was starving while tailing me. 

To be honest, her words had embarrassed Shael quite a bit.

This time as well, she had recognised us because Shael and I were wearing the same clothes commoners wear.

Shael changed clothes because she didn’t like people’s attention, and I changed into normal clothes because it would be strange to wear nice clothes alone.


“Are you alone? What’s your name?”

Before Shael could speak, I asked the child. 

It was strange for such a young child to wander around alone without her family.

“Yes! My name is Kayla!”

The child, named Kayla, replied with a bright smile. Then she added,

“I have about five more hours to play before I get back!”

Why was a five-year-old child wandering around alone in the zoo?

Fortunately, security here was quite good, and seeing that she was also wearing a tracking bracelet, I didn’t feel like she was going to lose her family.

There was also no such thing as a car in this world, so there was no need to worry about getting involved in a car accident.

Still I didn’t want to leave the child alone, so I held out my hand to Kayla.

“Then, stay with us until then.”


Kayla happily answered as she held my hand. She even held Shael’s hand, who hadn’t even reached out.

Shael frowned and tried to let go of her hand. But Kayla looked back and forth between me and Shael, then she said.

“Dad, Mom!”

It was a shocking remark!

Then, she secretly looked at Shael. 

It was clear that the mischievous girl was making fun of the embarrassed villainess.

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