Chapter 458: Dazed Huang Rong

The maidenly feelings in that moment made Huang Rong very frightened. 

Over the years, she had been busy worrying about Xiangyang’s defense with Guo Jing, and she almost forgot that she was once a romantic young girl. She loved her Brother Jing very much, but she spent more than ten years of her youth on Xiangyang, and she could foresee that she would be spending her whole life in the service of Xiangyang in the future. 

Huang Rong always felt a hint of regret when she thought about it.

With Huang Rong’s intelligence, she naturally understood that the Southern Song Dynasty court had decayed, but the Mongolian side was prospering. One was declining, the other was advancing, and the final outcome was not difficult to foresee. 

‘When the city of Xiangyang is destroyed…with Brother Jing’s personality, he would definitely fight to his last breath and die for his country. How will we survive at that time?’

Huang Rong had avoided thinking in that direction before, but for some reason today, she suddenly found that she couldn’t control her thoughts. Thinking of everything that was destined to happen, she felt a deep sense of powerlessness in her heart.

However, she quickly shook her head and put all the complicated emotions behind her mind. She comforted herself in her heart, ‘It was just because I had never seen Song Qingshu take action and didn’t know his strength. After all, even with my own level of martial arts, I couldn’t stop the swords. But he was able to do it despite being so young. It’s normal for me to subconsciously feel a little awed…’

Huang Rong had been acting abnormally for a bit. Everyone in the audience thought she was a bit shaken and didn’t think much about it. How could they know the turmoil in her heart? 

Everyone’s attention was quickly attracted by the two people confronting each other in the arena, and they all looked at the two sides on the stage intently.

Unlike the previous fights, where there was always someone unknown, both the sides in this one were famous figures in the world.

Needless to say, Duan Yanqing was the leader of the Four Evils, the best master of Western Xia’s First Class Hall, and a ruthless murderer who has been rampant in the world for decades. It was even rumored that he was of Dali royal blood, and his One Yang Finger was already the best among the masters from Dali.

As for Linghu Chong, he was the most famous rising star of the Wuyue Sword Sect in recent years. His swordsmanship was superb, and it was said that he had already surpassed his former master Yue Buqun, the master of the Mount Hua Sword Sect, the “Gentleman Sword”. 

Not long ago, he assisted the former Cult Leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, Ren Woxing escape, and even had a chance to fight Dongfang Bubai, who was known as the best in the world. 

In that battle, Ren Woxing was blinded in one eye, but Linghu Chong was able to escape unscathed. So the real of his martial arts skills could be imagined.

Of course, what was most enviable by people in the world was not his martial arts, but the fact that he had the favor of the beautiful Saintess Ren Yingying. 

Although very few people in the world had actually seen Ren Yingying’s appearance, various information that had been circulated in the wulin had confirmed that she was as beautiful as a goddess.

Hearing the martial artists whisper to each other in a deliberately lowered voice, Song Qingshu smiled knowingly. It seemed that no matter what era, gossip was the most instinctive desire of people.

Recalling the pair of smooth jade-like calves in the bathtub of Heimuya, Song Qingshu’s heart swayed, and he subconsciously looked towards the Sun Moon Holy Cult. He happened to meet Ren Yingying staring at this side and couldn’t help but smile at her.

After the initial panicked look, Ren Yingying couldn’t help but glare at him.

The secret flirtation between the two didn’t stay hidden from Zhou Zhiruo’s sight, and she smiled coldly, “I never realized that you were so capable. To think that you could hook up with the saintess of the Demon Cult.”

Song Qingshu smiled awkwardly, “Don’t make it sound so unpleasant. We just had a few encounters, we can’t  even be considered acquaintances.” 

Thinking of Ren Yingying screaming to kill him every time she saw him, Song Qingshu felt that he was telling the truth.

“Ren Yingying is not an acquaintance, but what about Gang Leader Huang and Miss Guo?” Ah Jiu also interjected, “You saved the mother and daughter at the same time. They must the feeling very grateful to you.” 

Sensing that the air was filled with jealousy, Song Qingshu quickly said, “Hero Guo and the Gang Leader Huang have been guarding Xiangyang and protecting the people for many years. How can I sit back and watch them get hurt!”

“Is that so?” Zhou Zhiruo mercilessly exposed his lie, “Then why did you put your hand on her waist just now?”

“You also took the opportunity to hold Gang Leader Huang’s hand.” Unexpectedly, Zeng Rou also chimed in to join in the barrage of condemnation.

“It was just a mistake!” Song Qingshu repeatedly apologized, “Let’s pay attention to the fight, they are already starting.”


“Mom, who do you think will win?” Guo Fu was young and energetic, so she quickly forgot about the matter from before, and watched the fight with excitement.


At the moment, Huang Rong’s face was bright red, and she was a bit absent-minded.

It turned out that she had been eavesdropping on Song Qingshu’s conversation with his wives. Although they deliberately lowered their voices, the distance between them was not that far apart. Moreover, since Huang Rong had deliberately used her skills to amplify her hearing, she had listened to everything they said.

Seeing that she had become the object of jealousy among several women, Huang Rong couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. After all, both Zhou Zhiruo and Ah Jiu were extremely beautiful women. Even Zeng Rou was youthful and charming, almost the same age as her own daughter. Being able to make them feel jealous was the best affirmation of her charm as a woman.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you? You look so distracted?” Guo Fu looked at her strangely.

“I wish I were as carefree as you…” Huang Rong muttered, and quickly replied, “It’s nothing, I’m just thinking about something.”

“Who do you think will win between these two?” Guo Fu said while munching on some melon seeds.

“Both of them have their own strengths, it’s really hard to judge…” Huang Rong said a few words absent-mindedly, her eyes glancing towards Song Qingshu from time to time. All kinds of thoughts kept coming to her, and even she didn’t know what she was thinking anymore. (G: She’s se*ually frustrated.)

On the other side, Zhou Zhiruo was also discussing the same matter with Song Qingshu, “I remember you say before that during the battle of Blackwood Cliff, Linghu Chong was seriously injured and was bedridden?”

Song Qingshu frowned and thought, “Now the Sun Moon Holy Cult has been controlled by Zhang Wuji, he probably cured Linghu Chong’s injury, and is planning to use Linghu Chong to take over the Golden Serpent Camp. In this way, Zhang Wuji would be able to to control half of the martial arts world.”

“It’s Ming Zun, not Zhang Wuji.” Zhou Zhiruo corrected in a dissatisfied tone, but immediately after that her heart skipped a beat, fearing that it would cause Song Qingshu to misunderstand.

Unexpectedly, Song Qingshu just showed a faint smile, “Actually, it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s Zhang Wuji or Ming Zun. They are both my enemies anyway.”

Zhou Zhiruo’s face turned red, knowing that the enmity between the two was largely due to her.

“Zhang Wuji was seriously injured this time and couldn’t appear here. If Linghu Chong really succeeds in winning in the end, Ren Woxing will definitely take the opportunity to send his cronies to control the Golden Serpent Camp. Maybe he will have enough capital to remove Zhang Wuji’s control.” 

Song Qingshu continued to analyze the situation and thought, ‘The situation is getting more and more interesting.’

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