Chapter 457: A Seed of Emotion

Huang Rong felt her heart go cold. The movement she just performed was too subtle, and the more subtle the move, the smaller the room for change. She no longer had the ability to change anything, and could only watch the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword in front of her came closer and closer.

Suddenly, Huang Rong felt her vision go dark. Her first reaction was that she had been hit, but after a moment, she realized that it was due to Song Qingshu standing in front of her.

‘Is he going to stop the swords for me?’ A thought flashed in Huang Rong’s mind, ‘Why would he be willing to block the sword for me?’

Song Qing had no time to care about what Huang Rong was thinking, and looked at the swords which would arrive in a moment. Then he held out his hands in front of him with a solemn expression. 

As the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword were about to hit his hands, they suddenly seemed to hit an invisible wall of air and stopped a few inches away from the skin of Song Qingshu’s hands. 

Both the swords trembled violently, as if they were clashing against a greater force.

“To manifest Qi into a shield!” Xuancheng was shocked speechless. 

As the number one martial artist in Shaolin Temple in two hundred years, his knowledge was naturally far beyond that of ordinary people. There were many martial arts in the world that could allow one to manifest Qi to protect the body, and his own Indestructible Vajra Body was one of the best in that category. 

The others were Xiaoyao Sect’s Northern Darkness Divine Scripture, Shaolin’s Marrow Cleansing Scripture (Yi Jin Jing), and others of the same realm. After mastering those methods, the True Qi of the whole body would begin to flow freely. When encountering an enemy attack, it would automatically protect the body, and some could even be used to counterattack the enemy.

However, those body-protecting Qi would only circulate in the host’s own meridians, and would never flow outside the body. Even if there were some amazing and stunning people with extremely high internal Qi, they could only release the internal Qi slightly outside the body, and use it to block the wind and rain. It was absolutely impossible for anyone to use Qi to deal with the attacks of martial arts masters, let alone two sharp weapons infused with the internal strength of two masters!

Xuansheng sifted through all the masters he knew in his mind and found that only that person from the Scripture Pavilion would be able to accomplish such a thing. 

But how old was Song Qingshu? 

Xuan Cheng refused to believe that his martial arts had really reached that realm!

However, he quickly thought of Ah Qing, who had displayed her innate Sword Qi before, and his expression suddenly turned dark. He had thought that Xu Zhu would be sure win in this small Golden Serpent Conference, but now it seemed that there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the world.

Song Qingshu realized that the force on the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword had been offset by him, and he immediately snorted coldly, and moved his hands outward. 

The Golden Sword and the Dark Sword seemed to have been hit by something, and began to break inch by inch, then scattered on the ground.

Gongsun Zhi just managed to regain his breath a little, so looked up and saw this scene. His face twitched, and with a puff, he vomited a mouthful of blood.



The people in the audience didn’t care what Gongsun Zhi thought. Seeing that Song Qingshu had saved Huang Rong at the critical moment, they all cheered loudly. 

In most people’s eyes, Song Qingshu’s feat of shattering of the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword was shocking and exciting enough. It was actually even more shocking when he turned his Qi into a shield. 

The masters on the other hand, stayed silent with complicated expressions on their faces. 

Of course, with one exception.

Ah Qing clapped her hands and shouted in excitement, “Big Brother is so awesome!”

“Stop! He is our enemy.” Yuan Ziyi hurriedly reminded. 

After she was deceived by Song Qingshu in the Emei Sect, Yuan Ziyi had no good impression of that man. In addition, after hearing what happened to her senior brother Chen Jialuo, as well as Yu Wanting and Wen Tailai from the Red Flower Society, Yuan Ziyi further confirmed her original impression.

“Why? Isn’t he saving people?” Ah Qing asked curiously.

“He…” Yuan Ziyi was speechless for a moment, and after a moment she finally thought of a reason that seemed feasible, “His purpose of saving people is not pure, he has bad intentions.”

“What bad intentions?” Ah Qing continued to ask.

“He…he is a perv*ert,” Yuan Ziyi blurted out, thinking of the rumors in the world and what Wen Tailai mentioned about what he did to Luo Bing, “Gang Leader Huang is a famous beauty in the world, he is just greedy for her beauty, and wants to take the opportunity to get close to her.”

Yuan Shixiao couldn’t help but frown when he heard this, and coughed, “Ziyi, be careful!” 

It was not a big problem for Yuan Ziyi to slander Song Qingshu considering what they had heard about him from Yu Wanting, Chen Jialuo and the others. It’s just that Yuan Ziyi mentioned Huang Rong, which was extremely improper. 

Huang Rong’s prestige among the martial artists in the Central Plains was really high, and the Beggar Gang had eyes and ears everywhere. If someone accidentally listened to it, it would inevitably lead to another big trouble.

“Hmph!” Yuan Ziyi pouted depressedly, glared hatefully at Song Qing in the distance, and vented all her anger on him.

But Song Qingshu didn’t know or care about what Yuan Ziyi was thinking from so far away. He turned around to support Huang Rong, “Gang Leader Huang, are you okay?”

“I am alright…” Huang Rong calmly came out of Song Qingshu’s arms and took a step back. When she reached a safe distance, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you so much, Young Master Song.” 

Song Qingshu laughed and said in a voice that could only be heard by the two of them, “I saved both you mother and daughter at the same time today. That makes it one favor for each of you, so Gang Leader Huang must remember it in the future.” 

After saying that, he returned to his seat without waiting for her response.

Huang Rong’s expression became a bit unnatural. She always felt something strange from this young man’s eyes, especially the way he hugged her just now. His behavior was very similar to someone like Ouyang Ke. 

However, even though she always felt disgusted about Ouyang Ke, yet she didn’t have much bad feelings towards Song Qingshu.

Seeing that Song Qingshu had ruined his plan once again, Yang Guo gave him a deep look, snorted coldly, and turned around to leave. 

Gongsun Zhi was devastated, and could barely stand up. So the outcome of the fight was decided.

Song Qingshu secretly sighed in his heart. 

With Gongsun Zhi’s martial arts skills, he shouldn’t have been defeated so miserably. Swordsmanship in the world generally emphasized swiftness and subtlety. But who would have thought that he would face Yang Guo, who had mastered a heavy sword without an edge? 

If Gongsun Zhi had been aware of the power of the Black Iron Heavy Sword in advance and had not rushed into a head-on confrontation with Yang Guo, his attainments in the Golden Sword and Dark Sword might have been able to lead him to victory.

It’s a pity that there were no ifs in this world. The wulin was a place where the strong ruled over all. 

It was the same for Murong Fu, and Gongsun Zhi wouldn’t be an exception as well. He was defeated by Yang Guo with one move, and the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword were destroyed. From now on, the master of Passionless Valley was doomed to become the laughing stock of the world.

Huang Rong was also preoccupied with her own thoughts. She hurriedly summarized the competition on the stage and introduced the next pair of contestants, the Sun Moon Holy Cult’s Linghu Chong and Western Xia’s Duan Yanqing. 

After finishing her part on the arena, she walked down in a daze. In her heart, she was thinking about a question, ‘When Song Qingshu stood in front of me, his first reaction was not to strike down the weapons, but to use his body to block the swords for me. Why did he do that?’

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