Chapter 456: Accident

“Seeking death!” Gongsun Zhi became furious, then he drew out his Golden and Dark Dual Swords and slashed at Yang Guo from left to right.

Gongsun Zhi was very confident in his ability to defeat his opponent. After all, Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu were no match for him in the Passionless Valley in the past. Now Yang Guo was alone and has lost his right arm. He had become a useless cripple. His Golden and Dark Dual Swords represented both strong and soft force, as well as the Yin and Yang are in nature. His enemies had trouble dealing with them even with two hands, let alone a Yang Guo, who only had one hand.

“Mother, why isn’t Yang Guo moving?” Although Guo Fu was angry with Yang Guo, she grew up with him after all. Thinking that he might die in the hands of a stranger like this, she felt a little sad.

“The Passionless Valley Master’s moves are quite complex. Especially his Golden and Dark Dual Swords are extremely strange. The Golden Sword is uncharacteristically soft, but the Dark Sword moves quite fiercely. It is honestly quite difficult to deal with…”

Although Huang Rong didn’t have much time to devote herself to practicing the Nine Yin Scriptures in recent years, the people she interacted with on daily basis were all the top masters in the world, so her vision was extremely precise. In just one moment, she could see through Gongsun Zhi’s strength, “Guo’er… his situation is different from the past, maybe he is planning to stay still, and defend…” 

Seeing that Yang Guo was still standing on the same spot, his eyes lowered and motionless, Huang Rong also became a little unsure.

At first, Gongsun Zhi thought the same as Huang Rong. However, when he saw that Yang Guo was still motionless even when his sword was almost about to touch his body, he became suspicious and quickly changed his moves, then jumped back a few feet away to put on a defensive posture. He was sure that he would win, so he judged that there was no need to be too aggressive and fall into the opponent’s trap.

Unexpectedly, Yang Guo still stood motionlessly in place. If the corners of his clothes were not being blown by the wind, one might think that he was a statue.

Seeing Gongsun Zhi attacking fiercely, but suddenly escaping back in embarrassment, there was a burst of laughter and ridicule from the audience.

“You are still so timid in the face of a disabled person. Please step down. Don’t embarrass us martial artists.”

“He clearly has one arm, but you are using two weapons at the same time. Isn’t that shameless bullying?”

These people might not have any friendship with Yang Guo, but everyone generally liked to show their sympathy for the weak. So they subconsciously spoke up for him.

Gongsun Zhi’s face turned a bit red, and couldn’t help but feel annoyed at the fact that he had been too careful. The opponent obviously had one arm and had no weapons. He just had a black thing on his back that looked like a lump of iron. If someone called it a sword, it would make people laugh.

“A handsome person sure has their advantages. Even when their smile is full of sarcasm, people just ignore them. Just look at the smile on Yang Guo’s face, it’s closer to evil and crazed than charming. Gongsun Zhi is really being wronged here.” Song Qingshu smacked his tongue in frustration, which made several women around him look at him with strange eyes. 

Zeng Rou being more honest and worried that he would develop a sense of inferiority. So she quickly blushed and comforted, “Brother Song, you are actually very handsome too…no worse than him…”

Song Qingshu shows a rare blush, and became a little shy, “This…erm, thanks.”

Huang Rong also heard the conversation between them, and gave Song Qingshu a meaningful look. It wasn’t because of anything else, but because she thought that Song Qingshu had really keen eyes. 

Meanwhile, on the arena, Gongsun Zhi let out a loud shout, and passed the distance of ten feet passed in an instant! 

The Golden Sword in this hand aimed at Yang Guo’s missing arm, and the Dark Sword slashed at his hamstring.

“Shameless!” Although Huang Rong hated Yang Guo in her heart, Gongsun Zhi was obviously a master, but his moves were so ruthless and vicious, which was really not something chivalrous at all.

“The one-eyed man is shameless…”

Everyone in the audience also shouted in unison, but just as they were speaking, a burst of dragon roar came from the stage, which made everyone’s eardrums numb.

With the heavy sword in his hand, Yang Guo didn’t make any extra moves. He raised up the heavy sword and swung it forward. 

Gongsun Zhi felt as if he was hit by a mountain. He could no longer hold the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword in his hand, and the two weapons were knocked away in the distance. Right after that, he felt like he had been hit on the chest by a heavy hammer, and he vomited blood, then staggered several feet away. 

However, everyone in the scene had no time to pay attention to whether Gongsun Zhi was alive or dead. All their attention was focused on the two flying weapons. 

At the moment, the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword were whistling and spinning towards the direction of Huang Rong and Guo Fu!

Huang Rong’s expression changed. Others in the scene might have thought it was just an accident, but she understood that Yang Guo deliberately sent the two weapons their way. To think he was skilled enough to control the force and direction of the weapons so accurately. 

However, there was no more time to think, as the two weapons had already flown in front of her eyes. Huang Rong quickly took out the Dog-beating Staff and prepared to use the Dog Beating Staff Technique to stop the weapons.

But soon, Huang Rong’s fair face lost all color, because she had no confidence that she could stop them without any injuries, especially when she had to protect her daughter beside her. 

Today, at least one between the two mother and daughter would have to face retribution.

“Twin Dragons Fetch Water!” 

It wasn’t that there weren’t any top experts in the scene, it’s just that they were either too far away or had no intention of rescuing them out of their own selfish motives. 

However, Xiao Feng, remembering the friendship between them, didn’t hesitate, and immediately took action.

It was just that Xiao Feng was too far away from Huang Rong, and both the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword were infused with the condensed internal strength of two great masters, along with the weight of the Black Iron Heavy Sword. 

Even someone like Xiao Feng was not confident that he could control the two weapons. He just hoped that the power of the Twin Dragons Fetch Water would be able to slightly pull the two weapons and move them a few inches to the side, and Huang Rong and her daughter could escape the disaster.

At the same time, Huang Rong also used her Dog-beating Staff. At the critical moment, her move could be said to be the essence of the Dog Beating Staff Technique, and she showed an unprecedented level of skill. No matter the timing or angle of the attack, it was impeccable. 

Thinking to that point, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although she would be inevitably injured by the force of the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword, she and daughter’s lives could be saved. As long as the people of the Shaolin, Wudang, Chongyang was there, Yang Guo would not dare to blatantly continue his attack.

But suddenly, Huang Rong’s expression changed because she realized that her Dog-beating Staff had missed its target! 

It turned out that Xiao Feng’s Twin Dragons Fetch Water happened to affect the flight trajectory of the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword, moving them few inches to the side. If Huang Rong and her daughter remained motionless in the same place, the two swords would just pass by them without any harm.

Who knew that Huang Rong would to choose to go forward and use the Dog-beating Staff to face the weapons.

As the saying goes, good intentions can often be more harmful. Because the Golden Sword and the Dark Sword were pulled aside, Huang Rong’s Dog-beating Staff missed its target.

Such a mistake created a situation were Huang Rong and her daughter were now facing certain death.

“Mom!” Guo Fu finally reacted and screamed in horror.

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