Chapter 455: Worldview Destroyed

Murong Fu’s expression couldn’t help but change. He had also heard of the Shaolin Temple’s “One Clap Two Scatters”. 

The other seventy-two special skills had all kinds of exquisite movements, but the “One Clap Two Scatters” was unique, as it only had one movement in total. Using an overwhelming amount of internal Qi, if it hit a stone, it shattered the stone into fragments, and if it hit a person, it scattered their soul to afterlife, hence the name–One Clap Two Scatters.

With just one movement, the “One Clap Two Scatters” was thought of as one of the most lethal among the seventy-two special skills of Shaolin Temple, so it was indeed something special.

However, Wang Yuyan’s reminder disrupted his concentration, and directly affected his mental state.

Murong Fu secretly regretted his carelessness, and quickly tried to change his movement to avoid a head-on confrontation with the opponent, but was too late!

As Xu Zhu pushed his palm forward, circular ripples visible to the naked eye formed centered around the two, and spread out in all directions. 

Facing the ripples, Murong Fu took three steps back, his face became extremely pale.

“Amitabha, Master Murong please accept defeat.” Xu Zhu put his hands together and slightly bowed his head.

“You…” Murong Fu was anxious. He merely just lost to the opponent’s palm skill, but Xu Zhu was acting as if the outcome was already decided. 

However, as soon as Murong Fu opened his mouth to express his anger, he suddenly felt his chest turn stuffy, and he felt like vomiting. And then, he suddenly felt weak all over, as his legs went weak, and his whole body fell down on the ground.

“Cousin!” Wang Yu quickly stood up with a worried look on her face.

Seeing Murong Fu fall to the ground, everyone in the venue couldn’t help but burst into an uproar. 

Even Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help turning around and asked Song Qingshu.

“What kind of technique can make the dignified Southern Murong lose so miserably?” 

“This technique is called One Clap Two Scatters. It is indeed extremely powerful, but it shouldn’t have been this effective against someone like Murong Fu. The reason why Murong Fu lost so miserably was because his mental state was disrupted by cousin’s sudden reminder. It made him indecisive, and he subconsciously tried to change his movement, which disturbed his internal energy. Therefore, he not only had to withstand the power of One Clap Two Scatters, but also had to withstand the backlash of his own internal energy, which is why he ended up like this.”

Song Qingshu shook his head as he explained. 

Murong Fu was clearly one of the best martial artists in the world, but whenever he faced a critical moment, he would falter for one reason or another. With such an embarrassing defeat this time, everyone in the world would think that he didn’t live up to his title as Southern Murong.

Very few in the venue could understand why Murong Fu had lost, and they would only have the impression that Murong Fu was weak.

Hearing all the discussions around him, Murong Fu’s face turned pale. He was very confident about participating in the Golden Serpent Conference this time. Just before he came on the stage, he was even thinking about how to deal with Ah Qing in the second round. Who would have expected that he would lose in the first round, and he would lose so miserably!

After adjusting his breath, Murong Fu regained his energy, pushed away Wang Yuyan’s hand that stretched out to support him, stood up and walked out of the arena without looking back.

Seeing Wang Yuyan’s eyes turning red with grievance, Duan Yu became worried, but he didn’t know what to do. By the time he recovered, Wang Yuyan had already collected herself and chased after Murong Fu. 

Duan Yu also tried to catch up, but Bao Butong stretched out his hand to stop him as if he was already on guard from the start.

Seeing the astonishment on Duan Yu’s face, Bao BuTong sneered, “Master Duan, do you want to ridicule my master?”

Duan Yu repeatedly waved his hands in denial, “No, no, Brother Bao, you misunderstood, I’m just worried about Miss Wang…”

The sarcasm on Bao Tongtong’s face became more intense, “No matter how weak the Murong family in Gusu is, we have enough strength to protect a girl. Young Master Duan, please stay away!” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Bao Butong also walked away.

With Song Qingshu’s current realm, everything that happened here would naturally not escape his notice. Seeing Duan Yu looking at the direction where Wang Yuyan disappeared with a melancholic expression, Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘This Duan Yu is really shameless. How thick do your skin have to be to act such a way in public? It seems like he really is infatuated…’

“Now I invite the lord of Passionless Valley, Gongsun Zhi, and the young hero… Yang Guo.” Huang Rong said in an unnatural tone. 

Song Qingshu quickly came to his senses and noticed the way the one-armed man looked at Huang Rong when he came on the stage. Then he suddenly showed a rather playful smile.

Seeing Yang Guo’s empty sleeves, a trace of guilt flashed in Huang Rong’s eyes, but she knew in her heart that Yang Guo had an extreme temper, and his father Yang Kang also died indirectly in her hands, which formed an undying grudge.

In fact, there was a way to resolve this hatred. If she had followed Guo Jing’s idea and cut off her daughter’s arm to compensate him, Yang Guo’s hatred would have been resolved, but Huang Rong was not willing to do so!

Another way was to betroth her daughter to Yang Guo and ask her to repent throughout her life, which would be a good solution. However, Yang Guo had already flatly refused her once at the Heroes Conference, and after that Guo Fu had cut off his arm, making it even less likely that he would agree.

Huang Rong shook her head in distress. Even though she was so witty, she felt a deep sense of powerlessness in her heart at the moment. She didn’t know how to resolve this hatred.

Suddenly she raised her head, and found that the lord of the Passionless Valley was staring at her with burning eyes, not hiding the lust in his gaze. Huang Rong felt disgusted and was unwilling to stay in the arena for another moment. When she sat down in her seat, a thought suddenly arose in her mind, ‘It would be great if these two people died together when they fight…’

Huang Rong shook her head and quickly drove the terrible thought out of her mind, concentrating on watching the arena. 

Yang Guo’s martial arts seemed to have improved quite a lot since she had last saw him. Therefore, she needed to take a closer look so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard in the future.

“Isn’t she with you?” Gongsun Zhi was extremely jealous of the man in front of him. 

If Yang Guo hadn’t suddenly appeared in the Passionless Valley, he would have succeeded in doing the deed with Xiao Longnu and lived a happy life. Yang Guo not only took away his chance, but also rescued that old b1tch Qiu Qianchi. As a result, he couldn’t even stay in Passionless Valley, and had to be on the run like a bereaved dog all day long. (G: Qiu Qianchi is Gongsun Zhi’s wife. An insolent and domineering woman, she gradually fell out of her husband’s favor and he decided to get rid of her.)

Yang Guo frowned and coldly snorted, “You don’t have to worry about it.”

Gongsun Zhi was slightly startled, he noticed Yang Guo’s expression, and quickly laughed, “At first I thought that she and you would be happily living together, but I didn’t expect that you not only lost her but you have also lost your arm, and became a cripple. How can you be worthy of her now?”

After Yang Guo lost his arm, the thing that angered him the most was the word cripple, and when he thought about the incident of the past, a murderous intent suddenly arose in his heart. So he coldly snorted, “You are also blind in one eye, so aren’t you also a cripple?”

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