Chapter 57: The villainess’s destined end (part 2)

Shael didn’t finish what she wanted to say.

Even Shael could tell that the magic scroll wouldn’t be enough to break this barrier produced from the mighty holy power.

‘Does this even make any sense?’

Of course not. There was no such a thing as logic in this world.

But Clie’s holy power was strangely strong. Although she had the bracelet as a weakness, even that was impossible at the moment.

“What are you going to do with that level of  swordsmanship?”


Clie’s voice came from behind. 

I hid Shael behind me, glared at Clie and said, “Don’t come closer.”

At my words, Clie just laughed. 

I put my hand on the scabbard, and asked Clie, “Why are you doing this?”

If Clie had really regressed, then it was normal for her to hate Shael, but there was no need for her to raid the mansion. She could’ve just waited for the time when Shael left the Azbel mansion.

At that moment, Shael stepped in front of me. And…


She activated the magic scroll. 

Following that, all kinds of magic started pouring down on Clie.


However, Shael’s shoulders, which were proudly held high, drooped. Because none of the magic that she had cast managed to reach Clie.

The holy power that emanated from Clie began to wrap around Shael. 

Seeing that, I stood in front of Shael, but nothing has changed.


So had to pull out my sword. 


I unsheathed my sword with the determination to endure even a little bit. 

But even that was only a fleeting moment. Because Clie’s holy power wrapped around the sword and crushed it with an overwhelming force.

Shael, who had already lost her consciousness, fell down. 

I could only hear a faint breathing.

“Young Lord, would you like to try more?”


I remained silent as I hugged the collapsed Shael. It was a situation where there was no hope anymore. 

However, I didn’t let go of a last hope, and asked Clie to get more information, while looking at the bracelet Clie was now wearing on her hand.

“Last question. Why did you give me that bracelet that should be the source of your power?”

No matter how much she needed a way to contact me, I couldn’t understand why she handed me her fatal weakness.

If I ever managed to break the bracelet of holy power, Clie would lose all her strength.

“It won’t break anyway. I ordered the Crown Prince to use the treasured scroll from the palace.”

What Clie was talking about was an enhanced scroll that was said to be the treasure of the imperial palace.

If the Crown Prince really used that on the bracelet, it would certainly be impossible to break it.

It was something I had seen in the original novel as well. Anything that reinforcement scroll was used on wouldn’t break, no matter how weak it was.

Even if it was just a piece of paper.

But I didn’t believe that there could be a thing such as a perfect reinforcement scroll.

“I see.”

But… ‘Did the Crown Prince really use the reinforcement  scroll on the bracelet?’

I didn’t know the answer either. ‘But if it’s that obsessive male lead…’ 

Then his thought process could be easily predicted. 

Anyone would be able to tell that the bracelet was expensive from the first glance. It was not something that Clie, a commoner, should be able to easily obtain.

The Crown Prince must have thought of that as well.

Clie could’ve only gotten such an expensive and precious bracelet from the Mage Tower Lord

That obsessive Crown Prince also must have come to such a conclusion.

So I was doubtful if he really used the reinforcement scroll on the bracelet.

But what use was that information my current situation? The bracelet had already fallen into Clie’s hand.

Me and Shael were also in immediate danger.


Shael’s faint breathing began to diminish even more. 

I don’t think Clie intended to kill her right away. But no one knows what Clie would do to Shael.

I clenched my teeth while holding Shael even tighter.

I had to figure out a way. 

Perhaps noticing my anguish, Clie said, “What are you so sad about? It’s her destined ending.”

‘Her destined ending…’ 

So she was really here to kill Shael.

Certainly, the end of the villainess in most novels would be quite miserable.

Because the ending of every novel in that genre would be the death of the villainess.

I thought so too. 

If the main character kills the villainess, that would mark the end of the novel.

There would always be a miserable end to the evil villainess who always acted selfishly.

Like a river flowing in a set path, it was a natural fact.


Not anymore. 

In the first place, the Shael right now… could no longer be called a ‘villainess’.

Which villainess would worry about her fiance, even if it was for some desserts.

I looked at Shael, then I turned to look at Clie, who was still exuding intense holy power.

An absolute power. If the novel had had that kind of a troupe, then it would have ended even before it began.

I felt choked by the overwhelming force. But it wasn’t like there was no other way.

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. 

‘So… I, too, will just have to obtain things that are not logical at all.’

WIth that thought, I rummaged through my shirt and found something.

It was the small pearl that Ruelle gave me. 

I thought I would give the pearl to Ruelle, whom I would meet someday.

But now, I had no other choice. 

The pearl that allowed one to travel to the past for 3 days. If I used it now, I didn’t know how the future would change.

If I went back to the past, the pearls I had right now would disappear.

But… I will protect the future somehow. 

That happy future where I would chat and laugh with Shael and Ruelle.

I activated my mana, and it began to react with the pearl.

Then the pearl emitted a golden light. 

Clie’s eyes turned wide and she tried to frantically wrap her holy power around me, but…the pearl had already been activated.

Barely calming my trembling heart, I opened his mouth to say, ‘FU*K YOU!’

But I couldn’t. 

The ring of restraint I shared with Shael started to block my words.

I wanted to spit out swear words in a cool manner, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Still, it didn’t matter. 

The next time we meet again, it wouldn’t just be a matter of swearing. I would also avenge what I suffered due to her holy power.

But before that.

The destined end of the villainess. 

I would change that miserable and terrible end.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 57: The villainess’s destined end (part 2)”

  1. I’ve been thinking this since some chapters before. why don’t he just tell clie that shael didn’t do anything wrong this time? maybe it’s not really convincing for her, but at least it can make her more relaxed and can be dealt slowly and more safely.

      1. that’s why I say it’s not really convincing for her. it’s like the closest friend of someone that usually make troubles to you suddenly say that he/she changes. of course you don’t believe it. but since that his/her closest friend is someone who can trust told you, at least you can observe a little bit to make sure. and in that time things can dealt slowly. well this is just my opinion, so anything can happen depends each person’s imagination. so what i say could also gave bad results at the end.

        1. Except the Eran and Clie are not even friends. They are at most curious about each other due to their peculiarities.
          And don’t worry. You can share whatever opinion you can. I will be happy to have a discussion.

          1. yes. although they’re not a friend, based their interaction until now, I think Clie have some clear image about how Eran personality is. and it’s not bad, rather it’s in good side I think. it’s just he looks too devoted to shael is the problem. in that case, it’s just about Clie spot the difference interaction Eran & Shael between the previous and now. I think if she can spot that, she can at least listen to Eran. if not, well, you can guess it.

    1. Clie already identified Sael as someone she couldn’t let live any longer, due to the earrings that Sael boug … Probably the earrings had some property that Clie needed for her power or to heal her, or maybe later she would exchange them for another object important.

    1. Probably the earrings had some property that Clie needed for her power or to heal her, or maybe later she would exchange them for another object important.
      Also, I can’t get it out of my mind that they already talked about a Demon King, so in the future they could be necessary to fight the demon king.

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