Chapter 57: The villainess’s destined end (part 1)


I was doing my swordsmanship training as usual. It was indeed quite pleasant to take a break after a grueling day.

The only problem was… Duke Ezran was standing right in front of me.

“Did you master the Aura yet?”

“I think it will take some more time.”

A moment of silence. I thought the awkward atmosphere would continue… but, it was Duke Ezran who broke the silence.

“Did you say you were curious about our family heirloom?”

The heirloom.

Strangely enough, there were not many things that could be considered as heirlooms in the Baslett family. To the point where I was curious about the prestige of the duchy.

And, one of them was the paper I saw in the hallway of the mansion with Shael. What Duke Ezran was referring to now must also be that paper.

“Yes, I am curious.”

But, what Duke Ezran said in response was absurd, “You must have heard of the Demon King.”


‘Why is he suddenly talking about that?’ While thinking that I nodded my head.

“The Demon King exists.”

‘I see.’ I didn’t quite understand what that had to do with heirloom.

Duke Ezran continued with his characteristic expressionless face, “I hope that answers your question.”


‘How is that considered an answer?’ I couldn’t continue to ask because of the gloomy atmosphere.

After that, the awkward atmosphere continued.


After the conversation with Duke Ezran, I prepared to go to the Azbel family. Thanks to finishing my training earlier than usual, I would have more time to play with Shael.

And soon, I could even see the Azbel family’s mansion. However, I couldn’t help but doubt my eyes.


Because I could feel the strong holy power that could be felt even from a distance!

As soon as I confirmed that, I ran at full speed. At the same time, I couldn’t help but gasp.

Of course, there were many mages in the Azbel family, which was a famous family of mages.

However, at the moment, all of those mages were lying unconscious on the ground. It was the same with the servants belonging to the Azbel family.

Fortunately, they were still breathing. However, the person who attacked them must have entered the Azbel family’s mansion already.


It was obvious who had attacked them. The holy power that hovered over the bodies of mages was entirely different from normal holy power. It was potent to an absurd degree!

It was because Clie who possessed that power defied all common sense.

And with that conclusion, I took something out of my magic pouch.

It was Clie’s bracelet. If I can destroy it, I should be able to make Clie’s holy power disappear.

With that thought in mind, I struck at it with my sword. 

Kaaang! Kaaang!

However, even if I tried to hit it with all my strength, it didn’t even leave scratch! 

I was about to try some more, but… 

‘It’s impossible, so don’t bother trying.’  I heard Clie’s voice from the bracelet. 

Certainly, it seemed quite impossible for me to destroy it.

But I was still doubtful.

Even though I wouldn’t be able to do it right now… that didn’t mean that the bracelet couldn’t be destroyed.

Also, I couldn’t figure out Clie’s intentions. There was no reason for Clie to give me her fatal weakness.

Anyways, I didn’t have the time to stop for a chat for now, so I put the bracelet wrapped in dense holy power back into the magic pouch, and quickly entered the Azbel family’s mansion. 

I had to let out another gasp. Because the fierce and strong magic circle from Duke Jespen had disappeared!


Intense sounds of clashes were coming from upstairs. Their source, was probably the fight between the mages of the Azbel family and Clie.

I threw the bracelet of holy power on the floor so Clie couldn’t track me, and headed for Shael’s room.


Opening Shael’s room, I found that it was empty. 

Shael, who would normally have spoken to me in a harsh tone, was not in the room.

It made sense. 

The mansion was under attack, so no one would stay still in the room. Even if it was that lazy Shael.

But I couldn’t understand it. What if… what if Shael had already met Clie?

Clie didn’t take the lives of the wizards and servants of the mansion. But even so, there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t harm Shael. 

I pictured the worst situation in my head. I was out of breath, but I tried to take one deep breath and calm myself down.

And when I turned to look for Shael. I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“What are you doing just standing there? Why aren’t you running away!”

That rough and familiar tone belonged to Shael. 

But I couldn’t help but harden my face.

At the moment, Shael was holding one of the strongest magic scrolls produced by the Azbel family along with the doll I had given her in the past.

I could guess why Shael was holding the magic scroll.

It was a magic scroll used in battles. Shael didn’t give up no matter what enemy she would encounter. She didn’t want to evade a battle that even a villainess couldn’t win.

“Get out of the mansion, quickly!”

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

At that, Shael showed me the magic scroll she was holding in her arms.

As I expected, it was clear that Shael was determined to fight against Clie.

“No. Even the mages of the Azbel family were subdued.”

No matter how many precious magic scrolls she used, it would be difficult to inflict significant damage on Clie, who even the mages of the Azbel family couldn’t defeat.

“Then you want me to run away?”

“We can’t help it.”

Shael shook her head. 

As expected, that stubborn wicked villainess wouldn’t listen to me. But I couldn’t waste any more time, so I forcibly lifted Shael up and started running.

“What are you doing!”

I didn’t even answer Shael’s question. Because the sounds coming from upstairs had stopped!


To head to the entrance of the mansion as quickly as possible, I broke the window. 

I could see the servants who had fallen unconscious.


Shael, who had been spitting out her displeasure, shut her mouth at the sight. 

I said that to Shael. “Do you have any scrolls related to communication? If you ask for support…”

“I tried… but it doesn’t work.”

As expected of the venomous female protagonist, she was thorough. 

Fortunately, Shael and I were on the verge of finally leaving the Azbel Mansion.

However, that hope was thoroughly blocked.


We suddenly hit something. The holy power surrounded the outside of the mansion like a protective shield!

I tried swinging my sword at it, but I couldn’t break it in the end.


“If we use the magic scroll…”

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