Chapter 56: The villainess feels strange (part 2)

Next, Lady Pleorin also put her hands on the gemstone.

Then the gemstone vibrated and emitted a weak light.

“I think there are people who has already guessed it. You’re right! It is a gemstone that shines and vibrates the more we think about each other.”

It was truly a gemstone for lovers.

However, just because you think about each other a lot, doesn’t mean that you’re in love. So what’s the use of doing this?

Anyway, considering the gemstones size, it was obvious that the Lord Pleorin had made a huge investment in it.

To make the next festival overflowing with crowds, they must be investing endlessly. Even the item the Lord took out as a reward was also something quite rare.

“A pair of exclusive rings of restriction will be given to the pair who will be able to make the gemstone shine the brightest!”

It really was a precious item, but, I didn’t know if that really was a good thing. It was a ring that had appeared in the original novel, so I know it well.

If you put it on your partner, that ring had the ability to restrict you from talking to people of the opposite gender, excluding the person wearing the other ring and blood relatives.

To be honest, there was nothing but loss if you wear it. Once you put it on, you can only take it out with your lover’s permission.

“Can I buy that ring with money?” Shael said with shining eyes.

“Let’s just participate.”

I had no choice but to participate. Most importantly, I didn’t even think that we would be able to win against other couples in the first place.

The competition started like that. And before I knew it, it was Shael and my turn.


The lovers that went ahead of us put their hands on gemstone. The gemstone then began to emit an intense light. The most intense light I had ever seen.

Seeing that, I became convinced. So I told Shael, who had high expectations.

“We can’t win.”


Shael and I stood in front of the gemstone. Anticipating the obvious outcome, I put my hand on the gemstone.


Unexpectedly, the gemstone shined and resonated more extensively than ever before. But, I couldn’t help but feel despair.


It was true that I usually thought a lot about Shael, but… did this even make sense? 

‘I’m sure Shael doesn’t think much of me, right?’

“Amazing…” The Lord Pleorin, who was speechless for a moment, opened his mouth “They think of each other even when they sleep! It seems that the owners of the rings has been decided!”

As expected, something was wrong with this thing!

But the event was over before I knew it, and, the owners of the rings of restriction was decided.

“Please wear it.”


Shael was already wearing the other one. After thinking about it for a while, I had no choice but to wear the ring.

‘Is this really alright?’

I didn’t know. After all, my future was already assured. So, maybe it will be just fine.


[Shael’s POV]

It’s been three days since Shael went to the fireworks festival in the Pleorin Territory with Eran .

As time passed, Shael’s mood gradually got weirder. It was because Eran would die in a few days time, just as the physician had predicted.

‘No, maybe faster.’ Just as the fortune teller had said.

[I see a death in the near future!]

The physician’s advice and the fortune teller’s words didn’t leave Shael’s head.

[In one week. No, maybe that death will come sooner.]

As she hugged the doll Eran gave him, Shael thought, ‘From now on, I won’t be able to eat those desserts.’

That should’ve been all. It was just some dessert.

No, actually, dessert were really important, but… just because Eran didn’t exist didn’t mean she couldn’t eat dessert. 

‘I can also receive a dessert recipes from Eran through blackmail.’

But Shael couldn’t do that. 

[Leave a dessert recipe as your dying will.] 

Shael couldn’t even imaging saying such shameless words. Maybe the Shael from a few months ago would have no problem saying it, but not her current self.


Shael erased the complicated thoughts in her head. This was all happening because Eran, who was her stress reliever, didn’t come.

So Eran was bad!

‘I still have to wait for another hour or so…’ Shael felt annoyed and buried her face in her doll.

But that was only for a moment.

Shael suddenly felt a strange sensation. She felt like she heard the sound of something brake in the mansion.

The Azbel family’s mansion was protected by all sorts of magic, there was no way that an assailant could’ve get past them.

In the first place, Duke Jespen was present in the mansion, as well as the other great mages. So Shael continued to listen. 

Then, little by little, she heard the screams of the maids.

It was clear that something was wrong. What was even more strange was that no one was coming to protect Shael.

If there was a danger to the mansion, the most important thing to protect in the Azbel family was Shael. So, this was a really strange thing.


Shortly, Shael got up from her seat and looked for Duke Jespen’s magic circle surrounding the mansion.

The magic circle that Duke Jespen had put the most effort into making was now shattered! 

It could mean only one thing.

Someone had broken the magic circle. And if they had that level of skill, they would be a great powerhouse.

Shael left her room holding the doll Eran gave her.

She couldn’t feel holy power that well. But the holy power enveloping the Azbel Mansion was powerful enough for even Shael to notice.

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  1. YourDeadNanForever

    Yeah the original heroine is completely messed up my goodness.
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    There is no way she can go unpunished, like surely lol.

  2. “Shael suddenly felt a strange sensation. She felt like she heard the sound of something brake in the mansion.”
    should be
    “Shael suddenly felt a strange sensation. She felt like she heard the sound of someone breaking into the mansion.”
    I changed something to someone because the next line indicated that “an assailant ” has broken in

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