Chapter 56: The villainess feels strange (part 1)

‘Did I hear it wrong?’

“Did you just say that?”

Shael nodded her head. 

I couldn’t believe it was real. No, it didn’t feel like it was real, because it was such an unrealistic answer.

“Are you going to go back on what you said?”


She was even provoking me! 

But I wasn’t so impatient as to succumb to the provocation. To be honest, marriage couldn’t be that simple.

“It was a joke.”

“It wasn’t for me.”

Shael still continued to attack me. At this point, I has many doubts. If someone really wanted to get married, don’t they usually do it with an excited expression on their face?

But not Shael. On the contrary, she had the usual devilish smile on her face.

‘Is she trying to make fun of me?’

It was clear as day that she was! Otherwise, there’s no way she’d take a joke so seriously.

Therefore, I decided to change my tactic.

“Okay, let’s do it. Let’s get married. Should I tell the Duke right away tomorrow?”

If I go this far, Shael would surely be embarrassed and she would have no choice but to reject it. But the villainess’s way of thinking was beyond my imagination.

“No, I should tell him today.”


I felt that something was going terribly wrong. Shael wasn’t joking at all!

Although her intention seemed quite suspicious.

“No. Because it was a joke, of course.”

“Why do you keep changing your words?”

To be honest, I had nothing to say to that. It was because I had been in the wrong the moment I said that unfortunate joke. So I saw no need for shabby excuses.

“Do you like me?” I threw a huge curveball at Shael. And the effect was great as well.

“Now, what are yo…”

“Otherwise, there’s no reason to take such a joke seriously, is there?”


Of course, Shael couldn’t answer my words. There must have been some kind of despicable reason for that.

That’s how the matter came to an end. Without saying a word, I took Shael and walked down the alleys of Baslett Street.

At last the clock pointed at the time I wanted. So I changed my aimless steps and headed somewhere.

“Where are you going?”

“I heard there is a festival nearby.”

I wanted to make our time at the Baslett family as enjoyable as possible, so I knew where to go in advance. It just happened to be that a festival would be held at another territory next to the Baslett territory.

“Pleorin family is famous for their fireworks.”


Shael, who had no social skills, didn’t seem to know about other families.

As I continued chatting with Shael in the Baslett family’s carriage, we arrived at Pleorin’s estate before I knew it. 

The place was crowded with people. Shael and I wore plain clothes that we had prepared in advance, so we were able to go unnoticed.

“We still have a little time before the fireworks display.”

That didn’t mean there were no others spectacles. Since there would be a lot of people, of course, it also attracted the attention of merchants. So there were a lot of different kinds of stalls.

“Let’s go over there.”

The place we went to had all kinds of scrolls for enchantments.

“I think I can use some of these on the necklace you gave you for my birthday.”


The Azbel family was sure to have much better magic scrolls, but… I didn’t want to disappoint Shael, who was full of expectations.

“What is this?”

“Ah, it’s a protection-type scroll!”

As soon as Shael heard the merchant’s explanation, she pointed to another scroll. However, we couldn’t find the scroll Shael wanted.

These were mere street stalls, so it was natural that there wouldn’t be many scrolls that would meet Shael’s expectations.

“I’ll take this one.”

“Yes, thank you!”

Shael quickly bought one of the scrolls and used it on her necklace. That scroll was a tracking-type scroll.

Then Shael looked at me. It meant that she wanted to designate me as the target to the tracking.

“What the hell are you going to do with a tracking magic?”

“You can’t refuse.”

It seemed that I had no choice but to accept it. A lot of money disappeared due to an insignificant scroll.

Now Shael would know my location at all times.

After simply filling our stomach, I looked at my watch. It was time for the main attraction.

A small firecracker exploded in the air.

Just when everyone focused their attention, the head of the Pleorin family came up to the building located high up. Then he began to speak loudly, using sound amplification magic.

“Thank you for visiting the Fireworks Festival in the Pleorin Territory! After the small ceremony following my speech, the real fireworks show will begin.”

It was quite different from the original festival. From what I know, the fireworks would have started as soon as the speech was over.

Lord Pleorin continued, “Isn’t it boring to have an event that just repeats itself every time? So I prepared something special for the couples who came to see the fireworks this time.”

At the same time, a butler next to Lord Pleorin removed a curtain, revealing a very large jewel!

It was a jewel whose size was comparable to that of an elephant.

“Can you see it!? It is a truly stunning gem. But that’s not all that makes this gem special.”

Lord Pleorin touched the jewel, but there was no response. 

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