Chapter 55: Villainess’s successful strategy (part 2)

After that, the fortuneteller started walking past us. 

Shael, who had been staring at the card in her hand for a while, opened her mouth to ask.

“So, the way to prevent that death is…”

However, the old man had already disappeared. I was barely able to stop Shael from chasing after the old man, and said, “You’d better not believe that.”


I couldn’t help but laugh. Because Shael was still seriously thinking about it.

“No, why would death come to me when I am still young?”


Of course, the villainess in the novel ended her life at an early age, but even that was in the distant future. 

In the first place, I will definitely prevent that from happening.

So, I had no choice but to take out some desserts for Shael, who was silent despite my words.

“I’ll got some desserts for yo…”

But there were no desserts in the box I had just brought out. I brought it because it was big enough to fit in the magic pouch. But…

‘Where the hell did the desserts go?’

“The desserts I had in the box are gone!”

“That’s indeed a big problem.” Shael stuttered. 

I quickly rummaged through my memory. Before leaving the mansion, I went to the bathroom for a while.

And after coming back, Shael suddenly seemed to be in a very good mood. In other words, it was clear that all the desserts had gone into Shael’s stomach in that short amount of time!

The last time she had secretly stolen my desserts, I found out about it right away because of the evidence around her mouth. But this time, she didn’t even leave that evidence anymore. 

The villainess had gotten meticulous in her work. 

So I spoke to Shael in a strong tone, “I don’t know which fat pig ate it all up.”

“Okay, isn’t that a bit too much to call them that? You don’t know who it was.”

Because that fat pig was she herself, she thought that it was too much.

If someone other than Shael had stolen the desserts, she would’ve also said all sorts of harsh things.

“Hmm, fat pigs like that should be slaughtered, and grilled.”

“But, a pig is also a precious life.”

‘A pig is also a precious life?’ It was something unreliable and funny coming from the wicked villainess considering her past encounters with animals.

“And, to say that it should be grilled… is a bit too expressive!”


‘Now, now… are you implying that it was you who stole it?’

“Say, aaah!”

The desserts were stolen and eaten by a pig, so I fed sweet chestnuts for the hungry villainess.


“This is a reward instead of the dessert.”

But that was not enough! What she needed was a bigger punishment. So she’d think twice about doing it again in the future.

After thinking for a while, I opened my mouth, “Looks like the fat pig is closer than I thought.”

“How can you be so sure of that?”

How? Because the fat pig was giving hints about herself.

“When I fed it the sweet chestnut, it howled like a fat pig.”


And the only person I had fed sweet chestnut was Shael. So she had no choice but to realize that I had found out who the culprit was.

“Why on earth would you steal dessert?”

Shael’s stayed silent for a while, then she said in an inaudible voice, “So…(rry…)” 

Surprisingly, she didn’t give any excuse.

I wonder if she was trying to say that she was sorry?

I couldn’t help but be surprised. She only said one word, but… it seemed that all the efforts I had made so far were not in vain.

That villainess had tried to apologize without any coercion.

Although a similar situation had happened before, but it was still quite a surprise.

Except that in this situation she was caught stealing dessert!

But I still didn’t forgive Shael, as she didn’t even give a proper apology in the first place.

‘Then how should I single out the wicked villainess?’

After thinking for a while, I opened my mouth, “If I can’t grill and and eat the fat pig. Then I guess I’ll just have to marry it.”

Of course, it was a joke. A bad joke to poke fun at Shael. 

But strangely, it was me who ended up suffering.

“Then you should.” That’s how Shael answered. 

My whole body stiffened and I couldn’t help but doubt my ears!


[Clie’s POV]

“Do you have any red earrings?”

The man thought for a while and said to Clie, “Ah! You mean those red earrings that never sold last time?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Originally, the Crown Prince should have bought the earrings and given them to her. However. For some reason, the Prince didn’t do that.

“A certain noble lady bought it the other day.”

“Can you tell me which family she belongs to?”

The man shook his head. It was the basics of an auctioneer to protect the personal information of customers.

Clie held out a pouch containing gold coins. The quantity seemed quite large.

The man refused it again and again, but Cile told him, “Please. I am just going let the lady know that I want to buy the earrings.”

“Hmm! If it’s like that…”

The man thought back to the past, and said, “I don’t know which family she belonged to, but it was a young lady with sky blue hair and eyes.”

‘Sky blue hair and eyes…’ Clie became sure who it was.

And… Clie wanted to get those earrings back no matter what!

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