Chapter 55: Villainess’s successful strategy (part 1)


Shael entered her room without knocking. 

Unlike the usual, where I had to go to the Azbel family, Shael came to the Baslett family instead, just as she had promised yesterday.

“You are late.”

“I’m not late.”

We exchanged similar words as before, only our roles had reversed.

“What would you like to do today?”

“What about the body?”

She replied my question with a completely different question. 

‘She must think that I am still suffering from the cold…’

Of course, I was completely healthy. It was a common cold at best, it wasn’t enough to weaken the body of a swordsman.

“I’m fine now.”


At my words, Shael lowered her head to confirm if I was really healthy. 

It seemed that she didn’t believe me.

Now that was quite hurtful! She didn’t trust me at all even though we’ve been together for a few months now.

Therefore, I decided to bully Shael to my heart’s content today.

“Let’s go.”

“Don’t go out. Wear this and go to sleep.”

With those words, Shael handed me an air purifying magic tool.

I don’t know why she did, but she kept ignoring me afterwords.

“If you are not going out, I will go out alone.”


Shael’s primary goal was my dessert. So she had no choice but to follow me.

After a short preparation, we left the Baslett family’s mansion and walked around the Baslett territory. To be honest, I didn’t want to come here with Shael. It would’ve been better to walk around the Azbel territory, which was much richer overall.

Of course, that didn’t mean that the streets of Baslett territory were not attractive.

Now that I thought about it, there were many unique sights which could only be seen here.

“Where are we going?”

Where? I wasn’t sure either. I couldn’t find a new place to visit. It was because there were so many places I visited with Shael these days.

“Today I just want to wander around aimlessly.”

“Okay, then.”

I was about to enter an alleyway with Shael, but someone shouted from behind.

“Hey, youngsters!”

Shael and I were dressed in the usual nobleman’s clothes. So there was no way someone could’ve carelessly shouted at us, but contrary to my expectations, it was an old man who seemed to be a fortune teller.



There’s no way Shael would like this. It’d be a problem if it upset Shael, so I needed to leave quickly.

“I see a death in the near future!”

‘Haah? There he goes with his nonsense…’ I let out a sigh and spoke to the old man. “I’m not interested, so I’ll be leaving.”

“More, tell me more.” 

Surprisingly Shael showed interest in the fortuneteller’s nonsense. 

That Shael, who was rude to the extreme, was politely talking to this fortuneteller! 

It left me speechless. 

I, on the other hand, came from a modern era, so I didn’t believe in the fortuneteller’s nonsense.

‘How can she be fooled by such things so easily?’

I couldn’t understand. No matter how stupid Shael was, she seemed to be quick-witted when it came to things like this.

I had no choice but to remain silent and listen to the conversation between Shael and the fortuneteller.

“In one week. No, maybe that death will come sooner.”

“In the near future or within a week?”

I wanted to tell Shael that it was better not to believe in these things, but this was indeed a rare chace to see Shael embarrass herself, so I put it off for the moment.

“Is there any way to escape that death?”

“To be honest, it is impossible.”

The old man took a deep breath, and opened his mouth, “But there is one way to avoid it.”

“What is that?”

“I can’t say it because it might ruin that possibility.”

Shael glared at the fortuneteller. 

I couldn’t help but laugh. The fortuneteller was asking for money.

I paid for Shael, who was waiting for the fortuneteller’s words.

“Tell me.”

“Looks like that man has a way out of this.”


At the fortuneteller’s words, Shael looked back at me. 

‘Did she really believe this bullsh*t? Did she become a fool instead of a villainess?’

“By the way…”

At those words, Shael looked at the fortuneteller. She was showing absolute trust in the word of this old man.

“Are you guys in a relationship?”

“No. There is no relationship.” That’s what Shael said. 

I felt it was wrong and corrected it, “We are getting married soon.”

It was true, since we were already engaged. 

Since Shael was speaking politely, I did the same as well.

Shael glared at me for a moment, but thanks to the fortuneteller’s next word, I was able to easily get away with it.

“Then, how about drawing out these cards?”

At the same time, the old man held out a card. 

And, Shael suddenly pulled out a card with a concerned expression.

“What does this mean?”

“You’ll know later. So you’d better be on your way.”

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  1. “What about the body?” should be “What about your body?”
    The previous one sounded like them discussing about disposing a body.

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