Chapter 54: The villainess threatens (part 2)

I didn’t forget to say thank you. 

‘Now, what should I do next?’ As I was thinking that, something good caught my eye.

“I want something sweet.”

I said while I glanced at the box on the table in the middle of the room.

Following my gaze, Shael brought the  box and started taking out the desserts.

“Please feed me.”


Earlier, Shael brought me water without any objections, but this time, she looked at me with her eyes full of suspicion.

Well, it was a fact that someone’s body wouldn’t suddenly stop functioning just because they had a cold.

Shael picked up a dessert and stretched out her hand towards my mouth, “Here.”

“I want to eat that too.”

What I pointed out with my eyes was a cupcake. It was something Shael liked the most among my desserts.

Shael looked at the cupcake as if she wanted to eat it, but she fed it to me in the end, “Here…”

“As expected, this is the most delicious!”

I didn’t forget to give a proper evaluation to Shael, who was eagerly looking at the cupcakes.

Some time passed, and the desserts were now completely gone. I ate so much that my stomach started to hurt. I didn’t even leave a single dessert for Shael.

“I need to walk for a while.” With those words, I got out of bed

“…?” Shael just tilted her head in bewilderment.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“But you said you couldn’t even move your hands!”

In fact, I didn’t expect that she would really believe that lie. It’s not like I’ve got some kind of fatal disease.

“After eating the sweets, I suddenly gained strength.”


I just gave Shael an absurd excuse, then I left my room while ignoring the silent Shael.

Then Shael had no choice but to follow me, “You look quite energetic.”

“It’s because my condition has improved a lot.”

Actually, even when I was in bad shape, it didn’t hurt that much. I decided to rest at home because I was a little tired and I was afraid that I would pass on the cold to Shael.

Now that Shael had come to visit, all of that didn’t matter anymore.

“I’m feeling much better now, so I’ll be fine.” I said while I walked down the aisle with Shael.

And, while passing through the corridors of Baslete Estate, Shael pointed to something and asked, “What’s that?”

“That is an heirloom.”

It was a piece of paper that had various protective magic circles intertwined around it. It was do dense that you couldn’t even see the contents.

“What kind of paper is it?”

“I don’t know.”

I did ask Duke Ezran once. But, I didn’t get an answer. I only got a cold rejection as a response.

I guessed that it was some secret swordsmanship manual belonging to the family, but I couldn’t bear to ask for it. Because I couldn’t even use my Aura. 

It’s been over half a year since I had come to this world, but I still couldn’t master it.

When we passed by the heirloom and left the Baslett family’s mansion.

Shael asked me, “So where are we going?”

“There is a place that I like.”

We walked towards the garden of Baslett Estate. Then I went deep into the garden with Shael.

“Why are we coming here all of a sudden?”

“We are here.”

Dense trees stretching all the way to the sky. And the flowers and grass filled the surroundings with a warm atmosphere.

It was like a secret hiding place. It was a helpful place for me, who hated walking around the Baslett family’s mansion because of the somber atmosphere.

The chair in the middle was big enough for Shael and me to sit together.

“Isn’t this a great place?”

“I guess so.”

It was so beautiful that even Shael couldn’t deny it. 

We remained silent for a while and soaked in the peaceful atmosphere.

It was a place that gave me new emotions every time I came here. I didn’t know why, but I found it even better now that Shael was here with me.

After that long silence, I spoke to Shael, “Tomorrow I will go to the Azbel Estate, so you don’t have to come here.”


‘You don’t even want to meet me anymore?’ 

However, what Shael said next was quite unexpected.

“I’ll be back tomorrow too.”

Shael said that she would come, and she said it quite readily. Maybe the pretending to be sick today had a bigger effect than I had thought.


I continued admiring the scenery and waited for what she wanted to say.

After thinking for a moment, Shael opened her mouth again. 

“If you die…”

What came out of her mouth was quite brutal…

Taking my eyes off the tree, I had no choice but to focus my attention on her.

“…I will kill you.”

‘If I die, she will kill me?’ 

It was a contradictory and brutal statement. 

‘Is it because she thinks that I am sick?’ 

I couldn’t hide my laugh and said to Shael, “Yes. If so, I can’t die, because I am afraid of you.”

It was the only answer I could give to the villainess’s cute threat.

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