Chapter 58: The villainess rejects desserts (part 2)

To think that the thing that was most important to Clie was now in Shael’s hands!

“That, why did you…”

“Do you want to take a look?”

Shael held out the earrings to me. 

‘Why on earth did Shael have the earrings that the Crown Prince should have bought and given to Clie?’

No, I needed to know why Shael bought them in the first place. The money they cost was too much even for the Crown Prince!

“Why the hell did you buy that?”

“Ah…no reason…”

‘For no reason?’

However, after thinking for a bit, I nodded. It was because the villainess often bought strange things on a whim.

Anyway, now that I got what I wanted to know, I headed towards the Baslett Estate.


I took Shael to Baslett Mansion under the pretext of making desserts.

After leaving Shael in my room with the desserts, I came out alone.

I hid the magic pouch with the bracelet in a secret place so Clie wouldn’t see it, and entered the room where Duke Ezran was staying.

“What happened?”

“I need help.”

Duke Ezran looked at me as if asking me to say more.

“Please lend me your strength. I need to destroy a certain thing. It can’t be done unless we use the Baslett family’s Aura…”

In order to destroy Clie’s bracelet, I needed to find a way somehow.

Even if I were to give Clie the earrings that would cure her disease, I didn’t know how things would turn out.

I didn’t even know if the earrings were the reason Clie attacked the mansion in the first place.

And, Duke Ezran was the person who had the most possibly of being able to destroy the bracelet. When it came to applying immense strength on small objects, Duke Ezran would have a superior advantage over Duke Jespen.

In my opinion, it would be difficult to destroy the bracelet with Duke Jespen’s power, as magic was weaker than swordsmanship in terms of instantaneous cutting power.

So, Duke Ezran was my last hope.


Unexpectedly, Duke Ezran shook his head. 

I earnestly asked him back, “Can I ask why?”

“I have already said that I can’t use Aura.”


Even with that resolute statement, I couldn’t really understand. The Duke of the famous swordsman family couldn’t use the Aura?

Even Eran Baslett in the novel could use it. No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason why Duke Ezran wouldn’t be able to use his Aura.

“So, you may leave.”


But I couldn’t say anything to Duke Ezran. 

The way he spoke was very serious. It was to the point where even I thought that maybe he really couldn’t use Aura.

In the first place, his expression seemed to be sincere rather than false.

Therefore, I left Duke Ezran’s room and headed to my room where Shael was at the moment.

I thought she had already eaten all the desserts, but surprisingly, there were still some desserts left!

More than half of it to be exact.

“Could it be that you left my share?”


Shael shook her head as if I was stupid for asking something like that. That’s true, there’s no way the villainess would leave some desserts for anyone.

“Were you eating sparingly?”


At that question, Shael cleared her throat.

Looking at her reaction, that seemed to be the correct answer. 

I sighed. 

I felt fatigued.

I have been struggling both mentally and physically quite a lot lately.

What’t more I had already given Shael the desserts. So, I also lost that leverage for the moment.

But the next thing Shael said to me made me regain my strength.

“I’ll give you at least one cookie. Because you said it didn’t contain much sugar.”

Even though she was only saying that she’d give me just one cookie. It made me feel strangely proud at how far I managed to change her.

If it was the original villainess, she wouldn’t give anything away to others. Shael had changed a lot thanks to my efforts.

Honestly, it was quite funny. 

Just one cookie was enough to convince me that I was making progress.

At the same time, I thought while eating the cookie Shael gave me, ‘I absolutely don’t want to lose Shael.’

“Come. I need to practice my Aura.”

There was not much time. 

I had only 3 Days. 

No, maybe even less than that. 

If I couldn’t destroy the bracelet by tomorrow… I would have to run away with Shael.

I didn’t know how things would turn out once we did.

So, before that happens, I had to awaken the Baslett family’s Aura that had the ability to cut anything in two!

If the Crown Prince really didn’t use the reinforcement scroll on the bracelet, it would be worth trying with the Baslett family’s Aura.

“Do you want to do that right now?”

“Yes, I have to go to practice right now.”

Shael asked while tilting her head, “You still can’t use it?”


‘Do you think it’s easy to apply Aura into a sword?’ 

Those with the blood of the Barslett family required a lot more effort to awaken it. In return, the Aura they would awaken would be a lot stronger compared to others.

“Isn’t it just a matter of swinging the sword around?”

“Your words make no sense.”

I said it to make her stop, but I didn’t know why, Shael’s words seemed strangely familiar.

[You come from a family famous for swordsmanship, but you can’t use Aura yet?]

[Fu*k, what am I doing wrong!]

[Why are you doing that?]

My voice sounded quite harsh. Even so, it didn’t feel cold.

[I won’t give you any desserts if you mess with me again, so why don’t you shut up!]

[That’s… absolutely not!]

Such a conversation suddenly appeared in my mind. 

‘Did I have this conversation with Shael before?’

I didn’t know! 

However, grabbing my throbbing head, I walked toward the Baslett family’s training ground.

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