Chapter 59: The villainess’s red cheeks (part 1)

The Baslett family’s training ground. 

It had a somber atmosphere, and it was a place I didn’t like very much. 

But this time it was quite different. Because Shael was following behind me with dessert stuffed in her mouth.

“Woo, you want to learn r…oura?”

“You shouldn’t eat and talk.”

Shael’s dignity as a noble was nowhere to be found. What kind of aristocrat would stick dessert in their mouth like that?

I let out a sigh and nodded my head. However, I had one more thing to do before practicing Aura.

“Could you give me the earrings you just showed me?”


Shael, who had now swallowed the dessert, began to rummage through her pockets. 

I was worried that she wouldn’t want to give it to me because it was quite expensive, but that wasn’t the case.

Unexpectedly, Shael obediently handed me the earrings.

These were the earrings that cured Clie’s disease in the original novel.

Of course, they were very important to Clie. So I needed to keep them safe.

For now, it seemed that these earrings were the reason why she attacked the Azbel family.

First of all, I kept the earrings in my magic pouch, then I drew out my sword to practice Aura.

“Let’s do it!” Shael instructed.

‘I was planning on doing it anyway.’

And so, I swung my sword to practice aura with Shael on my side.


“You need to swing harder.”


As Shael said, I swing my sword with more strength.


“Get your posture right.”


I didn’t get angry at Shael’s backseating as she was doing it to help me.


“It was totally wrong this time too!”

“Is that so?”

I almost hit her with my sword. Still, I barely managed to hold myself back.


As my sword cut through the air, Shael continued to blabber on. 

I had to do something! 

So this time, I spoke first.

“I won’t give you any desserts if you mess with me again.”

I couldn’t just swing my sword at my fiance. 

But, still, Shael continued to blabber on.

I see, so that’s how it was! it was necessary to punish her. 

So after stopping the sword swing, I approached Shael.

“What, what!”

Shael hastily covered her forehead when suddenly I raised my hand. She must’ve thought that would flick her forehead like I used to do in the past. 

But, she was wrong!

The place I was aiming for was her cheek.

“Wh…what are you doing?”

“Maybe it’s because you ate a lot of dessert, your cheeks are quite plump.”

“Muet mne glo mnow!” (Let me go now!)

Of course, now she would try to hit my hand repeatedly and defend her own cheek.

But, it didn’t go as I was expecting. 

Shael also put her hand on my cheek. 

Now we we’re both pinching each others cheeks.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t know.”

It was fortunate that there was no one at the Baslett family’s training ground.

As soon as they saw Shael and I come in, they moved away.

We stayed like that for a good few minutes. During that time, which was short but long at the same time, Shael and I continued pinching and pulling each other’s cheeks.

I finally took my hand off Shael’s cheek, feeling ashamed of what I had been doing.

Shael’s cheeks were now red. 

I didn’t really pull that hard, but the villainess’s cheeks were much softer than I had expected.

Shael laughed and said to me, “It looks good. Your cheeks are very, very red.”

I didn’t feel too ashamed but listening to Shael’s words… I also felt my cheeks turn red.

“So are yours.”

“Mine are not like that.”

The crimson sunlight fell on the Baslett family’s training ground, and Shael and my cheeks continued staying red.

We spent our time together in such a reddened world.


A long time passed before I knew it, and it was already evening. 

If it was the usual, it would’ve be the time for Shael and me to separate.

I gave Shael some dessert, and brought her to my room.

“You should stay at Baslett Mansion today.”

“…?” Shael expressed her doubts. 

She must be wondering why I was suddenly telling her to sleep in the Baslett Mansion



If Clie attacked the Azbel family again, it would be another catastrophe.

That’s why I must never let Shael out of my sight for at least the next three days. If we stay at the Baslett Mansion, at least we’ll be able to get away.

Unlike the time when the situation was urgent, I would be able to use the teleportation circle while the knights of the Baslett family buy us time.

Then how should I convince Shael? Desserts might be effective in intimidating her, but… this time I wanted to play a prank on Shael.

Since I’ve been through some difficult things, I needed to heal my spirit while harassing Shael.

“There are certain strange rumors in the Baslett family.”

“What are the rumors?”

“There are rumors that ghosts roam the mansion at night.”

Of course it couldn’t be true.

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