Chapter 59: The villainess’s red cheeks (part 2)

There were no such rumors going around the Baslett family’s mansion.

Shael snorted and said, “Haa, do you believe those rumors?”

“It’s not a rumor. I also hear strange noises every night. You will probably hear it soon…”

Just as I was about to finish my words, a strange sound was heard from outside the door.

Hee~ Hee~ Hee~

At that creepy sound, Shael’s entire body stiffened. 

Of course, only I knew that was the sounds came from the knights of the Baslett family.

[Young Lord, is there anything we can do to help you make the Young Lady fall in love with you?!]

That was the request made by the knights who I used to fight together. 

I agreed without hesitation, and instructed them to make creepy sounds when Shael and I enter the room.


Shael remained silent. 

I was worried that Shael would recognize the voice because she tended to be strangely perspective in these sort of situations.

Anyways, the knight’s voice was quite creepy, so I think she was tricked.

“…there’s no way I could be afraid of something like that.”

“In that case, I think we can go to the teleportation station not far away from my room.”

“Please accompany me there.”

I shook my head with a sneer, and said to Shael, “Then you can just sleep here. Because I contacted Duke Jespen in advance.”

“What, no way!”

Shael stood up from her seat. She squeezed her hand to get rid of her fear, then she boldly opened the door to leave.



Then, she shut the door again. 

In fact, the rumors about ghosts was just the cherry on the top, and I didn’t have to do anything to prepare the main course.

At night, the Baslett family’s mansion became terribly frightening.

Usually a Duke’s mansion should have enough resources to leave the lights on even at night.

However, it didn’t apply to the Barslett family. 

It is said that after the death of Duke Ezran’s wife, the atmosphere in the mansion became gloomy.

There’s no way that Duke Ezran, who lacked any human emotions, would care about the atmosphere in the mansion.

There was not much mention of the Baslett family in the novel, so these were the facts I found out after I was sent here.

“What is the atmosphere like?”

Even though the atmosphere was scary, it wasn’t like you couldn’t go out. So, it seemed that the villainess was weak against scary things.

“Weren’t you going to Azbel Mansion?”


Originally, Shael would have shook her head right away. However, after thinking for a while, she sat down on my bed without giving an answer.

It meant that, she decided to sleep in my room.

“Get out.”

Then, the villainess’s wicked nature was revealed. She wanted to kick out the owner of the room!

For a moment, I wasn’t able to say anything because I was so dumbfounded, and using that chance Shael made herself comfortable on the bed.

I contemplated on what I could do to retaliate and I also lay down on the bed, right beside where Shael lay.

“What are you doing!”

“This is my bed.”

Even the bad-tempered villainess couldn’t refute my words. In the end, she just silently turned her body around.

“I couldn’t even use it.”

She just fired a small provocation towards me as a bonus. There was no way that kind of provocation would work for me.

Suddenly, I felt somewhat strange, and a sense of déjà vu hit me when I heard Shael’s words. 

I frowned and began to ponder.

[You come from a family famous for swordsmanship, but you can’t use Aura yet?]

[Don’t be a bother.]

[Now what?]

Next, I remember the sound of my voice mingled with ridicule.

[I won’t give you any desserts if you mess with me again, so why don’t you shut up!]

[Ha, I’ve been looking for a dessert shop that has desserts that taste similar to that great one!]

[Then why don’t you just go eat there? I won’t prepare any desserts in the future.]

[That’s a little…]

I was immersed in trying to ponder over that all-too-familiar conversation. But, I had no choice but to stop it. 

Because Shael talked to me.

“I can’t sleep because I don’t have my doll.”

‘The doll? Is she referring to the doll I gave her as a gift?’

It seems that whenever Shael slept, she slept hugging that doll.

So I playfully said to Shael, “Then, would you like to sleep while hugging me?”

“…don’t talk nonsense.” Shael turned her head and said to me. 

Then I said while looking at Shael’s face, “Come to think of it, you didn’t really object to sleeping in the same bed with me.”


Shael was taken aback as if she had never thought of it. 

Looking at Shael’s face, which I could see clearly even in the dark room, I said, “Your face turned red.”

“Yours too.”

‘My face turned red?’ 

I didn’t know if that was true. However, I could at least tell that what Shael said next was a lie.

“And… about my cheeks, they’re because you pinched my cheeks.”

“Is that so?”

It was a ridiculous excuse. 

I laughed and told Shael, “If so, it’s the same for me.”


The night continued to deepen in the Bassett Mansion, which had it’s usual somber atmosphere.

But, thanks to Shael by my side, I couldn’t feel the bitterness I usually felt.

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