Chapter 60: The villainess is worried (part 1)

[I liked the theater better before this…]

[How many times do we have to come to the theater?]

[I can’t watch this, and you said you would give me dessert as well.]

[Keep that promise.]

[People around us are paying attention, so be quiet!]

I woke up feeling a bit stuffy. I think I had some kind of a pleasant dream, but… I couldn’t quite remember. 

It’s because someone had disturbed my sleep.

I couldn’t even sit up. Because Shael was currently hugging me instead of that doll.


Shael, remained unmoving at my call. The villainess valued her sleep, so it was quite natural. 

In fact, it was me who had woke up too early in the first place. Normally I would let her sleep, but not now. If I wasted even the slightest amount of time, I wouldn’t be able to make the Aura work.

Unless Duke Ezran used his aura, I was the only one who could break Clie’s bracelet.

So I had to wake Shael up. 

“Don’t wake me up!”

“Then put your arm away.”

As expected, there’s no way that wicked villainess would listen to me. Rather, Shael held me even tighter and buried her face in my arms.

So I had to punish her.




After training for a while, I came to my room to pick up Shael to have our breakfast.

Shael was reading a book. It was evident that she had made use of the Baslett family’s library.

“What are you reading?”


Shael held out the book she was reading. 

It was a book about the Demon King. It was a story passed down like a legend in the world of this romance fantasy novel.

This was a familiar story. The movie I saw at the cinema with Shael was also about the Demon King.

“Why are you reading this?”

I asked the villainess as soon as I saw the book. I never thought that the villainess would be interested in a story like this.

“Look here…”

Shael showed me the part she was reading. 

I read the part she pointed out.

[The Demon King can even bring the dead back to life. It is because they have the power to make anything happen. But to do such a thing, of course, there is a price.]

“It says that the Demon King can bring the dead back to life.”

“So what do you want to say?”

It was a story I didn’t care much about. That legend couldn’t possibly be true.

“They can bring the dead back to life!”

“Do you really believe that?”

Shael nodded her head. 

Still, I wasn’t stupid enough to believe such a thing, and said,  “Everyone dies.”


It was natural for people to die. But as soon as Shael heard me, she frowned.

Was it because she was afraid of dying? Was that why she was looking at a strange book like this?

“If you die, that is the end!”

“Then, what can we do? You can’t stop someone from dying.”


Shael was still unable to let go of the book. 

Anyways, we headed to the Baslett Mansions dining area.


And the silence continued. 

Because Duke Ezran, who usually ate with the knights, was eating alone.

Of course, we couldn’t just  ignore the man. So I led Shael to sit in front of him.

“I’m glad that you seem to be on good terms.”

“Yes, Duke.”

Shael spoke up before I could say anything. 

‘How come she’s being so polite?’

It seemed that the villainess had really changed. No, maybe it was because she was a bit afraid of Duke Ezran?

Because his face was emotionless enough to make me question whether he had any at all.

“Shael Azbel.”


Hearing Duke Ezran’s cold voice, Shael trembled and answered. 

I too was feeling nervous in my heart as I waited for Duke Ezran’s next words.

“When are you going to get married? Eran is waiting for you.”


The words that came out of Duke Ezran’s mouth were in the end, about marriage. 

And, who said that I was waiting to marry Shael?

I was indeed prepared to marry Shael, but I had never said that in front of Duke Ezran.

So, Duke Ezran was just hastening my marriage with Shael for no reason at all!

After hearing Duke Ezran’s words, Shael replied, “Marriage…”

Shael kept quiet. 

I was sure Shael would express her refusal to marry me. But, as it was with the villainess, she made a statement that I could never imagine.

“We’ll do it soon.”

‘What is she saying? No, you aren’t even going to ask me for my opinion?’

Marriage was not something you can decide on your own!

What an absurd conversation, and the conversation continued without giving me a chance to intervene.

“Yes, then you must have plans for children.”


Shael remained silent again. Of course she wouldn’t agree to that. 

So I spoke to Duke Ezran instead of Shael, “We are thinking of having one son and two daughters.”

Shael glared at me, it must be because I said something without asking for her opinion.

“I see.”


And, the awkward silence ensued. 

Shael, who couldn’t stand the atmosphere, suddenly asked, “Duke, have you heard of the Demon King?”

The story about the Demon King again? I let out a deep sigh inside.

It seems that Duke Ezran was also very interested in the Demon King.

“The Demon King?”

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 60: The villainess is worried (part 1)”

  1. actually I have some kind of theory about demon king, the Duke, and shael. but I’m not confident in my writing skill and I’m too lazy to trying make it understandable in English. so just give my thought here.

  2. I’m beginning to believe that Eran died just like his mother, and the Duke Ezran gave his Aura to the demon king to revive his son.

  3. MC is supposed to be clever but he keeps dismissing the idea that the Demon King is real, which is beyond idiotic. Even his current circumstances hardly make any sense nor should be possible, but he’s so quick to make deny the existence of something due to his own preconceived notions.

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