Chapter 73: Competition of love (part 1)

The sunlight streamed in through the window.

Feeling the warmth in my embrace, I hugged the source of the warmth more tightly.  

“Wake up…”

As the pleasant voice reached my ears, I opened my eyes and looked around.


I found Shael looking at me from my embrace. It seemed that she had woken up earlier than me.

Honestly it was quite hard to believe that she was awake, due to the fact that Shael usually slept a lot.

“Let me go…”

Shael tried to lift my arms. 

‘Who was the one that hugged me first last night?’ I thought.

Still, I didn’t want to release Shael. I only hugged her even tighter.

After that, I lowered my eyes to appreciate Shael’s cute face, which should be blushing red.


As expected, Shael’s face was indeed red. It was quite the pleasurable experience.

Shael shyly asked, “Are you going to hug me all morning as well?”

“What if I do?”

She was the one who had embraced me first, and I was confident that she knew it as well. So I had sufficient leverage to demand compensation.

Therefore, I told Shael, “I need to get some more sleep.”

“Get up.”

Even when Shael said that, I still closed my eyes. It felt really cozy when I hugged her.

“Wa…wake up!”

I didn’t respond to Shael’s request, which was mixed with irritation, and took a deep breath as if I was sleeping.

“I know you’re not sleeping…”

‘Yeah… same as you.’

I let out a small breathing sound in response.


To be honest, I felt quite embarrassed…but still, I let out the unnatural and awkward noise so that Shael could hear it.

Even though it was embarrassing, the results were good. Because, as soon as Shael heard the sound, I could feel her stiffen.

She was probably thinking about what happened last night.

She must be wondering if I was awake.

She must have realized that her acting was clumsy.


I could tell from Shael’s trembling voice that she was flustered.

And, so I spent a long time hugging Shael while pretending to be asleep.

* * *

After spending time while hugging Shael, it was time to have breakfast. 

I completed a brief preparation with Shael.

After that, we left Shael’s room and walked around the Azbel family’s dining room.

On the way, we found Duke Jespen, who was walking across the hallway.

He saw us and spoke up in a happy voice.


Then he smiled and added, “I heard that you spent the night in Shael’s room.”


I had no choice but to remain silent. 

Although nothing happened…we were not even married yet and I still spent the night with Shael.

Even though I was her fiance, this was still considered to be improper.

However, Duke Jespen was smiling happily as if he liked the situation, and his gaze fell on Shael.

I also turned my head to look at Shael.

Shael’s face was more red than ever. She was making an expression as if something embarrassing happened last night.

‘Yeah, it does seem quite inappropriate…’

Spending the night together in the same room, and Shael blushing like that, would be enough to cause a misunderstanding.

Maybe Shael was thinking about last night, when she pretended to be asleep and hugged me.

But, it would look different in the eyes of others.

So it was obvious what Duke Jespen would think.

Anyone would be suspicious of such a situation, let alone someone like Duke Jespen, who tended to overthink.

Duke Jespen turned his head, and looked at me.


He was about to say something, but in the end, he kept his mouth shut.

It was obvious what he wanted to say. 

It must’ve been about Shael and my marriage.

And, it was also clear that he stopped talking so that Shael and I wouldn’t feel burdened.

He did mention it a few times before, but…that was probably only a half-hearted joke.

However, it was different now. 

Now that Shael and I were openly expressing our passionate affection, we should seriously think about getting married.

‘Getting married to Shael…’

It would make me very happy. 

My daily life that wouldn’t be much different from now would continue.

No, it would be somewhat different. That much was clear after Shael and I confirmed our feelings for each other.

“I’ll be leaving first.”

While I was silently contemplating on our future, Duke Jespen went towards the Azbel Mansion’s dining room first. 

It gave Shael and me a little time to talk.

I immediately asked Shael,“How do you feel about marriage?”


Of course, it made Shael blush, so I gave her time to think about the matter.

After some time, Shael opened her mouth.


Yes, it only opened. But, perhaps because of shame, Shael was unable to say anything.

“You’re not a carp… so stop grasping for air.”

I threw a playful remark at Shael and headed to the Azbel family’s dining room.


As we entered the dining room, we found Duke Jespen in his designated seat. 

And next to him sat Duchess Enella.

As Shael and I sat across from each other, Duke Jespen said, “I’m glad that you seem to be okay.”

It seemed that Duke Jespen had worried for me. It was because I was unconscious for 15 days.

When I nodded my head to show that I was fine, Duke Jespen said with a smile on his face.

“Shael was so worried that she refused to even come home.”

At the words of Duke Jespen, I turned to look at Shael.

‘Was she that worried?’

Even though I woke up after 15 days, I found Shael right in front of me, so I didn’t think much of it, but…

‘Was she worried because of that prediction?’

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