Chapter 72: Hugging all night (part 2)

[Shael’s POV]

Shael turned her body and hugged Eran.

However, it proved to be a mistake. 

She thought he was sleeping, but Eran was still awake!

So Shael decided to act as if she was sleeping as well.

After that, she sightly opened her eyes to examine the situation, only to lock eyes with Eran.

Quickly closing her eyes, Shael quickly came up with an excellent strategy to alleviate the situation.


Shael made that sound with the intention to deceive Eran. 

Fortunately, Eran appeared to have been successfully deceived.

Shael thought that she would just wait for Eran to fall asleep… but suddenly, she felt a hand on her stomach.

Eran was stroking her belly!

“Looks like she gained weight.”

‘What are you saying! There’s no way I could’ve gained that much weight.’ She thought.

It was clear that Eran was mistaken…

However, Shael still tightened her stomach without realizing it. It was to prove that she hadn’t gained weight.

“Ah…now that I see it again, she does seem a bit too thin…”

And, there were immediate results! 

Soon, Shael was relieved and was able to relieve her tension. 

Then she heard words that made her face stiffen again.

“You’re cute.”

Hearing Eran’s words, she barely held herself back from frowning.

“I know you’re not asleep.” 

Even after those sudden words, Shael was able to continue her act.

Because she was convinced that her acting skills were perfect.

She continued her rhythmic breathing as if she was still sleeping.

Shael performed an even more perfect performance in order to deceive Eran.

Then Eran blew in her ear and touched her cheeks.

She wanted to get up right away and pull Eran’s cheek, but…she endured it with great patience. 

The next moment, she felt something touch her lips.

It was something very soft, and Ahael instinctively sensed what it was.

It must be Eran’s lips! 

Shael was taken aback, but soon she regained her composure.

She couldn’t do anything with her pounding heart…but she still did her best to respond

Of course, Shael was able to grasp the situation after briefly opening her eyes, and she spit out Eran’s hand in disappointment.

After that, Eran tossed and turned while looking at her and finally fell asleep.

Shael was finally able to breath a sigh of relief.

There was just one problem—Eran was sleeping while hugging her.

‘I’m obviously tired, but I can’t sleep.’ Shael though to herself.

It was a day where a lot of things happened. So it was natural to feel tired.

From the start, Shael was feeling quite sleepy… but, she could ignore Eran who was so close.

Even though her body was comfortable, her mind wasn’t.

She could tell by touching her own face, where she could still feel the heat. 

Sleeping so close to Eran was something she was finding hard to adapt.

Shael opened her mouth, barely holding back her trembling heart.


‘I have to tell him to get up and put his arms away…’

She wanted to do it herself, but it was difficult for her to remove Eran’s arm.

It was because Eran was hugging her too tightly.

Even so, Shael couldn’t understand her current situation. 

It was a situation where she couldn’t properly use her power and her words wouldn’t come out of her mouth.

Just because Eran was hugging her didn’t mean those things would be impossible.

Soon, the annoyed Shael opened her mouth again.

“Hey, your arm…”

But she swallowed back her words. 

Because when she tossed and turned, Eran hugged her even tighter.


She couldn’t even speak anymore. 

In fact, she could wake Eran up right away, but…she didn’t want to. 

The reason for that was unknown, even to Shael herself.

Shael took a deep breath. 

Even so, she exhaled her breath quietly so as not to wake Eran. 

It was the first time Shael stayed up all night.

* * *

[Duke Jespen’s POV]

Duke Jespen stared at the letter in his hand with a worried expression.

Then he opened his mouth, “My sister is coming.”

“…Rayel is coming?”

Enella asked to make sure she had heard right. 

Duke Jespen responded by nodding his head.

“Yes. When do you suddenly leave the empire?”

He suddenly received a letter saying that his sister would be returning to the Azbel territory. 

The reason for her return was the bad rumors were circulating about Shael.

Rayel had left the Empire so early that she would never have seen Shael except for when she was a baby.

‘By the way… how did rumors about Shael circulate even outside the Empire?’

It was clear that something was wrong. 

Even if the rumors about Shael were bad, it wasn’t to that extent.

Not only that.

It wasn’t a good time for such rumors to spread, especially considering that the Imperial Festival would be held soon. 

‘Before that, I would have to attend the Blessing Meeting of the Holy Kingdom.’

Even if you thought about other minor events, rumors like that were rather lethal.

Duke Jespen sighed.

After that, he couldn’t help but let out an even bigger sigh. 

Because the letter was giving him a strange feeling.


The letter suddenly exploded, and a musty raccoon’s stench spread across the room.

Enella frowned and said, “Jespen.”

“Yes, Enella?”

“Quickly throw that thing away!.”

He was kicked out from the room with the raccoon’s smell. 

Duke Jespen sighed again as he used magic to get rid of the stinky smell.

His older sister had always been playful and had a strong personality. 

And Shael also had a bad personality and was very stubborn.

‘I am worried about their meeting…’ 

But he believed that Eran would do a good job.

‘Please, he has to…’ Duke Jespen prayed.

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