Chapter 72: Hugging all night (part 1)

Shael’s breathing was soft, as if she was still sleeping with her arms wrapped around me. 

This allowed me to reach out and to*uch her pretty easily. 

I stretched my hand toward Shael’s belly.

Then I gently grasped her belly, which was one of the sources of her insecurity. 

She didn’t exercise properly and indulged in desserts, so this slim body mystified me quite a lot.

After that, I spoke in a teasing tone, loud enough for Shael to hear, “Looks like she gained weight.” 

Shael twitched. 

Her pretense of sleep was so bad that it wouldn’t fool anyone, and her belly, which was pretty relaxed until now, suddenly tightened beneath my touch.

It was clear that she was tightening her stomach in order to look as lean as possible.

I was worried about Shael’s skinny body just a moment ago…

Now, seeing her tighten her stomach, I felt the urge to feed her more desserts.

[How about now?] I was able to sense her silent plea for reassurance.

“Ah…now that I see it again, she does seem a bit too thin…” I admitted, and Shael’s face relaxed from its earlier tension. 

Still, a hint of annoyance lingered in her expression. 

I could read her mind even without words. 

[If I’m too thin, shouldn’t you indulge me with more desserts?] That must have been her silent question.

I nodded internally and moved my hand, running my fingers through Shael’s light blue hair. 

Its softness comforted me, and her sky blue hair retained its presence even in the darkness of the night. 

Gazing at Shael’s serene face, I longed to see her flustered expression again. 

So I decided to tease her a bit more.

I firmly held her hand and said, “You’re cute.”

The words hung heavy with cheesiness, but the reward was worth it. 

Shael’s lips curved into a smile.

Embracing Shael, I whispered in a low voice, “I know you’re not asleep.” 

Now, Shael’s face flushed red with embarrassment. 

Yet, she persisted in her pretense, perhaps hoping I hadn’t caught on.

Shael continued her rhythmic breathing, pretending to be asleep while stifling her laughter. 

It was quite evident, though much appreciated on my part. 

She wanted to embrace me, hence the clumsy charade. 

Even if her acting was really bad, she tried quite hard to deceive me.

I decide to play along. 

“Are you really sleeping?” I asked again. 

But she continued her act.

I lightly blew air into Shael’s ears, causing her mouth to twitch in a struggle against laughter. 

Seeing her efforts, I reached out to her once more. 

My fingers brushed against Shael’s soft cheeks, marveling at their smoothness. 

As I withdrew my hand, my fingertips found her lips.

Shael gasped, momentarily startled. 

‘Did she think that I kissed her?’

She pursed her lips, hesitating, then began to move them, slowly responding. 

Her eyes, previously closed in concentration, slightly opened.


After finding out that it was my hands. Shael, who looked disappointed, closed her eyes again.

‘Is she disappointed because it wasn’t a kiss?’

But I didn’t want to waste my first kiss in such a way. I wanted to make it special.

Anyways, finally done with my little game, I closed my eyes, I hugged her.

I continued envisioning our future together. 

A future where Shael would express her affection without reservations…a future of happiness. 

Perhaps Shael’s shyness would change over time.

One day, we wouldn’t need to pretend anymore. 

I hoped for a future where we could express our love confidently. 

With those thoughts in my mind, I drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 72: Hugging all night (part 1)”

  1. Waste? Waste?!?

    Kissing her right then wouldn’t be a waste in any way, shape, or form man!

    If anything I’d say that it’s the perfect time for it!

  2. ????these two are too adorable
    I’m surprised it didn’t drag on forever like most of these types of novels

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