Chapter 71: Take the bait (part 2)

“What do you want to say?”

“It’s time for you to go to home.”

Certainly, it was. Originally, I would have returned to the Baslett Estate around this time.

But not anymore.

“I won’t leave even if I die.”


I would never leave her. Until I find more information about Clie, I had no intention of parting with Shael.

Personally, I wanted to spend the whole day with Shael.

I smiled proudly at Shael and sat down on her bed.


“What is the problem?”

We had already slept together on the same bed many times before. The places where we slept together were various– from the Mage Tower to the Baslett family’s mansion.

We even confirmed each other’s feelings. So there was nothing strange about my behavior.

“You have to go…”

“I’ll leave tomorrow morning. I’ll make you dessert as soon as I wake up.”

Shael’s face, which had been making an expression of rejection as usual, loosens up.

Shael nodded her head and opened her mouth, “Then…it’s alright.”

Apparently, you can sleep with someone with desserts.

To be honest, it was quite funny.

Perhaps the shy Shael needed an excuse—a reason for her to agree with me.

“I’ll talk to the Duke for a while and then come back.”


I then talked to the Duke Jespen and went through a brief preparation.

As usual, I walked towards Shael’s room where she was waiting for me.


Entering the room I found Shael lying on the bed. I naturally walked toward Shael’s bed.

“Sleep in another roo…”

‘Sleep in another room.’ Shael was probably about to say that, but I stopped her from speaking more.

She already knew that I wouldn’t do anything wrong.

And, she must be thinking that she should at least show some signs of refusal.

You could tell just by looking at the place on the bed she had prepared for me to sleep.

I lay down next to Shael. 

Shael was lying with her back turned to me.

Nevertheless, I was sure…that Shael’s face must be blushing red.

I could see the parts of a teddy bear in Shael’s embrace. It was the teddy bear I gave her in the past.

“Are you hugging a doll?”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

It was quite funny when I thought about it. From the time I first gave her the doll, she continued to sleep while hugging it like that.

Even while she insulted me and said that she hated me, she still slept while hugging the doll I gave her.

A smile naturally formed on my mouth while thinking about Shael’s insignificant yet cute behavior.

As I thought about my memories, Shael’s body, which was stiff due to her being nervous, finally relaxed.

“Are you asleep?”

‘Is she sleeping already?’

What an incredible speed!

It was hard to accept, since I was finding it quite hard to sleep due to my pounding heart.

And, Shael, who was so shy, had already fallen asleep.

She must have been very tired. She must have suffered a lot because of me during those 15 days.

It was hard to believe that so many things happened in such a small time.

Anyways, I closed my eyes, and tried to sleep. All the while thinking about what I would do tomorrow with Shael.

But suddenly there was a sound of tossing and turning beside me. 

Shael, who had been sleeping, had turned her body around!

Now she was facing me.

Her arms, which had let go of the doll, embraced me instead, and before I knew it, I had become a substitute for a doll.

‘Is this her sleeping habit?’

Anyways, it was a good thing for me, as I would be able to feel the happiness I had felt before.

I tried to close my eyes again while being surrounded by that pleasant feeling.

However, I suddenly noticed that Shael’s breathing seemed quite irregular.

‘Is she really sleeping?’

No matter how you look at it, she wasn’t. 

I could also tell by the way her arms twitched as she held me.

As I continued to observe Shael, her eyes slowly open. She was looking at me by opening her eyes ever so slightly.

As soon as our eyes met, Shael hurriedly closed her eyes and exhaled softly, pretending to be asleep.

I looked at Shael with a smile.

Shael’s body began to flinch. Maybe she was becoming nervous about being caught.

‘What will she do now?’

It was simple. She would cheat.

Shael, who had been frowning as if she was looking for a way out, gently opened her mouth.


Shael made an unnaturally cute sound.

Did you think I would be tricked if you made a cute sound?

Well, it was correct to say that the onomatopoeia associated with sleep was usually the sound ‘zzzzz’.

But the issue here was that she was literally making that sound!

Who would be fooled by that?

Shael couldn’t control the corners of her mouth from rising up.

It’s clear that she was thinking that her performance was perfect.

I couldn’t stop laughing at her insignificant yet cute action and decided to play a prank.

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