Chapter 71: Take the bait (part 1)

I made some desserts for Shael, who was cooling off her blushing face.

No matter how healthy a dessert may be, I didn’t really want her to eat any more today…but seeing Shael’s red face made me change my mind again.

I wanted to experience it a little bit more.

As Shael reached out for the desserts, but I didn’t just place the cookie in her hand like I usually did


“I will feed you. Come closer.”

Shael shook her head in fright.

It was natural. She must have been feeling a lot of shame over what happened just now.

Despite Shael’s refusal, I still held the cookie in my hand and waited for her to take a bite, like a fisherman casting bait.


Shael slowly approached the bait, her eyes fixed on the cookie, and it was close enough to touch her lips.

However, the cookie didn’t go into Shael’s mouth.

I removed my hand before she could take a bite.

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s try again.”

After hearing what I said, Shael refocused her attention on the cookie (bait).

It was a childish prank, and Shael would have reacted… if not for the cookie right in front of her eyes.

Therefore, I managed to save my skin without any incident.

Finally, Shael placed her cookie in her mouth.

She took the bait!

I smiled broadly and embraced Shael, who had come closer.

It was perfect— such a big catch wouldn’t have been possible without a show of patience.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s the problem?”

After speaking proudly to Shael, I held her even closer.

Shael, who had initially rejected me out of shyness, was now just frozen in silence.

Once again, it must have been due to the shame.

Or, maybe Shael wanted to savor the moment as well.

Either way, it was a win for me, as I could hold Shael a little longer.

I cleared my thoughts and focused on Shael. 

It seemed my empty heart had been filled.

I could feel the warmth, enough to make me feel cozy.

Perhaps Shael’s shyness had transformed into warmth. Otherwise, there was no way I could feel this comfortable.

Next, I began to explore Shael’s slender body. It was surprising how slender she was despite consuming so much desserts.

Her body seemed too fragile for someone who had been called a wicked villainess.

Shael’s initially nervous and trembling body gradually relaxed.

My own heart was still pounding.

We enjoyed a long hug without speaking, and it was clear we were both content in each other’s arms.

Indeed, it was quite fortunate.

When our eyes met for a moment, I noticed Shael’s blushing face.

“Your face is very red.”

“You too!”

I wondered if my face was as red as Shael’s.

It probably was…just like Shael. 

Anyways, hugging her made me happy.


The hug, whether it was short or long, eventually ended.

Shael seemed to regret it as she let out a sigh, but then she cleared her throat and returned to her seat as if she came to her senses.

When I took a deep breath and looked at Shael, I couldn’t help but show a foolish laugh.

However, Shael grabbed one of the cookies, and reached out with a sheepish smile, just as I had done before.


Shael was also casting her bait.

With determination, I approached Shael with the intention to get even closer.

I bit the cookie in her hand and ate it. 

Yet, despite eating the cookie, she couldn’t bring herself to hug me. Her fidgeting fingers expressed her inner turmoil.

Shael’s hesitance frustrated me. So once again, I was the one to embrace her.


I had to flip the script—and get caught on my own.

Shael was feeling shy, but still, she couldn’t refuse me.

Her already red face became even redder.

Then I kept holding onto Shael, ready to have a conversation.


Shael wanted me to eat more cookies.

The situation mirrored the one before, and it was easy to guess what it meant.

Anyways, I welcomed Shael’s bait.

We spent our time doing silly things like that and time seemed to fly by.

“It’s getting dark…”  I said to Shael, and she just grumbled a little.

“Thanks to someone hugging me until I could barely breathe.” 

Despite my teasing, Shael responded with a smirk, as if she had won some kind of unspoken battle.

Then, after gathering her thoughts, she spoke up, “Isn’t it getting dark?”

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 71: Take the bait (part 1)”

  1. This story is just a bit blob of diabetes huh? Not only are we getting it from the sweetness, they’re getting it from the cookies too!

  2. ayyy dios !! estos dos me van a matar de dulzura. Si siguen así seré yo el que se va a convertir en un tomate. no puedo creer todo el proceso que tuvieron que pasar hasta llegar aquí, me alegro que estén juntos.
    ya puedo recordar el primer capítulo de esta novela, me partí de la risa. Debo decir que me encanta que estés traduciendo esta novela. muchas gracias por traducirlo>////<

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