Chapter 70: Shame (part 2)

The paper was like a script. 

It was Shael’s script for asking me everyday questions. 

Reading what was written helped to ease my nerves. So I continued to read the questions Shael hadn’t asked yet.

  • How much do you exercise?
  • What is your favorite thing?

Those were very common questions, and I hadn’t given them much thought until now. 

‘That’s right! These were the kind of questions ordinary people would exchange.’

But the next question was quite different.

  • What was your relationship with the commoner named Clie?”
  • Is there anything you want from me?

I tried to imagine Shael’s face when she was writing such a thing. 

The handwriting, which had started neatly, had become irregularly jagged before I knew it. It was clear that Shael was feeling uneasy when she wrote these questions. 

  • What do you like about me?

There were even questions that made her question her own attractiveness. 

Shael was anxious!

Have I been with another woman in the past and whether I wanted something from her were the subjects of those questions. If you looked at those questions, it was clear that Shael was experiencing from a serious lack of self confidence.

Shael had seemed composed and happy with me just a moment ago…so it was my mistake to not notice her anxiety. 

Perhaps it was only natural.

Shael was not good at handling human relationships. No matter how happy she was with me, she couldn’t avoid the constant anxiety that engulfed her, due to our past.

Shael knew that I had been in contact with Clie. 

Even before I confessed to Shael, she suspected that I was in love with another woman. 

My absence for 15 days must have hurt Shael’s emotions as well. 

Everything was my fault, even if it wasn’t intentional.

‘So, I have to make it right!’ I thought while grabbed a pen from Shael’s room. 

“I’m not good at using cheesy words, but…” 

If Shael’s happiness was at stake, the situation was different. 

For Shael’s sake, I could become a bit more sentimental.

Slowly answers to Shael’s numerous questions began to take shape. 

After filling out the paper, I put it back to its original place. 

After a while, Shael finally returned after talking with Duke Jespen. 

Now it was time to enjoy Shael’s blushing face.


[Shael’s POV]

Shael looked at Eran. 

Now that she had finished her conversation with Duke Jespen, she was ready to continue her barrage of questions she had for her lover.

She turned her gaze towards the script and asked, “How much do you exercise?” 

However, Shael suddenly closed her mouth. It was because she discovered something extremely embarrassing written below the question.

The handwriting didn’t belong to her.

  • I spend most of my day exercising, to gain the power to protect the woman I love.

Shael lowered her gaze, and found that other questions also had answers written below them.

  • What was your relationship with a commoner named Clie?
  • We are enemies, so you don’t have to worry.

And, it didn’t end there.

  • Is there anything you want from me?
  • It would be nice if we could spend even a little bit of time together without any distractions.

Shael sighed.

  • What do you like about me?
  • Everything about you is cute.

Leaving one question unread, Shael turned her head away. 

It seemed like her face would burst in shame if she read the script any further.


Shael had written the script because she was having difficulty in articulating the questions to Eran. It was also because she didn’t want to feel ashamed in the slightest. 

Her plan was simple— ‘If I can just read the script without thinking too much, I wouldn’t feel embarrassed.’

However, in the end, it wasn’t that simple. 

Instead, when Shael saw what she had written, it only made her face turn redder with shame.

No, perhaps Shael felt even more ashamed than ever.

“Your face is all red. Are you okay?” Eran asked with a teasing smile. 

Shael replied with a grunt, “No it’s not!”

She wouldn’t admit defeat! 

Even if she felt embarrassed…she wouldn’t blush just from  thinking about Eran. 

Shael, still chewing on her past thoughts, managed to turn her head back to see the answers she hadn’t seen yet.

Beneath the messy handwriting due to her flustered mood, Eran’s handwriting was clear to see, as if it indicated his firm will.

  • What is your favorite thing?
  • Shael Azbel.

This time, too, it was Shael’s complete defeat. 

Shael’s flushed face conveyed the news of his victory to Eran.

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