Chapter 70: Shame (part 1)

Shael kept on eating the desserts I made. 

I became intoxicated by the spectacle, and it wasn’t long before the dessert plates were empty.

Shael glanced at me, the message in her eyes was clear—she wanted more dessert. 

‘Well, it’s not bad for her health anyway, so she could have as much as she liked…’ I assured myself.

But this time, I wanted to try something new.

A particular dish had popped into my mind—the mint chocolate-flavored cupcakes. 

It wasn’t that hard to make, and soon, it was ready.

Anticipating Shael’s reaction, I handed her the plate. 

Would she spit it out before I could even swallow a bite? Or would she glare at me again? 

Perhaps she would playfully feed me the cupcakes in return. 

Regardless, I was sure Shael’s reaction would be adorable and entertaining. 

“How is it?” I asked her, expecting her response.

Shael took a bite of the cupcake, and took her time to carefully savor it, so her mouth too busy to give an answer. After that, she just kept eating that cupcakes, and she seemed to be more interested in the cupcakes than in the conversation.

The cupcakes disappeared in no time, and she asked again, “More please.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if she found them delicious. I knew Shael liked my desserts, but the current situation was quite puzzling. So I decided to ask, “Is it delicious?”


Shael nodded her head, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. 

It left me somewhat perplexed. No amount of love could achieve such a feat.

Even the most skilled chefs in the Azbel family struggled to satisfy Shael’s taste buds. 

‘Maybe Shael has a unique palate.’

I spent some time on making more of the mint chocolate cupcakes while ignoring Shael’s request


Later, in Shael’s room. 

We found ourselves sitting across from each other just like we used to. 

The atmosphere was somewhat awkward, as it was the first time we had sat down in Shael’s room after we confirmed our feelings.

Shael finally broke the silence, her expression somewhat unnatural, and she couldn’t even make eye contact with me as she remarked, “The weather is nice…” 

‘Had Shael ever discussed the weather with me before?’ I couldn’t recall any such conversation. 

Well, it wouldn’t have seemed that strange of a conversation if it wasn’t for the fact that the weather wasn’t nice at all. It had been raining all day, and we even had to use an umbrella. The view outside the window still displayed a sky filled with dark clouds. 

“Did you say the weather was nice?” I inquired.

“What kind of food do you like?” Shael asked, quickly shifting the topic.

‘Now that was fast…’ I thought, as I answered, “I like cheesecake.”

But Shael followed up with, “What is your favorite hobby?”

“I enjoy fishing.” I replied again, feeling quite strange.

Shael stared at me as if she were trying to discern something from my responses. It was evident that there was more to her gaze than met the eye. 

So, I decided to add, “Come to think of it, it seems that Duke Jespen wanted to meet you.”

Actually, he didn’t. 

I didn’t want to lie like this, but…Duke Jespen would like it for sure, considering that his unfilial daughter didn’t even properly communicate with him after she returned from the Baslett family. 

Duke Jespen would certainly understand my intentions if I sent his daughter to suddenly meet with him.

Shael tilted her head with a puzzled expression. Then she suddenly got up from her chair, glanced at something, and turned back to look at me, her face quite tense as she finally sat back down. 

It was clear that there was something she didn’t want me to discover, and I needed to investigate it in further detail. 

“Aren’t you going?” I prodded.

“Come with me.” she replied.

I contemplated on how to send Shael alone, “I’m tired, so I’ll get some sleep. I think Duke Jespen said he wanted to discuss something about our engagement…”

I figured that mentioning our engagement would pique Shael’s curiosity and she wouldn’t be able to resist. 

And it worked as I had expected, since Shael quickly got up, opened the door and left the room

As soon as she left, I moved to where Shael had been gazing. There, I found a piece of paper with Shael’s small, neat handwriting.

– What kind of food do you like?

– What is your favorite hobby?

Those were the questions Shael had asked me just before.

It was unusual for her to inquire about such personal matters. The Shael I knew had never shown an interest in knowing about our personal preferences.

So now, as she was trying to open up to me, I understood it must have been quite difficult for her to express herself.

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