Chapter 69: Bring them all (part 2)



I heard Shael’s voice as soon as I entered the room.

Even though we were only apart for a short while, that voice seemed genuinely happy to see me. 

I smiled at Shael’s warm welcome as I settled into the chair. 

However, I didn’t know that my smile was bound to fade soon after. 


“You were supposed to make desserts.” Shael complained.

“Ah, I forgot.” 

That was the promise I had made with Shael earlier at the art museum. I had unintentionally fallen for Shael’s trick—a promise that I deeply regretted, as it concerned Shael’s health.

With an excited smile, Shael led me to the Azbel family’s kitchen. 

I had no choice but to follow her there, given her earnestness in wanting to eat desserts. 

However, Shael’s health was at stake, and indulging in sweet desserts would definitely affect her body.

Therefore, I had to devise a plan to protect Shael’s health and maintain my promise. 

Before long, I came up with an ingenious plan. 

I would make the dessert Shael longed for utterly tasteless, to the point of being inedible. By consistently making bland desserts, I hoped to dissuade Shael from waning to eat more of them. 

It was a natural way to make Shael refrain from eating dessert.

Yes, I had to admit that I was a bit afraid of Shael’s reaction after eating the tasteless dessert. 

But so what! 

To me, Shael’s health came first!

And so, I left out all the sweeteners and avoided ingredients that would be harmful to her body. Typically, unhealthy foods tasted great, but what I prepared were healthy yet dreadfully tasteless desserts.

I took a moment to taste the desserts before handing it to Shael.

As expected, it was completely flavorless. 

“Please hurry up!” Shael urged.

“Here you go…” I replied, imagining her reaction. 

Perhaps she’d demand that I make the desserts again, or I might end up at the receiving end of that evil glare from her once more. 

If Shael, who adored desserts, found mine unpalatable, she might seek other options.

Shael picked up one of the cupcakes and took a bite before asking, “Won’t you eat?”

“I don’t really want to eat…” I answered, though I had a question in mind. 

Contrary to my expectations, Shael didn’t display any displeasure after consuming the tasteless dessert.

‘Is it an act?’ I wondered. 

She might be pretending to enjoy it to spare my feelings, just as I had done for her in the past.

However, Shael then reached for one of the cookies, and proceeded to crunch it with a happy smile. 

Well…it was clear; Shael genuinely liked my desserts!

It puzzled me quite a lot, as I hadn’t used any sweet ingredients at all.

“Do you like it?” I couldn’t help but ask, given her delighted expression.

“Of course, it’s delicious!”

Again, I was left baffled. 

Shael continued to enjoy my tasteless cookies, she was even eagerly eyeing my portion of the deserts. 

I couldn’t bring myself to eat them, opting instead to watch Shael savor my creations.

Before I knew it, the plates with desserts were nearly empty, and I could hardly believe the speed at which Shael had devoured them all.

Then she spoke up, “Bring more. No, bring them all.”

I hesitated but eventually gave in to her enthusiastic request. After all, the desserts I was making now were harmless for her health. 

As long as Shael’s well-being was ensured, I could continue making them forever.

I worked quickly to prepare more desserts. 

Even though they still remained unappetizing to me, Shael eagerly indulged in my desserts, wearing a genuinely happy smile. 

It was a sight that brought me comfort just by observing it, and a sudden realization dawned on me.

‘Ah!’ I thought, ‘Shael didn’t really love desserts for their sweet taste and flavor, she only loved them because they were made by me, even the tasteless ones!’ 

It was only now that I, a fool, understood that obvious fact, that—Shael’s love for sugary treats was an extension of the love she felt towards me.

“Take your time eating. If it’s not enough, I’ll make more.”

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  1. “Shael didn’t really love desserts for their sweet taste and flavor, she only loved them because they were made by me, even the tasteless ones!’”

    Most unbelievable line in this whole fantasy book lol

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