Chapter 69: Bring them all (part 1)

Shael and I arrived at the art gallery located in the Baslett’s territory. Then, we began to appreciate the numerous paintings on display.

Shael, who was looking at the painting beside me, said, “If I draw this, it would be much better.”

“Is that so?”

I was sure that her personality had gotten a lot better, but…she was still Shael, who seems to have a little bit of a villainous side to her. But even that seemed cute to me now. I felt like I had been brainwashed by Shael’s cuteness.

“I kind of like this painting.”


I turned my head in anticipation to see just what kind of painting managed to satisfy Shael.

It was a painting of some delicious-looking cupcakes. 

Shael was pointing at it, while showering it with praise. At the same time, she looked at me earnestly. 

I could immediately figure out what Shael she was getting at.

“Even if you look at it like that, you will get no desserts for a while.”


“You should think about your health.”

Even in a world with fantastical magic, there was no magic that could cure a disease completely.

So, for Shael’s health, it was necessary to ban desserts for a while.

Shael, who noticed my strong will, asked, “Even if I do this?”

Shael tilted her head and reached out to hold my hand. It was an extremely cute gesture.

Looking at her blushing face, it was easy to guess how difficult that action must have been for Shael.

Of course, considering her health depended on it, there was no way Shael’s cuteness would work on me!

So I decided to go on the offensive and spat out words that was most likely to hit Shael’s pride,  “You’ll get fat.”


Of course, that was one of the things Shael doesn’t want to hear the most. 

Anyways, leaving the trembling Shael behind, I pointed at a painting and said, “I see a painting I like, so let’s move.”

However, that casually spoken word was a fatal mistake. The painting I was pointing to was a portrait of another woman.

“Do you like that woman?” Shael asked, pointing to the woman in the painting.

The woman in the painting had red hair, with nice features. She was indeed a beauty. She gave off an impression that was the complete opposite of Shael, who used to be a villainess.

Since I said I liked the portrait of that woman, of course Shael wouldn’t be in a good mood.

“It was a joke.”

“I don’t think you were joking.” Shael said with a rough voice, and glared at me with a frown on her face.

It was the visage of a villainess I hadn’t seen in a long time. 

I broke out in a cold sweat and said to Shael, “How can I like another woman?”

“You just said that.”

Before I could make an excuse, Shael added, “Now I know what kind of woman my fiance prefers.”


“You prefer a woman who is the exact opposite of me. A woman with red hair…a woman with a completely different feel than me.”

I gave up on giving any excuses. Instead, I decided to express my love for Shael. “I like light blue hair.”

A clear sky blue. 

Actually, I didn’t know that I preferred that hair color before… but now I was sure that light blue hair was my unwavering preference. The reason was simple. Because Shael’s hair was light blue.


Shael’s face blushed red, but that didn’t mean that I had earned her forgiveness. She was still pouting with her head turned aside.

While giving me an annoyed look, Shael said, “Then, let’s go to Azbel mansion and make me some dessert.”

All I could do was nod my head.

Shael smiled the moment I agreed, then she started walking while holding my hand.


“Let’s go see another painting.” She suggested.

It was a completely different voice from before that sounded angry. It even sounded like she was happy.

I also seemed to hear a low-pitched hum!

Anyways…the situation was obvious.

‘I was fooled.’

I was fooled by Shael, who just wanted to eat dessert. The oblivious Shael became unusually clever Shael when it came to desserts.

After a happy time at the art museum, Shael and I headed to the Azbel family’s mansion.

* * *

The Azbel family’s mansion. 

Even though it’s been a long time since I last came here, I felt welcome at the mansion.

During the time I was unconscious, I caused Duke Jespen to worry a lot.

So, after sending Shael to the room first, I had a long conversation with Duke Jespen.

After that, I went into Shael’s room as usual.

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