Chapter 68: Yours and mine (part 2)

Now that’s frustrating. 

No matter how many times I make a move on Shael, she ends up hesitating because of her shyness.

So I decided to use my most effective weapon, “If you do it right, I will give you desserts.”

I still had the leftover desserts from before in my magic pouch.

Of course Shael wanted to eat them as well, but…

[Let me eat.]


Eating too much deserts would be bad for her health.

I thought that Shael would immediately grab my arm, but…nothing happened at all. 

Shael cleared her throat and asked, “Dessert…?”

“That’s right. I’ll give you the dessert I put in the magic pouch.”

Now hold on…I think Shael’s voice sounded strangely nervous for some reason.

‘Could it be…?’

To prove my guess, I quickly checked the magic pouch in my hand.

The leftover desserts were all gone!



I think something similar like this happened before. Shael had finished all the dessert in the short time that I went to the bathroom in the past.

And, it was the same this time as well. During the short time I was unconscious, all the leftover desserts went into Shael’s stomach.

Any, for the time being, I decided to remain calm, cool, and collected. 

I would just have to do something without the desserts!

I had made many mistakes lately, so I didn’t want to do this…but if Shael’s health depended on it, I had no other choice!

Shael understood the meaning of my expression and said. “Between us…”


“Why should we differentiate between what’s yours and mine?”

Now where did that Shael who couldn’t even hold my hand because she was embarrassed go?

This Shael, who secretly ate all the dessert, was easily spitting out cheesy embarrassing words.

Even with that excuse, I didn’t show any signs of being persuaded.

So Shael fell into a dilemma and muttered, “Normally, it would have been enough to convince you…”

“Is that so?”

‘I’m sorry, but I am doing this for your own good, so that you wouldn’t eat so much desserts.’

I would have to punish her for eating the deserts sooner or later. 

Come to think of it, there was indeed something suitable.

‘Should I try mint chocolate?’ 

I disliked it a lot, no I hated it. So, I wanted to feed Shael as well.

It was unlikely that such a thing would exist in this world, but if I create it, it should be enough.

“I will serve you a new dish soon…as a gift.” I told Shael, hoping for my sweet revenge.

After a while, we saw the art gallery, which was our destination.

I entered the art gallery expecting to spend a happy time with Shael.


[Clie’s POV]


Clie kicked a stone on the ground. It was the expression of just how angry she was.

Even though she only kicked a small stone, her ankle hurt quite a lot.

She was annoyed at her own sick body, which was the source of her suffering. Her body had become very strong after she obtained the bracelet of holy power.

Now that was a thing of the past. Because the bracelet of holy power was destroyed.

It was Eran Baslett’s doing.

What’s more, even her only chance to cure the disease was taken away.


The imperial family was very busy with all sorts of events that would be organized in the future, and there was currently a power struggle in the Mage Tower. So she was having a hard time with meeting the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince.

No, in fact, she was avoiding them. 

If she met the Crown Prince, then she would have to spend time with the imperial family for a while.

The fact that the Mage Tower Lord was in love with Clie was a fact known to all the mages of the Mage Tower. And, the Mage Tower was full of people who hated the man. So, spending time with the Mage Tower Lord, who had many enemies was also a bad decision. 

Because of that, Clie wasn’t able to do anything for a while.

‘The Love Potion…’

It was her only chance to get revenge on Eran Baslett. 

The Imperial Festival was not that far away, so Clie could only wait for that.

‘What if I contacted the Crown Prince or the Mage Tower Lord and told them to find the potion, or inform them of the existence of the love potion?’

It was obvious how things would go. 

If that happened, they would make her drink the potion instead.

So Clie came up with a set of plans.

‘First of all, it’s necessary to become friendly with various powerful people…and, I have to do something about my illness, and take care of my body.’

So Clie gathered up her patience and came to the zoo in the Azbel territory.

The zoo had animals that purified the mana in the air, and because of that, it had the purest mana in the empire.

There was no other place that healed Clie more than the zoo belonging to the Azbel Family.


Suddenly, she heard a deeply unpleasant sound. It belonged to a very cute looking puppy with pure white fur.

Despite being so cute, it was kept in a sturdy cage, tied to a leash and placed in a corner.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason Clie disliked the puppy.

“What a stupid thing.”

Even thought Clie’s mind was exhausted, she could still sense the unpleasant magic of the Azbel family from the little beast.

It was clear that someone with Azbel blood had cast a spell on the little beast.



Feeling even more annoyed, Clie kicked a stone on the ground, and it directly hit the little beast in the cage.

Clie, who was watching the puppy from a short distance, frowned; wondering why they used such a sturdy cage to confine such a measly beast.

However, she soon lost interest, then she turned around and tried to leave the place.


Suddenly, Clie heard a loud sound that was incomparable to that of a moment ago.

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