Chapter 68: Yours and mine (part 1)

I said to Shael, who I had caught staring at me once again.

“Do you want to go out with me? I heard that there is an art gallery that opened recently.”

I had conveyed the feelings in my heart, and also confirmed Shael’s feelings as well.

It might have seemed frustrating in the eyes of others, but I was able to express my affection for Shael at long last, and the process was both simple and… very difficult. 

So now, I wanted to take a walk outside with Shael. Because I wanted to enjoy the changes in our relationship with Shael.

To be honest, I didn’t have that much time in my hands to keep playing like this.

Because, the Crown Prince, the Mage Tower Lord, and Clie— those three beings would surely threaten both my and Shael’s future.

Perhaps Clie had lost her powers. I could tell just from the fact that nothing happened to Baslett and Azbel families while I was unconscious.

However, there was no guarantee that there would be no other threats. The Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince both had great influence as well as personal strength. Additionally, Clie also had excellent personal connections.

And they were not the only things I had to worry about. There were many cheat-like items that would appear in the future, and they were all powerful enough to threaten Shael’s safety.

Moreover, an Imperial Festival would be held soon. And the rewards from any kind of competition would always be extremely powerful items.

For example, the love potion. If two people drank that thing, it was an elixir powerful enough to make them fall in love!

The reason why they were giving away such a dangerous item as a reward for the Imperial Festival was simple— it was a competition. It was a competition to show off the participant’s love.

Anyways, I didn’t want the love potion to fall into the wrong hands.

So first, I needed to make a plan.

If Clie got her hands on the potion, that would be a matter of great trouble.

I didn’t think that Shael and I would ever feel the need to drink that potion. Because from now on, I would never be separated from her.

But even so, the potion was a threat. It would be a big issue if Clie managed to seduce not only the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince, but also some other powerful person.

If that happened, the situation would be hopeless. 

I had to use the pearl during my confrontation with Clie before.

And, it allowed me to travel to a point exactly three days prior to the event. Of course, the pearl had disappeared after I had used it. So now, I had nothing I could call a ‘backup’.

Fortunately, Clie couldn’t steal the love potion in advance. As the reward of the Imperial Festival, it would be directly under the protection of the Mage Tower and the Imperial family.

Furthermore, according to the novel, they would only give the love potion away after the Imperial Festival was over. So the love potion probably hadn’t even arrived in the Empire yet.

I just hoped that Clie wouldn’t steal the love potion before then.

So, until the Imperial Festival began, I was planning to spend a happy time with Shael.

I also instructed the servants to inform Duke Jespen that I had woken up, so that he wouldn’t worry.

Anyways, when I asked if she would like to go out, Shael questioned, “Isn’t it raining?”

Certainly, as Shael said, it was raining outside… but I didn’t want to stay in the mansion. 

Maybe it was because I was stuck in bed for 15 days, my body felt quite stiff.

That’s why I took Shael and left the Baslett family’s mansion with an umbrella in my hand.

Through the pouring raindrops, Shael and I walked with our bodies protected under one umbrella.


The rain started getting stronger, and I soon found out that one umbrella wouldn’t be enough.

I could use magic, but…I didn’t bother. 

I was my first date with Shael after confirming our feelings. I wanted to make Shael’s heart flutter as much as possible.

‘What do the main characters in novels usually do at times like this?’

Asking that in my head, I used the umbrella to protect Shael as much as I could.

I wanted to make sure that not a single raindrop would fall on Shael.

As a result, my right shoulder got drenched right away.

It worked, as Shael hurriedly asked, “What are you doing?”

Then she added with a dissatisfied expression, “Why are you acting so stupid!”

Her beloved was covering her with an umbrella in the rain instead of himself!

Wasn’t she supposed to feel emotional?

I really didn’t know. 

Similar to Shael, I was also someone who learned about love through books.

Shael opened her mouth again, “It’s raining, so come closer.”

My heart skipped a beat when I saw her blushing her face.

I wanted to make Shael’s heart flutter… but she made my hear flutter instead.

I was taken aback by her cute reaction and Shael, who noticed my condition, got closer to me.


The sound of loud rain was supposed to bring good fortune, but despite that, the atmosphere became quite awkward.

As if she wanted to get rid of the awkwardness, Shael spoke up, “I’m bored.”

“Then, would you like to continue what we were doing before?”

The art museum, which was our destination, was still quite far away.

So, what more could I suggest to Shael?

It was to do the thing that lovers would do.

Shael asked in bewilderment, “What should we do?”

“Would you like to hold my arm?”

In fact, she had already held my arm once before. It was back when Clie was following us.

Of course, it was obvious that it would be difficult to do that now.

“This… like this?”

Instead of holding my arm, Shael, who had become timid, placed her only fingers on my forearm.

I smiled and teased her, “Where did that brave personality from before go?”

From holding hands to holding arms, we continued to go through such hardships.

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