Chapter 67: Foolish (part 2)

I looked at Shael again. 

Her body was slightly trembling, which showed just how embarrassed she was.

Honestly, she like a cute little animal.

‘Have I fallen for Shael that much?’ 

I smiled at that thought and said to Shael, “There is no need to rush. We have lots of time.”

But Shael didn’t seem to like what I said and she looked at me with a frown on her face.

“No, I will definitely succeed.”

“Alright then…”

I looked at her again without hesitation.

Shael turned her head away again. It was a typical Shael-like behavior.


Then she turned her head to look at me again. 

I also returned a passionate gaze to Shael.

This time, Shael didn’t turn her head away like before. She was so embarrassed to meet my gaze that she turned her whole body!

Then she said again, “Do it again…”

We were at a fairly close distance as Shael and my gaze met each other. 

Just before, we couldn’t hold on for even 30 seconds and failed…but this attempt was quite different. 

It was a result of Shael and my excellent determination!

Time passed by faster than before.

“Isn’t this considered enough?”

“Hmmn…looks like it worked.”

Shael had clearly reached her limit. 

Normally, I would have made fun of Shael, but…I also nodded my head.

I decided to refrain from doing so because I made Shael feel sad earlier. 

In fact, I myself was reaching my limit.

It was quite difficult to look at Shael from so close. Specially after confirming each other’s feelings, it was rather difficult for me to deal with her.

Because of that, I tried to pass the time by talking.

But, perhaps she didn’t have enough yet, Shael opened her mouth to say, “Can we hold hand now?”

“Didn’t you just say that it was too early?”

“If you don’t like it, then don’t.”

Of course, I would like it! But I was overthinking too much.

We became a pair of foolish lovers after confirming each other’s feelings.

We had a hard time greeting each other, and we barely even managed to make eye contact.

And now, to hold hands right away. Of course it would be difficult!

Shael, who didn’t think that much, confidently said, “Grab it.”

Shael handed over the responsibility to me. I did what she said, and stretched out my hand.

Unlike before, when we held hands without hesitation, I acted very slowly and cautiously.

And, I failed to hold her hand. Because before my hand could even reach her, Shael took her hand away.

“Can’t you do that faster?”


“Don’t act like a coward!”

I don’t want to hear that from the person who had just taken back her hand.

But still, I didn’t scold Shael.

The reason why Shael took her hand away wasn’t because she hated it.

I could tell from her blushing face, and her trembling hands.

I smiled at that fact and asked Shael, “Can you do it?”

“Of course I can!”

“Then, let’s try it”

As Shael extended her hand, I withdraw mine. The roles had changed from before.

So, there was no way Shael could succeed in holding my hand.

And, as expected, Shael groaned.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


Shael glared at me in response. 

Finding the situation quite amusing, I said, “You also couldn’t look at me properly just a moment ago.”


“You’re just glaring at me now.”

“You took your hand away!”

I didn’t. 

Anyways, her trembling had finally stopped.

So I extended my hand towards Shael instead. Then our hands which I thought would never reach, connected with each other.


But that was only for a moment. Because Shael blushed and took her hand away again.

I, too, trembled for some reason due to Shael’s nervousness.

It was a really frustrating situation. No one should go through such a difficult process for just holding hands.

Anyways, I was aware that the situation between Shael and me wasn’t normal. It was difficult for us to even look at each other. So, it was indeed quite funny.

While I was looking at Shael, I heard her voice.

“Stop staring!”


At the same time, Shael turned her head away again. 

It was also for a simple reason…because she was feeling shy.

I wanted to hold Shael’s hand and hug her right away, but…I managed to endure it. 

Going too fast was not necessarily a good thing.

Above all, it would be fun to remove Shael’s shyness step by step.

Actually, even I felt a bit ashamed.


Shael, who had turned her head the other way before, looked at me as I was lost in my thoughts.

Then I woke up and met Shael’s eyes, causing her to avert her gaze again.

This was a funny situation. 

It was also a frustrating situation. 

And above all, it was a very happy situation.

We became a pair of fools…the happiest fools in the world. 

At the same time, we were fools who loved each other more than anything else.

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