Chapter 78: Innocent beauty

“Who are you, let go of Junior Sister Zeng Rou!”

“How dare you! Coming to Wangwu Mountain and acting wild!”

Song Qingshu completely ignored the clamor, until a middle-aged man with white beard walked out of the crowd.

“Looking at your martial arts attainment, you are by no means a normal master, so why bother yourself with a little girl?” the middle-aged man asked in a deep voice.

“Are you Situ Bolei?” Song Qingshu opened his eyes and glanced at the other person.

“Yes, this old man is him.” The middle-aged man replied.

From his aura, Song Qingshu knew that this man was not a great martial artist, but he had a kind of steady and disciplined air that was unique to soldiers. Song Qingshu secretly nodded, “I need to talk to this old hero regarding some important matters. Do you have the courage to follow? If you do, then let us go into that house and talk more about it.”

Situ Bolei fell into silence. The other party visited late at night, acting suspiciously. Wouldn’t it be dangerous to follow him into the house?

Seeing their leader’s silence, the others shouted and urged him not to be fooled.

Extreme times require extreme measures, so Song Qingshu coughed and said, “It is inevitable that the old hero Situ has some doubts, but I am not asking you to come in, but threatening, understand?”

Song Qingshu paused and continued, “I count to three. If you don’t come to talk to me in the house, I will strip off one piece of this little girl’s clothes; then start counting again, and strip her again, until there is nothing to strip off.”

Zeng Rou’s face turned pale with fright, and everyone from the Wangwu Sect also scolded out loud.

“Little beauty, do you think you brothers and sisters would pretend to be righteous and procrastinate to delay time just to take a look at your beautiful body? One…two…” Song Qingshu gently touched Zeng Rou’s cheek with the tip of his nose. And took a sigh of intoxication, this girl’s unique youthful taste was really wonderful.

“Kill me, I won’t be insulted by you!” Although Zeng Rou was afraid in her heart and trembling involuntarily, she was unwilling to let her beloved master fall into danger.

“Okay, I will follow you into the house!” Situ Burei finally spoke up. Zeng Rou was entrusted to him by an old friend at the time of his death, and he couldn’t let Zeng Rou’s innocence be ruined today.

“Sure enough, old Situ is indeed a hero, please go ahead!” Song Qingshu stepped aside and made a gesture.

Holding Zeng Rou, Song Qingshu slowly followed Situ Bolei into the house, and noticed that the others were also surrounding him. Song Qingshu circulated his internal strength, and flicked his sleeves. Everyone felt a strong force hitting their body, and they all unsteadily fell to the ground one after another. 

“After this, if anyone dares to come within three feet of this hut, this stone will be his fate.” Song Qingshu used a fist strike and blasted a big stone next to him to pieces.

Zeng Rou saw the broken stone and felt cold in her heart, ‘This man’s martial arts is so high and so strong…’

The rest of the people also paled and stopped one after another.

“What do you want to say to this old man?” Situ Bolei also saw the scene just now, and wondered how many times this man’s martial arts was better than him. But he faced Song Qingshu with a calm heart.

Song Qingshu was impressed by the demeanor of this battle hardened hero, and with a light push, he let go of Zeng Rou.

“Master~” As soon as Zeng Rou got out of trouble, she hurriedly hid behind Situ Bolei, and tenderly called out to her master in a timid manner.

Situ Bolei comforted Zeng Rou, then blankly looked back at Song Qingshu.

“In order to meet the old hero Situ, this one had to act his way in a hurry. I offended Miss Zeng Rou and hope that she would forgive my sin.” Song Qingshu politely bowed, changing his previous predominant and ferocious appearance.

Zeng Rou was ashamed and angry at the thought that he had wiped a lot of oil on her body just now, but only two people knew about these things privately, and she couldn’t disclose it to her master at the moment, so she could only stare at him angrily in protest.

Situ Bolei said nonchalantly, “Your Excellency should explain why you are here.”

“Now that there are thousands of elite soldiers at the foot of the mountain, may I know what old hero Situ plans to do?” Song Qingshu found a stool for himself and sat down.

Situ Bolei wanted to say something and stopped. He wanted to say that the countermeasure could not be said to an outsider, but suddenly realized that there was no countermeasure to begin with, and his thought couldn’t help but freeze there.

“If I guessed right, your Wangwu Sect wants to defend from here, isn’t it?” Song Qingshu spoke up when he saw that the man wasn’t speaking.

“Huh, Wangwu Mountain is easy to defend and hard to attack. If the Qing soldiers want to attack, it’s not that easy.” Situ Burei snorted coldly.

“Yes, there are three thousand cavalry soldiers at the foot of the mountain. If they attack, I am afraid that they will not lose their soldiers. It’s just…” Song Qingshu paused on purpose.

“Just what?” Zeng Rou asked curiously.

Song Qingshu smiled and said, “The old hero thinks that the Wangwu Sect can always be at ease like it was before. What is the biggest reason for that? Is it really due to the thousands of people under your command?”

Situ Bolei’s face was a little ugly, “We have over two thousand people in our Wangwu Mountain, that’s why the Qing Court didn’t bother us.”

“Wrong!” Song Qingshu stood up, “The reason why they let you be is that you have not been in the sight of the Qing Court before this, and the local officials did not report your situation to the court for various reasons. This time the Qing Court’s order to sweep the wulin is different. This order comes directly from the Emperor. So, if you fight against the imperial army, it will attract the attention of Kangxi… Hey, if that happened, then there will be a steady stream of officers and soldiers coming to suppress the bandits. How will you face them then? And for how long?”

Situ Bolei was in a cold sweat as soon as he realized the seriousness of the problem. Looking at Song Qingshu, his heart moved and he quickly asked, “Thank you for your advice. I wonder if you have a way to save us?”

Song Qingshu chuckled, “The old hero reacted quickly. I am indeed here to show you a way out. Currently there are three strategies for you to choose. Does the old hero wish to listen?”

Situ Bolei spoke with a solemn expression, “I would like to hear the details.”

“If you consider the best policy. Naturally, it is to accept the edict of the Qing court on the surface. The court will gain respect, and you will save your skin in return. Everyone will be happy. The officers and soldiers at the foot of the mountain all have their families and loved ones. Not one of them will object to this if you accept the edict.” Song Qingshu said with a smile.

“If you want me to surrender to the Qing Dynasty, that’s absolutely impossible!” Situ Bolei shook his head as soon as he heard it, as if he didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

“The old hero Situ is indeed a well-known anti-Qing righteous man. You are very strong, and I admire you!” Song Qingshu knew that he would never agree to this best plan, and he didn’t care about it. “Then the old hero might as well listen to my next plan.”

“Please speak.” Situ Burei finally calmed down.

“The next strategy is the central strategy of the Thirty-Six Stratagems.” Song Qingshu smiled, thinking that when the enemy is strong and we are weak, Grandpa Sun’s theory of guerrilla warfare is an unbreakable truth. (Goblin: It’s from the book The Art of War.)

“Run away?” Situ Burei thought for a moment and shook his head, “If I flee without a fight, I will become a laughing stock in the wulin.” Situ Burei paused and added, “Besides, the army at the foot of the mountain is blocking the exit. How can it be so easy to leave.”

“What is the next strategy?” Zeng Rou heard him say that the second strategy was better than the first strategy. Maybe the third strategy will be better than the second strategy.

“Naturally, the next plan is to stay at Wangwu Mountain and wait to deal with the successive waves of suppression by the court.” Song Qingshu looked at Zeng Rou who was in a blue dress and smiled. In this dress, even without the use of make up, she created the picture of the most innocent beauty he had ever seen.

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