Chapter 84: Plans

I did just as Shael had instructed— three ki*sses. 

Despite it not being our first time, each ki*ss felt as exhilarating as the first, leaving me contemplating the foolishness of my own racing heart.

I could feel her breath tremble with anticipation, and when I embraced and ki*ssed her, Shael quivered with emotion. 

Ki*ssing Shael was always exciting, and this time was no different.

After a considerable amount of time had passed, it was now time to conclude the prolonged ki*ss. 

I erased the lingering feelings of regret, and ended the ki*ss. 

Even after sharing the ki*ss, Shael blushed naturally.

Feeling that the time was right, I asked Shael, “Can we go to the Blessing Meeting event now?”

Shael shook her head in response, displaying a hint of displeasure. 

I accepted her refusal, understanding that if she didn’t feel comfortable, I couldn’t force her. However, before I could respond, Shael retrieved something from her pocket.

“Focus…” she urged, presenting a blue ring attached to a chain. Shael waved it enticingly, catching my attention.

It was evident what the ring was intended for. Despite Shael’s attempts at deception, I recalled the title of the book she had purchased – a book that undoubtedly featured such a ring.

Observing Shael’s actions, I realized she hadn’t even properly read the book. The use of magic to manipulate the mind couldn’t be achieved with a single ring, especially considering Shael’s casual approach to such matters.

“What are you doing?” I inquired.

“You might start to feel a bit dizzy…” Shael responded, looking at me with eagerness.

Feeling somewhat compelled, I focused on the ring with blurred eyes. 

Shael seized the opportunity, placing the ring on me. 

Confused by her bold actions, I pulled back my hand.

“Give me your hand,” She requested. 

I complied, feeling like an animal being examined. 

Shael’s gaze was akin to that of an owner looking at a pet. As if complimenting me, she reached out and stroked my hair.

Shael’s eyes gleamed with anticipation. 

‘Is my acting convincing?’ I mused, as Shael seemed to want me to fall for her trick.

“Don’t remember everything about an hour from now,” Shael whispered with a sly smile, attempting to control the situation. 

Although I barely contained my laughter, I still focused on her words.

Shael, who was confident in her hypnosis abilities, then gestured with outstretched arms, seemingly inviting an embrace. 

And so, I surrendered to Shael, allowing her to continue with her plan.

Shael’s current bold expression contrasted with her typically shy demeanor. Thanks to the supposed hypnosis, Shael openly expressed her love, believing I wouldn’t remember.

“Ki*ss me…” Shael requested, directing my lips towards hers. 

I reciprocated by first initiating a hug, but she interrupted the process.

“Stop it now,” She insisted.

“I dislike it…” Shael responded, a brief surprise overcoming her, quickly replaced by a lingering embarrassment. 

Undeterred, I approached Shael and ki*ssed her on the lips.

After the prolonged ki*ss, I softly inquired, “What?”

“You tricked me…” Shael questioned, “Have you been conscious all along?” 

I chose not to respond directly, letting my silence affirm her suspicions. 

Shael’s face flushed with shame.

“Say something!” She urged, seeking an explanation.

“Did you want to ki*ss me that much?” I evaded a direct answer.


To say I tricked her was an overstatement. Who was the one who tried to trick me first?

After giving time for the frantic Shael to calm down, I asked, “By the way, I have a question for you.”

“What is it?”

It was something I’ve been thinking about since last night. I wanted to find out the answer together with Shael.

“If there is someone who threatens your life. What would you do?”

I was of course talking about Clie.

In the previous timeline, Clie must have gone through a through a hellish experience because of Shael. So she must hate her to the extreme.

So, I wanted to ask Shael for her opinion. Because it wasn’t just my problem.

In the first place, the most important thing to me was Shael. It someone posed a danger to Shael, I had to get rid of it. What Shael did to Clie in the previous timeline was unrelated to the current Shael.

But there was a problem.

‘Will Clie really let us go without any resistance?’

Clie lost her powers and was running out of time, but still, I couldn’t relax.

It was a world where all kinds of improbable objects existed. So we couldn’t rule out the possibility that Clie would be able to harm us. Maybe there was another item that could cure her disease. If that was the case, it was obvious what would happen. We would have to go through the same experience again.

But I couldn’t act hastily. 

The Mage Tower Lord and Crown Prince was still on Clie’s side. So I had to be careful in everything I do.

‘If I hand over the earrings and make a contract of some sort, wouldn’t she leave me and Shael alone?’

‘Nope…that’s a stupid idea.’

As I brushed away that thought, I heard Shael’s voice.

“Am I the only one whose life is being threatened?” Shael asked as she looked at me. 

The question was whether I was included in the target of the threat.

“Perhaps, I’m also included.”

“Then we have to punish them…” Shael asserted, her words carrying a sense of determination.

“And what if it’s dangerous?” I questioned, contemplating our future.

“Then, we should live together in a quiet farm-like place for a few months,” Shael proposed, suggesting an extreme but thoughtful choice.

Shael’s words resonated with me, offering clarity on our next steps. The potential threats involving improbable objects could be countered by using similar items. As I pondered future strategies, my focus returned to Shael.

The wind blew, and I observed Shael standing gracefully, her expression reminded me of the past.

There was much to be done, such as addressing issues with Clie, correcting Shael’s habits, and contemplating our impending marriage.

As I looked at Shael, I could predict her next actions after spending considerable time together. Shael, seemingly aware of my inner turmoil, had a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Actually, I didn’t want to ki*ss you,” Shael confessed, struggling to contain her laughter. She even feigned anger, placing her hand on her waist, but her actions betrayed her true intentions.

Anyways, regardless of what plans she had, I would welcome it with open arms.

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