Chapter 83: Threatening Ki*ss

I managed to look away from Shael’s lips, but she already seemed conscious of my gaze upon her. This was evident from the fact that Shael’s mouth, which had been firmly closed to avoid speaking, remained open.

“Ah,” Shael expelled a silent breath. Then, she closed her mouth and fell silent, signifying that she would leave the difficult task to me. Next, Shael tightly closed her eyes, turning her head towards me as if granting permission.

I, too, closed my eyes and approached Shael. It was a very tense yet exciting moment. However, ki*ssing Shael was not as easy as it sounded.

Certainly, by this point, I should have made contact with Shael’s lips, but for some reason it wasn’t happening. Feeling uneasy, I opened my closed eyes and slowly looked at Shael, only to find that she was slowly withdrawing her head.

“What are you doing?” I inquired.

Shael remained silent. Her shyness was apparent, creating a moment of uncertainty.

Perhaps, Shael might not be ready for it yet. Suppressing the amused look on my face, I approached Shael, giving Shael more time to confirm her feelings.

However, that naive notion was soon dispelled.

“I’m not stupid…” I heard Shael’s voice, and simultaneously, Shael grabbed my shoulder. Then she began to approach me.

‘Wasn’t it you who pulled her head away first?’ I couldn’t articulate that fact because Shael’s face was getting closer and closer by the second.

Shael, closing her eyes, halted as she trembled, facing the challenge of her own shyness.

It was a tense moment for both of us.

Yet, I didn’t want to let the situation pass just because of nervousness.

I grabbed Shael’s shoulder as she stopped, and our lips met.

It was the moment I had anticipated.

We released each other’s shoulders, holding onto each other closely as if craving more connection. It was only then that I could truly feel the sensation of ki*ssing Shael. Despite the surreal situation, Shael’s warm and soft lips made me accept it as reality.

I could faintly feel Shael’s breath, and Shael exhaled gently, wondering if her breath could reach me.

Suppressing a laugh, I found myself in the same state as Shael.

Suddenly, I felt something on my arm. Shael’s hand, previously hovering aimlessly, grabbed me. Shael’s shaking hand conveyed strength and determination not to let go.

A resonant bell marked the morning in the Holy Land, disrupting the moment.

Shael calmly continued ki*ssing me despite the loud sound.

Embracing Shael’s waist, I felt strangely content with the unbelievable situation.

I could feel Shael’s breathing, initially soft, gradually became rougher.

I tried to pull away due to Shael’s increasing discomfort, but Shael held the back of my head, preventing me from breaking the ki*ss.

I attempted to pull away again, but only Shael remained adamant, never letting me go.

The heat on our faces intensified, and it was fortunate that the window was open, allowing the wind to cool the heated atmosphere. Without it, my faces would have also turned as red as Shael’s in embarrassment.

Shael drew closer, and I wondered about her expression. Was she ki*ssing me calmly, or did she feel ashamed with her blushing face?

Even though the wind cooled the heat, my face might also be quite red.

As if she read my hearst, Shael drew even closer. And, in order to respond to her actions, I embraced her even more. However, still curious about Shael’s expression, I slightly opened my eyes.

Yet I couldn’t keep them open for long and closed them again.

As it turned out, Shael was also attempting to open her eyes, and after meeting her gaze, I felt embarrassed and had to close my eyes again

Time itself seemed to stop. However, the throbbing hearts indicated the passage of time, as we savored the ki*ss in a calm atmosphere.

It was only after some time had passed that Shael and I separated.

I remained silent.

Feeling the embarrassment, I empathized with Shael, who seemed to have lost her ability to speak.

“Let’s go out.” I said.

Actually, I wanted to ask Shael how she felt after the ki*ss, but I was too distracted, and the words just escaped my lips.

Shael couldn’t respond with words, but she stood up from her seat, indicating her agreement.

There was still some time left before the Blessing Meeting concluded. I wanted to dissipate the awkward atmosphere between us and get some fresh air. It was especially true for Shael, whose face still radiated heat.

And so, we left the accommodation.

As the wind blew, a slowly walked forwards and asked, “Where would you like to go?”

“It was delicious.”

I had asked where she wanted to go…but Shael responded with a completely unrelated statement.

Her blushing face indicated that she was aware of what she just did, but the words she said couldn’t be taken back anymore, leaving her face as red as ever.

Well, perhaps she responded abruptly due to her distracted state of mind. So, I didn’t tease her for it.

When Shael’s face improved somewhat, the fragrance of flowers reached us. Following the fragrance, we reached a gigantic cathedral in the Holy Land.

The place was a garden filled with rare flowers, fitting for a Holy Land.

Shael, aiming to break the awkward atmosphere, pointed at a flower and said, “I like this flower.”

It was a type of flower I had never seen before, emitting a small amount of white light. Under the flower, there was a sign for explanation.

Shael read it aloud, “Moon Wind Flower. According to legend, it gazes at those around who crave love the most…”

The flower seemed to be gazing at Shael. Shael alternately looked at me and the Moon Wind Flower, creating a playful interaction.

I couldn’t help but laugh at Shael’s cute actions and asked, “What’s the point of forcing it to turn?”

“Is it not meaningful enough?” Shael replied confidently, then took my arm and led me to look at other flowers.

Although I also wanted to appreciate the flowers, the next event of the Blessing Meeting was about to begin, and time was slipping away.

So I had to inform Shael, “The next event of the Blessing Meeting is about to start.”

“So?” Shael asked, seemingly indifferent. She evidently wished to skip the uninteresting event.

Actually, the Blessing Meeting wasn’t that crucial. The upcoming even wasn’t mandatory for us as well. Initially, I decided to attend the Blessing Meeting to conclude the matters related to Clie.

However, Shael, who lacked patience was hampering my plans. So I attempted to convince her, saying, “Still, as a guest, wouldn’t it be better to stick to the Blessing Meeting schedule? It’s a matter of politeness.”

“Politeness?” Shael smiled, adopting a challenging expression. “Someone who doesn’t even adhere to the Holy Land’s rules is talking about politeness?”

“Rules?” I inquired, though I knew there were rules. I couldn’t deny breaking them. I remained silent, and Shael continued, “Isn’t it a rule in the Holy Land to forbid the expression of affection between a man and a woman?”

I froze at Shael’s words, as they hit uncomfortably close to home.

Shael approached me with a sly smile, placing her finger on my lips.

“Three times, please,” She said, blushing after her bold statement.

It was a cute threat, one that I had no choice but to comply with.

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