Chapter 90: The Kingdom Project XXVI (part 1)

The formation of the Black Legion unfolded before their eyes. Watching this, the Sakiel Knights leading the way began to feel some doubts.

“What? It was chaotic just a moment ago, and now it’s quiet again,” one remarked.

“Are we too late? I don’t think so…”

Unlike their earlier commotion, the Black Legion’s camp now had an orderly shape, as if drawn with a ruler. It appeared that there had been no confusion in the first place.

Nevertheless, despite this, the Sakiel’s advance did not halt, driven by the necessity to avoid the merciless long-range firepower they had faced before. In any case, engagement in close combat was their specialty.

The speed of the Sakiel’s advance remained swift.

“Yes, but… no matter how you look at it, it’s a strange formation.”

“Could this be some kind of surrender, trying to pave the way for us…?”

The Sakiel Knights began to question a situation they had never encountered before.

The Black Legion’s camp, which had lined up in front of the castle wall moments earlier, now divided into left and right sides, leaving a path open to the wide-open gate.

To the onlooker, it appeared as if a path had been created to allow entry through the gate.

Without receiving a clear answer, the Sakiel cavalry on horseback charged to break through the divided enemy camp.

As before, foot soldiers defended with shields blocking the front.

Indeed, the Sakiel Knights believed that advancing on horseback would inevitably break through the square, considering the power and acceleration of their horses, along with their armored weight. The shields would be torn like paper…

It was at this moment, while the Sakiel Knights attacked the shield unit with terrifying power and speed, that a short, sharp sound echoed.

In formation, countless long spears protruded from behind the infantrymen holding shields.

However, it wasn’t merely a feeble counterattack.

The true purpose of those spears was…



“What… what is this?”

Suddenly, the words ceased, and warhorses began to react wildly.

Though trained and docile, the horses now appeared uncontrollable. They were not being stabbed by spears, yet they were not obeying the command of their master.

It wasn’t a matter of training.

It was an instinct inherent in creatures like horses.

They exhibited a natural response, frightened by sharp objects suddenly appearing before them.

Consequently, horses twisted, lifted their front legs, and backed up during their furious charge.

This phenomenon affected not just one or two, but the entire cavalry force.

Some collided with firmly placed shields or were impaled by protruding spears, but this was to be expected.

The galloping horses abruptly halted.

In response, those behind them, unprepared and neglecting safety distance, collided without slowing down.

This cascade effect repeated through subsequent rows.

And the outcome…


Miserable sounds resonated throughout the area the next moment.

Though obscured by the dust, the Sakiels who followed the cavalry on foot, knew one thing for sure.

Something significant had happened before their eyes, something detrimental.

As expected, the scene that emerged after the dust settled was truly dire.

The lead horses had simply stopped, but the aftermath was beyond imagination.

Thousands were entangled in this incident, many dying or suffering severe injuries, with horses sprawled on the ground, dying or barely breathing.

Witnessing this disaster, the Sakiel Knights hesitated momentarily, then turned their gaze elsewhere.

“The cavalry is in disarray, tangled among themselves.”

“What do we do? Should we continue that way?”

“Could this… could this be a losing battle?”

Despite the force’s casualties being under 10,000, a significant contingent of 80,000 remained.

Yet, observing the one-sided damage inflicted by the unexpected counterattack, the Sakiel Knights gradually grew uneasy.

They had never anticipated such fierce resistance from the Hangurian forces.

The Black Legion was merely a name in the past, but now they seemed like formidable opponents, unlike the rural farmers who knelt and begged for mercy.

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