Chapter 94: The master of disguise

“Not long ago, I sent you to subjugate the wulin, and its actual purpose was for Yuan Chengzhi, so it was enough to let each sect accept the imperial court’s imperial edict. During this time, I thought about this matter carefully. After all, this kind of subjugation is superficial, and each sect will inevitably stand against me.” Kangxi frowned as he spoke.

“May I know what the Emperor’s plan is?” After being with Wei Xiaobao for a long time, Song Qingshu’s ability to observe words and expressions had become very good, and he quickly asked in cooperation.

Emperor Kangxi replied, “For many years, I have been deeply aware of the lack of skilled guards in front of the royal family, so I will take this opportunity to let the heads of each faction send their prized members to the capital to expand the guard team in the Forbidden City. Song Qingshu, you are familiar with each faction. So, this time I will send you to various sects to recruit their disciples.”

Song Qingshu screamed inside, ‘Recruiting guards for the capital is saying it nicely, but to put it more truthfully, these people are all hostages!’

“This official has received his decree!” Song Qingshu immediately understood the essence of his mission. When he went to each sect, he had to make sure that all the people they sent to the capital were the most beloved sons of the sect masters. If there were no children, they had to send the second-generation, or the chief disciples to the capital.

“How many people are you planning to bring on this trip?” Emperor Kangxi asked.

“Just this offitial is enough.” Song Qingshu thought to himself that he finally had the opportunity to be alone with Xia Qingqing. It would cause nothing but trouble if he took Duo Long or Zhang Kangnian and others. They had seen the appearance of Miss Youyou at the Spring Beauty Pavillion. If they traveled together, and it was difficult to guarantee that she would not be recognized, so how could Song Qingshu agree to bring people along?

Emperor Kangxi frowned, “It is impossible to guarantee that there will be no rebel dogs jumping over the wall during this mission. Master Song alone will be too weak to handle them.”

“Replying to the Emperor, those sects have already expressed their submission to the imperial court. Even if they have dissent, they must be in the minority. With the martial arts of this official, it is not difficult to deal with it.” Song Qingshu replied.

“Master Dongfang, what do you think?” Emperor Kangxi turned to look at Dongfang Bubai and asked.

Dongfang Bubai glanced at Song Qingshu and replied, “There are no major schools in the Qing Dynasty. With Song Qingshu’s martial arts, it is more than enough to deal with those second- and third-rate schools.”

Only then did Emperor Kangxi relent and said, “Okay, Master Song, I will make you a special envoy of the imperial court and give you a Yellow Cloth. If necessary, you can mobilize the local officials to assist you, and you have the right to execute first and then file a report.”

After leaving the imperial study, Dongfang Bubai looked at Song Qingshu suspiciously, “You aren’t planning to elope with Concubine Mi, right?”

Song Qingshu’s face froze, “Sect Leader Dongfang is joking, and this one wouldn’t dare even if I had ten times the courage.”

“You dare to do a lot of things. Be careful though… or, I don’t want to be sent to hunt you down in person one day.” After Dongfang Bubai finished saying his piece, he left.

Thinking of that terrifying scene, Song Qingshu subconsciously shook his head and hurriedly walked to his residence.

Pushing open the door, he saw the quilts on the bed neatly folded and the beautiful lady missing. Song Qingshu suddenly felt lost, and stood at the door in a daze.

“Are you looking for me?” A soft female voice came from behind.

Song Qingshu turned his head back in surprise, and saw Xia Qingqing lying on the wall, holding up her head in one hand and twilight silk in the other, with a faint smile at the corner of her mouth, looking at him.

At this time, the sun was rising, and strands of golden light were scattered on Xia Qingqing’s dress, and a beautiful halo suddenly appeared. Song Qingshu stared at it for a while, and murmured, “I’m looking for a Lazy Little Pig, has this fairy sister seen it?”

Xia Qingqing thought back to when she woke up, the room was already empty, her pretty face turned slightly red, she rolled over and jumped down, then snorted, “Did you usually use these sweet words to deceive little girls?”

“Many women say that my mouth is very sweet, do you want to try it, little lady?” Seeing that the other party was about to flare up, Song Qingshu quickly changed his tone, “Madame was wearing night clothes yesterday, where did you get such a beautiful dress today?”

“Don’t care about these details,” Xia Qingqing waved. “After waking up in the morning, I was worried that someone would come to your room, so I hid outside.”

“Madame worries so much for the sake of this lowly one, this lowly servant can’t wait to show his love to you…” Noticing Xia Qingqing’s expression, Song Qingshu did not dare to say another word.

“Humph, you’re always so rude,” Xia Qingqing sighed, “Although you took some advantages last night, but I’m a widow, and I can’t stay here for a long time. After nightfall tonight, I’ll leave the palace. Even if I meet Dongfang Bubai, it’s not a big deal if I die, anyway, if Brother Yuan is dead, I also don’t want to live anymore.”

“You keep talking about other men in front of me, don’t you know I’ll be sad?” Song Qingshu looked hurt, “Think of it as I’m afraid of you, so I’ll take you out later.”

Before Xia Qingqing could get angry, she heard his next sentence and asked in surprise, “Really?”

“Although I’m also looking forward to living with a beauty, the Emperor won’t let me enjoy my life.” Song Qingshu told her about his mission out of the Capital one by one.

“Humph! Being a dog of the Qing court is still very enjoyable.” Xia Qingqing turned around angrily.

“The reason for this, I’m sorry that I can’t tell you now, but please believe me, I am really not what I seem to be.” Song Qingshu quickly changed his words.

Xia Qingqing remained silent for a while, then said with a smile, “Well, after so many contacts, although Young Master Song often… sounds fickle, I believe you are a good person.”

“Stop, stop! This woman, don’t send a good person card indiscriminately,” Song Qingshu said gloomily, “Let’s not talk about those things. First, you have to change your face before going out, otherwise if I take such a fairy-like woman out of the palace, trouble will come immediately. Dongfang Bubai and the guards guarding the gate will not let us go.”

Hearing his admiration for her appearance, Xia Qingqing pursed her lips and smiled, “A disguise, I’m good at that.” Before this she disguised herself as a man to win the heart of He Tieshou, the leader of the Five Poisons Cult. It was one of the proudest things in her life.

“You too?” Song Qingshu looked at her in astonishment.

“Of course!” Xia Qingqing raised her chin proudly, pushed him out the door, closed the doors and windows, and then her voice came out, “Don’t peek!”

Song Qingshu smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t worry, I will look at you honestly and openly when I see you next time. This Song can’t do something like peeping.”

After a stick of incense, the door opened, and a handsome young man appeared in front of Song Qingshu. He slowly turned around and smiled proudly: “How  is it?”

“What the hell is this!” Song Qingshu sighed and said speechlessly: “Is this what you mean by disguise? Tie up your hair, wrap your chest, and change into men’s clothes to disguise?”

“Is there any problem with this?” Xia Qingqing looked down at herself and asked suspiciously, “When I was active in the wulin in the past, few people could see through it.”

“That means you ancient people are stupid!” Song Qingshu looked indignant, “This young master will not bet his life on such an illogical plot from the original story. Wait a moment, this brother will show you what is a real disguise technique.”

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  1. This novel what I’ve been searching for. MC have to struggle for survival without so much plot armor and cheat. More importatly, I like wuxia style more and xianxia, because it is more rational in human sense. And the girls are quite good. They have reason to hate or love mc.

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