Gathering funds for a Laptop

As many of you already know, my beloved work pc has been out of commission for the last few months. It wasn’t a gaming PC, I used it to write, translate and do some digital painting.

It was my one companion which kept me sane through the long isolation of 2021. Sadly, it’s gone now. I tried to repair it, but it stopped working after a few days. I’m still trying to make it work.

I’m a student. I have a part time job. Most of what I earn goes into my studies. I have to buy a lot of books and books aren’t cheap.

I read webnovels as a form of rest from all the complex theories I have to grind while studying. Then I thought, why not make that which I enjoy into something productive. And, thus Goblinslate was born. I enjoy translating the stories I like with the people who might enjoy it.

I got side tracked. Long story short, I need to get myself a Laptop which will allow me to translate wherever and whenever I get the time. This will have direct impact on the release speed of the chapters.

So, I have set it as my goal to gather $300 and get a decent laptop which will allow me to do a better job on Goblinslate.

There might be some issues with the release and format until I achieve that goal. So, I request your understanding and support during this time!

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