New and Improved Patreon Membership

After much thought, I will be bringing some major changes to my Patreon Membership Levels. Don’t worry it won’t have any negative effects on the existing Patrons. In fact, there’ll be positive effects.

There’ll be Three Levels for FSM from now on:
Level 1: $5 – 1 chapter ahead
Level 2: $10 – 2 chapters ahead (previously 1 chapter)
Level 3: $15 – 3 chapters ahead (previously 2 chapters)

To sum up, there’ll be two changes:

  1. A new $5 level.
  2. Previous $10 and $15 Patrons will be getting one more chapter added into their levels.

In simple words, I am lowering the prices of chapters.

These changes will be effective immediately.

Please consider becoming a Patron to support the translation. Any amount would help a lot.

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