Chapter 07: Princess Shaomin

Zhou Zhiruo quietly sighed, “Brother Wuji, I am now Mrs. Song. If you really love me, as long as you promise to marry me, I will leave my current husband even if I have to face the ridicule of the world. Once we are married. On the night of our bridal chamber, you…you can do what your heart desires.” After saying this, Zhou Zhiruo’s face turned red hot.

Zhang Wuji’s mind was agitated, and he stood up and thought about the pink future, “Zhiruo, I will definitely marry you!”

Zhou Zhiruo subconsciously took a step back, clutching her collar, and said, “I said that after getting married, you can do what you want…but not now, I am still Mrs. Song, and I hope Master Zhang will respect me until then.”

“Yes, yes, I was abrupt.” Zhang Wuji hurriedly nodded.

“Brother Wuji, are you really willing to marry me?” Zhou Zhiruo was pleased and shyly asked again.

“Of course! I am willing to marry you.” Zhang Wuji walked to her and looked at her affectionately.

Zhou Zhiruo softly sighed, “Brother Wuji…” At this sweet moment, both of them subconsciously avoided mentioning Zhao Min.

The two stayed quiet for a while, when Zhou Zhiruo suddenly saw Song Qingshu lying on the opposite bed, thinking that she was now Mrs. Song, she felt a pain in her heart, and faintly sighed, “I’m sorry Qingshu.”

Zhang Wuji comforted her, “Zhiruo, we were originally a couple. You have never loved him, so why should you feel sorry for him.”

“But we can’t always hide like this.” Zhou Zhiruo rolled her eyes and looked at Song Qingshu’s face, her eyes turning cold, “Or I will kill him, you go back and kill Zhao Min, so no one can hinder us from meeting each other from now on.”

“How can I do that?” Zhang Wuji was scoffed. Although he liked Zhou Zhiruo, it would be impossible for him to abandon Zhao Min.

“Brother Wuji, I deliberately tested you.” Zhou Zhiruo slyly smiled, “I am already very sorry for my husband. If I kill him, what is the difference between me and those bad women in history? If you really agreed just now. When the time comes, I don’t dare to associate with you anymore. You want to be Ximenqing, but I don’t want to be Pan Jinlian.”

After Zhang Wuji was stunned, he smiled and said, “My little Zhiruo is indeed the kindest…”


The next day the sun shone into the room, Song Qingshu woke up to find that the room was empty, and the bed opposite was also neat and tidy, leaving no traces at all. He breathed a long sigh of relief, wondering: “Could it be that it was just a dream last night?”

Suddenly Song Qingshu’s face sank. He noticed that the sheets on the opposite bed had been changed. Although the difference was not that noticeable, Song Qingshu clearly remembered that this was not the one from yesterday. Why would you change the sheets? Song Qingshu looked up at the sky, and muttered to the air: “If you are alive in the sky, you should know that it’s not as if your brother didn’t work hard, but it was your beloved wife, who actually rolled on the same bed with Zhang Wuji.”

How could Song Qingshu know that the bedsheet was wet with tea last night, and Zhou Zhiruo deliberately changed it to a clean one?

“Qingshu, are you awake?” Zhou Zhiruo walked in with a basin of hot water and saw Song Qingshu wake up, squeezed the towel dry, and handed it over.

Song Qingshu glanced at her with disgust, thinking that this woman had done something to feel guilty towards her husband last night, and now out of that guilt, she showed tenderness and consideration she never showed before.

“Why have the bed sheets changed?” Song Qingshu quietly took the towel and asked knowingly.

Zhou Zhiruo glanced behind her with a guilty conscience, then said: “It was accidentally soiled, so I changed it.”

“Oh~” Song Qingshu stopped asking, he didn’t dare to press too hard.

When Zhou Zhiruo went out to pour water, he didn’t know if it was a psychological suggestion or not. As Song Qingshu watched her walking around, her face seemed to have lost a young girl’s youthfulness, and a young woman’s charmingness appeared, and his heart was irritated for no reason.

“You unlucky ghost, brother, I will avenge you.” Now that it has happened, there’s no choice but to face it. Song Qingshu has never been an evader but considering that he can’t even beat a disciple of Zhou Zhiruo’s school, let alone Zhang Wuji, who is famous for martial arts. And, in the original book, what lied beneath Zhou Zhiruo’s gentle appearance was not a weak and kind heart. If something goes wrong, not only the grudge would not be reported but he will be killed instead.
While he was thinking, a burst of hearty laughter came in, “Brother Song is looking much better now, it seems that his injury is almost healed.”

Song Qingshu looked up and found that Zhang Wuji had walked straight in. The blood vessels in the corners of his eyes couldn’t help beating for a while, and he coldly said, “What are you here for?”

Everyone at the scene knew that Song Qingshu had a grudge against Zhang Wuji, and he was not surprised by Song Qingshu’s tone of voice. Zhang Wuji didn’t care about his attitude. Instead, he smiled graciously: “I heard that Brother Song was worrying about his meridians, so I came here to take a look. I hope to do my best.”

“Brother Wuji, it seems that some people doesn’t appreciate your good will.” At this time, a sweet and crisp female voice came over.

Song Qingshu was full of anger just now, and did not notice Zhang Wuji’s companion. Only now did he find out, the eyes of the woman that spoke just now were as clear as water, and her face shining like jade, faintly red and rosy, just like the first bloom of a flower, beautiful and gorgeous. It made people unconsciously feel a sense of inferiority; not daring to look at it.

It turned out that Zhao Min was angry because her sweetheart was being ridiculed by Song Qingshu’s words, and came up to retort for him. Song Qingshu gave Zhao Min a fierce look.

She was born with an aura of dignity because of her noble birth. People would feel respect when looking at her, but Song Qingshu was a traverser, coupled with the hostility towards Zhang Wuji in his heart, of course, he would feel no such things. He felt no pressure as he stared and withdrew his gaze only after he had finished looking. There was no need for a serious fight for now.

This Zhang Wuji really had all the blessings of God, having the hearts of two such beautiful women, but Song Qingshu was even angrier when he thought that this guy already had such a beautiful princess and he still came to provoke Zhou Zhiruo.

Zhao Min glanced at him, and felt as if her body had been seen through without clothes. She was very uncomfortable. She flashed behind Zhang Wuji and had a bad impression of Song Qingshu in her heart.

“Qingshu, yesterday I heard that you mentioned that the four great physicians in the world might be able to treat your meridians. I thought that Master Zhang had the true inheritance of Hu Qingniu, and I specially asked him to come over to see if it is possible to renew your meridians.” Zhou Zhiruo said. She didn’t even look at Zhang Wuji. Her words while mentioning his name were also extremely cold. Zhao Min and others thought that Zhou Zhiruo still harbored resentment towards Zhang Wuji in her heart, only Song Qingshu secretly sneered.

“Didn’t he say that there is no way to cure it last time?” Song Qingshu glanced at the two with disdain.

“Brother Song, there really was no way when I came last time. Later, I went back and searched through the medical books of the past. Then I found a method, maybe I could try it.” Zhang Wuji didn’t show the slightest anger, his demeanor made everyone think, “What a gentleman!”

“Huh?” Song Qingshu was a little moved. Since he was sure that this was Jin Yong’s martial arts world, he was a bit smug for a while. He was familiar with the plot, so many treasures and martial arts secrets in the world seemed easily available to him, but now his meridians were
crippled. He was weak, all of his plans were nothing but a dream. In today’s troubled times, if he couldn’t even go and find those treasures, then he won’t be able to practice using cheat methods. Now that he heard Zhang Wuji has a way to cure him. At that moment, Song Qingshu even felt that as long as he was cured, he could even forget about the affairs with Zhou Zhiruo. Anyway, the one who will suffer is that unlucky ghost, not him.

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