Chapter 06: Extreme anger

“Who!” Unlike Song Qingshu, Zhou Zhiruo was presently counted amongst the near first-class masters. She immediately sat up and stared at the back of the opponent, using the Nine Yin White Bone Claw, her hands were ready to attack.

“Zhiruo, it’s me.” The masked man turned around and pulled down his mask. It was the Ming Cult’s leader Zhang Wuji.

“I don’t know what Master Zhang intends to do by breaking into our bedroom in the middle of the night!” Although Zhou Zhiruo’s tone was cold, her force behind it slowly dissipated. She really didn’t need to take precautions against Zhang Wuji.

“Zhiruo, other people don’t know about you husband and wife, but I know the truth.” Zhang Wuji said softly while looking at the two sleeping in separate beds.

Seeing that he knew that she and Song Qingshu were not married, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t tell whether she was happy or angry for a while, so she coldly said: “Master Zhang doesn’t need to bother about the matter between us husband and wife.”

Zhang Wuji slowly walked over and bitterly smiled: “Zhiruo, I know you must be angry with me for not coming to see you for so many days, but after the first battle with Sandu, I’ve faced some troubles, and I’ve been sorting things out these days. The true spirit is…”

“Oh? How are you doing now…” Zhou Zhiruo raised her eyebrows and didn’t wait for him to answer, she anxiously grabbed his wrist to test his pulse.

“Barely okay now, The Holy Flame Tablets and the Heaven and Earth Great Shift are indeed strange martial arts from the Western Regions. If one is not careful, it is easy to get into trouble.” In front of Zhou Zhiruo, Zhang Wuji did not have the slightest bit of distrust and let her check his meridians.

“It’s no wonder that your breath is much weaker now.” Zhou Zhiruo felt that Zhang Wuji was a little different from before, but she thought it was a side effect of the Seven Injuries Fist, so she didn’t take it too seriously.

“Zhiruo, you still care about me as much as you did when you were young.” Zhang Wuji was moved and held her hands affectionately.

Thinking of the time when they first met on the bank of the Han river, Zhou Zhiruo also seemed to be in a daze. When she looked up, she saw Zhang Wuji looking at her with his eyes full of affection.

They never expected that Song Qingshu, who was supposed to be unconscious, was coldly watching all this. It turned out that after he was tapped, the few True Qi left on him by the Nameless Monk reacted and made him come out from the lethargic condition. After all, It was just a bit of residual True Qi the Nameless Monk left behind in his meridians, and it was only enough to wake him up. Zhang Wuji was one of the great masters in the world. Would it the that easy to unlock all the acupuncture points sealed by him?

Song Qingshu was now conscious, but completely unable to move.

Looking affectionately at Zhou Zhiruo, Zhang Wuji couldn’t help but lower his head for to take her lips.

Seeing Zhang Wuji’s face getting closer and closer to her, Zhou Zhiruo’s heart started beating rapidly. At this moment, she knew that her unforgettable love for Zhang Wuji might not be forgotten in this life.

Suddenly thinking that she had become someone else’s wife, Zhou Zhiruo felt a violent pain in her heart. She turned her head aside, pushed Wuji’s chest, taking the opportunity to move back three steps. Tears glittering in her eyes, she angrily looked ahead and said: “You already have your princess, and I am married as someone’s wife. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” Zhang Wuji shook his head in pain, “I really love you so much, I can’t bear to go on separate roads from this day and become strangers with you.”

Hearing Zhang Wuji saying that he loved her, Zhou Zhiruo’s heart skipped a beat and she bit her lips: “What about Zhao Min?”

“I love her too!”

Song Qingshu didn’t expect that Zhang Wuji, who has always been emotionally indecisive, to be so straightforward this time. Zhou Zhiruo also sneered and said, “Then what have you come to me for!”

Zhang Wuji tore off his garb, revealing the scar on his chest that was left by the Heavenly Sword: “Zhiruo, your figure, like the Heavenly Sword, is always engraved on my heart. My heart beats for you, it hasn’t changed. When I heard the news that you and Song…Senior Brother Song were married, I wanted to die.”

Seeing the faint scar on his chest, Zhou Zhiruo recalled the feeling of heartbreak on the top of Guangming when she stabbed the sword. For a while, she was full of emotions and sighed quietly, “Then why didn’t you come to claim your love? You knew. You knew that I used marriage as a bet with Qingshu. I bet you would come to claim your love, but I lost.” After speaking, she smiled sadly.

“I was so stupid at the time, thinking that Brother Song loves you so much, you will be very happy after you get married.” Zhang Wuji reached out and wanted to hug Zhou Zhiruo in his arms, but when she subconsciously stepped back, he could not help but speak in distress, “After you got married, It cut my heart like a knife every day, only then I realized that I can’t let you go, I can’t let go of our love.”

Zhang Wuji had never confided his heart in front of her like today. Zhou Zhiruo thought about it for a moment. She was delighted, but again thought of her current identity, and couldn’t help but bitterly say: “What’s the use of saying this now, I am already Mrs. Song.”

“That name doesn’t matter at all!” Zhang Wuji angrily said, “In my heart, you will always be the kind and pure girl by the Han River.” He stretched out his hand to brush the tears on her cheek, but Zhou Zhiruo took another step back.

Zhang Wuji continued to move forward. Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes were blurred for a moment, she bit her teeth and took a step back resolutely. As her mind was confused, she didn’t notice her feet, and she stumbled on something. She lost her balance and fell on the bed behind her.

“Be careful!” Zhang Wuji whispered and quickly rushed over to hold her, but Zhou Zhiruo subconsciously blocked him, and the two lost their balance together and fell onto the bed.

Because the table in the room was blocking the view, Song Qingshu didn’t know what happened just now. He only saw Zhou Zhiruo falling onto the bed as if she had accepted the development and lie down on the pillow. Zhang Wuji immediately pressed above her. Due to extreme anger, a mouthful of blood poured up his throat. As he just recovered from a serious injury, he couldn’t endure it and suddenly fainted.

The two fell on the bed and looked at each other, and a silent ambiguity spread.

Seeing Zhang Wuji’s hand slowly approaching the ribbon on her waist, Zhou Zhiruo suddenly became sober, she suddenly blocked him with her hand and sat up, hesitated, and said, “No, Qingshu…” She wanted to look at the one lying on the other bed, her husband. But was blocked by Zhang Wuji, unable to see him at all.

“Don’t worry, I sealed the acupuncture points of his whole body, he won’t know.” Zhang Wuji was confident in his skill and didn’t mean to look back at all. He didn’t know that the behavior of the two had fallen into Song Qingshu’s eyes.

After hearing Zhang Wuji’s words, Zhou Zhiruo’s mind went into a daze. When she saw Zhang Wuji put her hand aside, grab the bow of her belt, and was about to pull it gently, Zhou Zhiruo suddenly recovered and jumped out of the bed.

Grabbing the teacup on the table, a splash of water was poured directly on Zhang Wuji’s face. Zhou Zhiruo glanced back at her husband who was unconscious on the bed, and bit her silvery teeth: “Zhang Wuji, I hope you will respect yourself.”

Zhang Wuji was startled, the tea slipped from his cheek, dripping onto the bedding, looking at Zhou Zhiruo in embarrassment.

“Why didn’t you dodge?” Zhou Zhiruo felt it was too much when she turned around to see his embarrassed appearance and softly asked.

“I have offended you. This cup of tea is well deserved.” Zhang Wuji wiped the tea leaves off his face and bitterly smiled.

Goblin: Do you hate Zhou Zhirou? But, remember she protected her purity as well. So no ntr here. I assure you that you will love her later~

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    1. i hope mc ntred this mf back since he tried to steal mc’s girl first or else i would drop this sh11t
      an eye for an eye right……

  1. I really don’t like where this is going so far. A crippled MC that’s one step away from being cucked. I know it’ll change but this is a rough beginning.

    1. Keep reading… it’ll never happen. Remember it’s just a star of the novel. Our protagonist is ultra alpha. No one steals from him, it is he who does all the stealing.

  2. Humanity's Strife

    I don’t hate Wuji… But Zhou Zhirou… I don’t completely hate her, but if she did marry someone, she should forget Wuji, or atleast divorce Song Qingshu so I dislike her a bit. I read up on her circumstances on wiki and even if the marriage was to lure Wuji… Wait, this is becoming a rant… Anyway, tho I don’t hate her but I don’t think I can like her character as anything more than a harem member of our MC
    Also, can Goblin-sama please tell which 14 books of Jin Yong are used in this novel?

    1. There is an aspect of the immortal cultivation here. But it’s still in an embryonic form. Most people here are martial artists, with a few cultivators who were lucky enough to get their hands on a cultivation manual.

  3. Oh,you can actually feel powerlessness of mc at this situation…let’s hope he would soon have a counterattack ready

  4. She is an unfaithful woman.( only plot armor is stopping her from adultery) . Facts.. You can’t let any man take advantage of you after your marriage be it you love him or not.. There is a reason it’s called marriage
    No shit… I broke up with one of my ex for finding she was talking to a friend about how , I was her not first choice.. ( red flag ) dude when a woman puts a man in a situation where he can take advantage of her.. It’s not that man’s fault but it’s that women’s fault. And there is no such thing as daze,, she internationally find an excuse for the deed. Later I found out how she cheated on me with that man who was her first choice… And I couldn’t believe it ,,, she was so pure and religious girl but inside , she was a girl as same as every other girls.. After I researched some red flags and about putting on boundaries. Not tolerating someone breaking my bottom line… Etc last things last.. She’s not yours.. It’s your turns to ride ( a true line) it’s pure fantasy and that pure girl exists only in fantasy

  5. This is frustrating! Leaving aside the fact that his wife doesn’t love him, a man can’t go after another man’s wife like this. The different values don’t matter here, the way that bastard is after a married woman who he abandoned and tries to have two women like that is unforgivable. This goes against the good ways to have a harem!

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