Chapter 05: Midnight visitor

Song Qingshu suddenly became a little desperate. The Sweeping Monk was almost a god-like existence in Jin Yong’s book. If he said that he couldn’t save him. It was really hopeless.

Seeing that Song Qingshu had almost despaired, the Sweeping Monk silently chanted the Buddha’s name and slowly said: “Martial arts is something outside of the body, so why should the Young Hero be so persistent. Today, martial arts are performed and many murders are committed. Although there are occasional chivalrous people who have saved one or two people’s lives, how can it be compared with Buddhism in saving sentient beings? Why not study Buddhism…”

The voice of the Sweeping Monk seemed to have a calming effect. Song Qingshu slowly calmed down, but when he heard the other party persuading him to convert to Buddhism, he was quite disapproving and quickly refused: “This junior gratefully accept Master’s kindness, but this junior still has too much in his heart. Many suspicions need to be confirmed one by one, and it is really impossible to escape into the spiritual world.”

“Well, if you are unwilling, I won’t force you.” Holy Monk shook his head, but he suddenly stretched out his fingers and poked a few places on Song Qingshu’s body. Song Qingshu only felt a few warm currents spreading inside his body, and after doing this Holy Monk had already turned and left. His voice came from afar, “Old Monk protected the Young Hero’s meridians with true qi so that it will not shrink for the time being. Currently, I am afraid there are only four great doctors left, and maybe they have ways to deal with the Young Hero’s injury…”


“Four genius doctors?” Hearing Song Qingshu’s question, Zhou Zhiruo wrinkled her delicate eyebrows and thought about it carefully. There was the genius doctor Xue of Zhoucheng, and, there was also the legendary Poison King.

Seeing her husband’s expectant eyes, Zhou Zhiruo felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. So she advised, “Qingshu, Zhang Wuji has obtained the true inheritance of Hu Qingniu. It can be said that he is an expert, and even he was helpless. The other Genius Doctor’s medical skills are equal to Hu Qingniu. I don’t think they can be of much help…”

Song Qingshu thought she wanted to stay here and wait for Zhang Wuji, and didn’t want to accompany him. He felt upset, and cried out, “Don’t mention that person!”
But, he regretted it as soon as he finished speaking.

Zhou Zhiruo didn’t expect him to react this way, but she knew very well that Song Qingshu had always hated Zhang Wuji because of her sake. Thinking that he had always had a deep affection for her. Zhou Zhirou’s heart softened and she persuaded him softly, “Qingshu, there is nothing wrong with not having martial arts. It’s not that important. Let’s go back to Emei together, and don’t care about the grievances in the outside world. Then, there won’t be any difference between having or not having martial arts. Isn’t that good enough?”

He had never seen Zhou Zhiruo so tender and soft-spoken. Song Qingshu looked at her bright and moving eyes, and felt a little silly for a while.

Seeing that he was staring at her in a daze, even if the two were already husband and wife in name, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help being a little bit shy, and gave him an angry look: “Haven’t you seen enough for so long!”

“I haven’t seen enough for a lifetime…” Song Qingshu replied subconsciously, he suddenly wondered how much her attitude had changed, and looked at her with uncertainty: “Are you really willing to go back to Emei with me?”

“You are my husband, why won’t I go back to Emei with you?” Zhou Zhiruo said softly, but she couldn’t hide a trace of loneliness deep in the corner of her eyes. Zhang Wuji took the initiative to embrace her that night. Although Zhou Zhiruo refused, there was still a trace of joy in her heart.

She knew that Zhang Wuji always had a strong affection for her. It’s a pity that after so many days, she didn’t see what Zhang Wuji thought about her. When she thought that he might still be thinking about the princess more than her. She was disappointed, and determined that Zhang Wuji was not as good as Song Qingshu. He wasn’t able to do one-tenth of what Song Qingshu had done for her. She was a little frustrated that Song Qingshu had become a cripple. But Zhou Zhiruo just wanted to return to Emei as soon as possible to spend the rest of her life with him.

Song Qingshu was overjoyed and couldn’t help holding Zhou Zhiruo in his arms, thinking about this troubled times and martial arts. It would be worthwhile to have such a stunning beauty with him.

Zhou Zhiruo was hugged in his arms without any warning, and her body couldn’t help but become stiff, but thinking that he was, after all her husband, her body slowly softened.

There was a fragrant body in his arms, and the exquisite curve quickly made Song Qingshu feel enthusiastic, and he lowered his head and took her lips.

Zhou Zhiruo wanted to dodge subconsciously, but suddenly remembered everything he had done for her, and felt a little dazed for a while.

Song Qingshu was not the same idiot who could only argue about emotions like before. Taking advantage of Zhou Zhiruo’s hesitation, he successfully took her little cherry lips.

Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes widened suddenly, and Song Qingshu took the opportunity to knock her teeth open when she was shocked, and savor the taste of her sweet little tongue.

Her breath had the aroma of orchids, her lips and teeth were sweet, at this moment Song Qingshu felt that his whole body experienced bliss. After the initial astonishment, Zhou Zhiruo closed her eyes as if surrendering to her fate, but her heart became a mess.

Even if it was that brief hug with Zhang Wuji before, Zhou Zhiruo’s heart beat so fast. But now, when she was kissing Song Qingshu, Zhou Zhiruo felt no special feelings. She just passively allowed him to do things. Only the girl’s instinct is in her heart made her feel shyness and endless hesitation.

Song Qingshu didn’t know the thoughts in her heart. At this moment, he felt so happy. He wrapped her slender waist with one hand, and instinctively reached into her dress with the other hand, sneaking into the softness of her full mounds.

“Pop!” Feeling the coldness at her twin peaks, Zhou Zhiruo suddenly reacted. She subconsciously slapped his hand away and broke free from Song Qingshu’s embrace. She turned around and looked at him with a wave of slight anger on her face.

Song Qingshu secretly screamed that this was bad, and he subconsciously used one of those modern flirting touch methods. How could he know that the other party is still a chaste girl from ancient times, how can she stand this kind of behavior? But being slapped in the face by a woman, although not that hard, he still felt a little bit awkward. He felt embarrassed for a while.

Seeing the faint red mark on his face, Zhou Zhiruo thought that he was her husband after all, and felt a little apologetic, so she explained: “Now this is a quiet place in Shaolin, and in broad daylight. You are embarrassing your family.”

Song Qingshu was overjoyed at what she said, “Could it be that somewhere else, I can treat you like this at night?”

Of course, he didn’t dare to say this out loud, so he said, “Now my injury is almost healed, when will we return to Emei?” He just wants to leave here as soon as possible, and stay as far away from Zhang Wuji as possible. Only then can he be at ease, plus with this legal husband and wife identity, won’t he truly get her sooner or later?

“It’s too late today, let’s take a rest and set off tomorrow morning.” After Zhou Zhiruo finished speaking, she ran out, touching her hot face.

Song Qingshu stayed in the room thinking about the wonderful feeling just now, sitting on the bed and giggling, thinking that God was really good to him. Not only did he make him a human again, but he also gave him such a beautiful fairy for nothing. Let’s wake up! Does it really matter if he won’t be able to practice martial arts in this life?

When it got dark, Zhou Zhiruo returned to the house. After all, to outsiders, they were husband and wife, and they must sleep in a room. After helping Song Qingshu to lie down, Zhou Zhiruo lay down on another opposite bed.

Song Qingshu kept drooling after staring at the graceful curves of Zhou Zhiruo on the opposite bed. It was a pity that such a peerless beauty was placed in front of him, but he could only see and couldn’t eat.

Slowly, his sleepiness surged, and at the moment Song Qingshu closed his eyes, a masked figure came in from the window and quickly tapped a few major acupuncture points all over his body.

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  1. Humanity's Strife

    If it was Ah Zu (Keyboard Immortal), He would actually said it out loud, “Could it that somewhere else, I can treat you like this at night?” lol

  2. It’s really unpleasant to see him act like this. He has not changed from his behaviour of his past life and learned nothing from that woman’s rejection.
    After what he has experienced, you would expect he would harbour negative feelings for women and try to possess only women he can control.
    But he’s still trying to manipulate women who are superior to him, whether in status or power. And he’s still so ignorant regarding women, yet thinks he’s capable.
    It’s painful to watch him try to be smart with a woman who obviously doesn’t have him in her heart. The harder he tries, the more pitiful he looks.
    When she’s cold to him, he convinces himself that she’s a black hearted woman and he need to let her go.
    When she’s gentle with him, he years for her body and affection, finding her excuses.

    1. Translator said this novel has a lot of character development, and it is the authors first novel so it will improve a lot. So it will only get better with time. I agree so far, I don’t like him xD

  3. Welp yeah me too man hays and here i thought the fucking schemer will became his sword here bahh like a 18 year old teenager in his first date!!

    1. Yes… it’s cringe. But there’s something called character development, which this novel has a lot of. And, keep in mind that this was the first few chapters of the first novel the author ever wrote, so as the story progresses: the author gets better, the writing gets better, the plot gets better and the characters gets better.
      Thanks for reading!

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