Chapter 1: Fall of the Villainess I (part 2)

In his original world, Kim Jin lived a life that was barely manageable as part-timer, failing to find a job every time. 

For him, Bahamut Fernandez was a pitiful character. From the moment he first appeared until his eventual death, Bahamut Fernandez only received the readers ire. 

But suddenly becoming Bahamut who was born with a golden spoon as the heir to a wealthy merchant family was literally a pie from the sky.

In addition, although it wasn’t very helpful in his previous world, Kim Jin had majored in business investment, and even if there were some changes, he knew the overall contents of the novel, so the current situation couldn’t be better for Bahamut.

‘As a bonus, I also got Isolda’s property. Since it happened like that, it wouldn’t be bad to become a real colossus in this world. I have to do that in order not to be swept away by things that will happen five years from now…’

It was at that moment when Bahamut was lost in such thoughts.

“Unhand me! How dare you touch me with your filthy hands!”


The next moment, Bahamut’s eyes spotted Isolda being dragged away by the soldiers.

She had lost all her possessions and was now bound to go to prison.

The moment he saw her, a thought suddenly popped into Bahamut’s head.

‘No. Wait… come to think of it… isn’t this a rather interesting situation?’

‘The death flag is now gone anyway…’

While thinking so, Bahamut approached the soldiers.

“Hey, wait a minute, please stop.”

“Ah. Yes, Lord Bahamut. What do you require?”

At the words of Bahamut, the owner of the Beden Merchant Company, which controlled the commercial power of the city of Schwyz, the soldiers immediately stopped in place.

“All of this woman’s property was confiscated. So it seems that she will be sold as a sl*ave. Why don’t you sell h*er to me? I will pay you generously.”

“Ah… you want to buy h*er?”

“If it is Lord Bahamut’s will, then so be it. We will let our superiors know.”

With those words, the soldiers accepted Bahamut’s money and handed Isolda over to him.

After the soldiers left, Isolda still looked at Bahamut with hateful eyes and said,

“What are you doing? Do you think I’ll ever forgive you for doing this?”

“No, there is no need for you to forgive me. I didn’t ask you to forgive me anyway.”

“That… what do you mean?”

“Heh heh. That’s what you’ll find out soon.”

At Bahamut’s words, Isolda began to feel an ominous premonition.

Looking at her acting like that, a gloomy smile slowly began to form on Bahamut’s lips. 

Anyway, this woman was a villainess who didn’t deserve any sympathy. The crime she committed against the main character was only the starting point. Countless people died as a consequence of her actions. Even so, this woman didn’t admit her fault until the moment she died, and she died causing only more pain to the person who had loved her.

She was literally an irredeemable garbage!

On the other hand, he just saved the lives of countless people by preventing the previous protagonist from falling into darkness. In other words, this woman was a villainess who would bring suffering to the world and he was a good man who prevented it.

Such was the situation, so Bahamut concluded that there was no need to feel guilty no matter what he did to this woman, and based on that, he immediately took action.

‘There is no need to show mercy to a wicked woman like this. Things like human rights? Go spout that bullsh*t somewhere else. The correct answer is to make the wicked lick the floor like a dog!’

With such thoughts in mind, Bahamut decided to use this opportunity to exact some of his personal desires that he had been longing for.

He had never been able to do that with his body as Kim Jin. But nothing prevented him to act upon some of his darkest desires.


A dark basement.

There was no other furniture to be seen except for the shabby bed on one side.

“Bahamut! You son of a bi*ch! Do you know what you’re doing? Do you think you’ll be okay after doing this to me?”

Isolda shouted with a voice full of rage while being chained in the basement.

Looking at her acting like that, Bahamut slowly shook his head with a puzzled look on his face.

“I mean, I knew from the beginning that you were a bi*ch with no conscience, but… I never thought you’d be blind to this extent.”

With those words, Bahamut slowly approached Isolda, who was giving him a hateful look.




The next moment, Bahamut swung his palm and slapped Isolda on the cheek.

Isolda’s expression soon turned into one of astonishment at his actions.

“When… when… huh? Yes… you… how dare you… me…”

Just a few days ago, Bahamut was a weak and foolish man who couldn’t even speak in front of her.

Although she became his fiancé aiming for his wealth, he was a pitiful human being who thought she was not at all suitable as her husband. Then, at a crucial moment today, he stabbed her back with a dagger and

instantly destroyed everything that belonged to her, and now he was even slapping her on the cheek like this.

From Isolda’s point of view, even though she was experiencing it directly, she was still finding it difficult to distinguish whether this was reality or simply a bad nightmare.

Bahamut slowly nodded as he looked at Isolda, who was making a shocked expression while looking at him.

“Looks like you’ve calmed down a bit now. Now then…”

Then, with a sullen smile on his lips, Bahamut drew closer to Isolda.


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Fall of the Villainess I (part 2)”

  1. This story seems really interesting! I hope their is some sort of romance or relationship building and not just smut. Thank you for the translation.

  2. Kek… Bro is cringe for trying to justify his actions. If he wants to do reprehensible things, he should take full responsibility for his actions instead of using some “moral” nonsense to justify his actions. I don’t believe in the concept of Good or Evil, as all actions are ultimately motivated by selfish interests. There’s nothing I despise more than someone refusing to take accountability for their actions and using moral or ethical claims to support their actions. If you wish to kill, or ra*pe, or maim… You should be conscious of your decisions and willing to live with the consequences instead of trying to cop out and ignore the responsibility you shoulder when you do something.

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