Chapter 2: Fall of the Villainess II (part 1)

“Hey.. what are you doing… ahh!”

The next moment, Bahamut stretched out his hand and grabbed Isolda’s perky mounds.

Immediately after that, he felt a soft feeling begin to wrap around his palm.

Bahamut began to feel a little excited as he felt the pleasant touch. It seemed unbelievable that this marvel belonged to a wicked woman with a bad temper.

“Ahn! Can’t you… stop… stop?”

Isolda desperately tried to resist Bahamut’s actions.

But due to the chains wrapped around her wrists, all she could do was twist around aimlessly.


“Stop… don’t do… this… if you keep doing this, I’ll really…!”

Ignoring Isolda’s words, Bahamut grabbed hold of her clothes.

The moment she understood the meaning behind that action, Isolda’s face began to turn pale.

“This…this basta*d… didn’t I tell you to stop this now?”

“What are you talking about? This is just the beginning.”

With those words, Bahamut began to tear apart Isolda’s clothes with force.

Apart from the fancy material, the durability of the dress was not that good, and the dress was torn quite easily. 

At the same time, Isolda’s white jade-like frame was exposed for eyes to behold.

Although she was a despicable villainess, her figure could be considered quite excellent! 

An endless amount of profanity came out of Isolda’s mouth, as Bahamut began to indulge in the ripe fruit before him to his heart’s content, not caring about her at all.

“You son of a bi*ch! I will kill you! I will definitely! I will kill you!”

“Shut up, you bi*ch!”

To be honest, it wasn’t a very good sight.

Although she was a despicable villainess, this was also a situation where he was acting against a powerless woman.

It was a scene that an ordinary person might find very disturbing.

However, Bahamut felt no such feelings … or to be more precise, the person named Kim Jin who was inside him felt that way.


People grow as they experience and learn various things.

There were scammers who devoured hundreds of billions of dollars, politicians who deceived people while only caring about their own interests, and criminals who made killing people their profession.

God instructed all humans to live kindly.

All of those people knew that what they were doing was not right.

But, knowing that all too well, they still committed crimes.

All for a momentary benefit.

They do it for a moment of fleeting pleasure. 

And, if trouble arises as a result of the crime they had committed, most people would choose to try and avoid it at all costs, rather than accepting their responsibility.

Reflection, apology, and tears.

There were various easy and convenient ways to go about it, and each time the world would show such people the so-called ‘mercy’.

It was very easy for them to avoid punishment.

And, despite trying to live as a good human… Kim Jin had to suffer throughout his life.

His father’s business was ruined by a swindler.

His mother died in a car accident.

And.. even his younger brother committed suicide because he was pessimistic about the reality of his family.

The once happy family fell apart only in an instant.

Even though he did nothing wrong, his life became a sea of misery.

However, it wasn’t the miserable reality that truly drove Kim Jin into despair.

There was another thing that broke his suffering heart to pieces.

It was… the fact that no one was properly punished for their crimes, even though his family was ruined like that.

The swindler who ruined his father’s business was released on probation by mobilizing his connections with lawyers and prosecutors.

The person who caused the death of his mother was not punished for the reason that he was a young man with a weak mind and body.

No one even paid attention to the story of his brother who died in despair at that reality.

And… while experiencing that unfair and unjust reality

One thought naturally settled in Kim Jin’s mind.

Repentance without punishment was just foolish nonsense!

After all, the wicked only wanted to avoid the repercussions of their crimes.

However, all that the wicked needed was a resolute punishment!

The only correct and just way to deal with the wicked was to exact terrible punishment that allowed them to feel the price of their crimes without any mercy.

That was the way a job seeker named Kim Jin looked at the world.

At the moment, he was Bahamut, a character in a novel.

In front of him was a wicked woman who deserved to be punished.

And, far from reflecting on her previous crimes, the woman was showing anger towards him.

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      1. English publisher on NU means having the license to translate it, which is what I think they’re getting at.

  1. Pffftttt… What is this cringe nonsense about punishing the wicked… Ra*ping a woman is a worse action than those taken by those who ruined his previous life. (lowkey I think ra*pe is worse than murder.) bro talked about ppl taking responsibility for their actions and then turns around and justifies ra*pe, because his victim is a “bad” person so she deserves it. Absolute poppycock

    1. That’s why the man is a villain. I don’t really consider him a protagonist. He’s obviously broken. But, I still choose to continue bcos, there’s character development. He will change quite a bit as the story progresses. And, I am a sucker for character development.

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