Chapter 10: Dinner with the Nurse II

“Did you see that? What else do we need to prove?” I knew that this was not the time to be dazed, otherwise Mei Xue’s kiss would be in vain, so I pretended to be calm, raised my brows, and looked at the stunned Gao Shuai.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, I directly hugged Mei Xue in my arms and prepared to kiss her tender lips.

“That’s enough!” When Gao Shuai saw that, he directly cried out. The expression on his face was a little hard to read, so I couldn’t understand what he was thinking. 

After a while, his face became a little gloomy.

“Since we were young…” He wanted to say something to Mei Xue, but when he saw my eyes, he quickly changed his words, “Mei Xue, since you have a boyfriend, I won’t bother you anymore. Goodbye…” 

After saying that, he still looked at Mei Xue reluctantly, and gave me a final glare, seemingly sending me a warning. Then he turned around and left.

Hmph…I wasn’t afraid of him. I had a Fox Demon to protect me, and now I had successfully completed my foundation building as well.

As soon as Gao Shuai left, Mei Xue quickly got out of my arms. 

Her face was so red that it made me I burst out in laughter, “What? Aren’t we lovers? Why are you feeling shy?” 

After saying that, I attempted to hug Mei Xue again. 

Of course, I was just joking, as seeing the shy expression of the cute girl, made me very happy.

Sure enough, when I made such a move, Mei Xue quickly dodged and spoke in a low voice akin to a mosquito, “Just now…just now, I just wanted to piss off Gao Shuai…”

“You mean, you kissed my face for nothing?” I pretended to be a little unhappy, “No, you are the first girl to kiss me, you can’t just deny it, you have to take responsibility!” 

In fact, I was telling her the truth. This was indeed the first time a girl had kissed my face. 

As for the kiss with Mei’er in the ward, it was at a different place, so that didn’t count.

“I…I…” My joke made this innocent little nurse speechless. 

Anyways, I didn’t want to leave a bad impression on her. It would be very tragic if she hated me because of just one joke.

“Okay, I was just kidding! Just look at how anxious you are, am I that bad?” The atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward. Although Mei Xue’s face was no longer red, she still looked shy, so I had to find something to say to lighten the atmosphere, “Who is that Gao Shuai? He seems to care about you very much.”

“He… ” Mei Xue hesitated, seeming to be thinking about something, and then said after a long time, “He is my junior high school classmate…”

“It’s that simple? Do you think I am a little kid?” 

Obviously, Mei Xue was hiding something, but the more she tried to hide it, the more I wanted to know. Sure enough, men were always attracted to the unknown.

“He is my suitor. He has been pursuing me since I was in the second grade of junior high school, and he has been pursuing me until now, but I don’t like him…” Mei Xue explained, and her face turned red again, causing me to lament that this girl was simply too shy.

“He has a pretty good appearance and a pretty good figure. Judging from the famous brand he was wearing, his family must have a lot of money. How could you not like him?” In fact, Gao Shuai’s appearance was actually not bad. 

After all, there was a reason his parents named him Gao Shuai.

Mei Xue sighed, “But I don’t have feelings for him. He is not my type. Also… while he is pursuing me, he is also flirting with other girls!”

So that handsome guy was indeed a rotten wood. I was feeling a little guilty at first, but now I felt much better.

“So you mean I’m your type?” I unconsciously teased her again, but I didn’t expect her to blush. 

‘Oh my god! There is still such an innocent and lovely girl in this day and age? It’s unscientific!’

“You’re talking nonsense again!” Mei Xue pretended to be a little angry, “Eat your rice noodles quickly, it’s already cold.”

“I’ve lost my appetite after your suitor made such a fuss. It’s better for you to eat…” I pretended to be unhappy and lowered my head, but my eyes were still squinting at Mei Xue.

Of course, a small fry like Gao Shuai wouldn’t be enough to make me lose my appetite. Ever since Mei’er helped me build my foundation, I felt that I didn’t have much craving for food. I mean, I was practically unconscious for three whole days and I didn’t feel hungry at all!

“Erm, I’m sorry, I didn’t know he would come here…” Mei Xue became a little anxious when she heard what I said. It seemed that I really shouldn’t be joking with her.

“Okay, eat quickly. In fact, I had already eaten before. After all, I didn’t eat anything after being in a coma for three days, so I felt very hungry when I woke up and I bought some snacks to fill my stomach. So please eat!” I said with a smile.

What I said was half true and half false, but Mei Xue believed me. She nodded, and began to eat the rice noodles.

Mei Xue ate very slowly, chewing a mouthful of rice noodles for a long time. Looking at her sultry little mouth, I almost drooled. Fortunately, I had learned to handle such minor temptations.

Half an hour later, Mei Xue couldn’t finish all the rice noodles in the end. She only ate half and was already full. 

I smiled helplessly and called the uncle in the store to pay the bill. I had to call him several times before he came over. It seemed that he was quite busy by himself.

“Uncle, is your business so good that you don’t even want to accept the money?” I joked to the busy and sweaty uncle and handed the money into his hand.

The uncle took the money and smiled sheepishly, “There is only one person in the store. I am too busy. I am neglecting myself. I am neglecting myself!” 

After saying that, he gave me some change. I originally wanted to give the uncle a generous tip. After all, it was not easy for the shop owner to maintain his business by himself, but thinking that I had not yet paid for the hospital fee, I decisively put the money in my pocket.

“By the way, is that young man just now a rival in love?” 

I was about to say goodbye to the uncle, but who knew he would ask such a question!

It seemed that he had seen what just happened, and his question had me stumped.

When I didn’t say anything, the uncle continued, “Young man, I think that girl is pretty good, so you should cherish her!” After that, he patted me on the shoulder and left when some other customer called him.

On the side, Mei Xue blushed again at the uncle’s words. 

I didn’t know what to say, so I could only laugh.

Originally, after dinner, I was going to find an excuse to go somewhere else to walk with Mei Xue, but who would have thought that a handsome guy would show up halfway, and who would have thought that Mei Xue, a girl, would eat so slowly!

But I still didn’t give up, so I suggested to Mei Xue that we go to a nearby children’s amusement park to spend some time. 

That’s right, a children’s amusement park! 

Any other place would really be beyond the reach of a loser like me, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken a girl to eat rice noodles.

But Mei Xue said that she still had to go to work, so I had to give up. 

When we arrived at the entrance of the hospital, Mei Xue and I separated. She went to change into her nurse uniform to go to work, and I went to pay the expenses for my physical examination and hospitalization.

“Hello, I’m a patient in ward 2013. I’m fine now. I’m here to settle the bill.” I said to an aunt inside through the window.

“The total is…” The aunt checked the document and said, “Are you from room 2013? A young lady has settled the fee for you, you can leave.”

“Someone has settled it? Aunt, can you describe her appearance?” 

I was very confused. I didn’t have any female friends, and I just met Mei Xue. 

‘Could it be her?’

But when I heard the aunt describe their feature, I was shocked. The woman turned out to be my class teacher, the tigress who went through early men*pause! 

‘I can’t believe this!’

I finally said goodbye to the aunt and prepared to leave the hospital. However, after walking a few steps, I heard the aunt behind me muttering, “This boy looks so young, but why is he working as a gigolo? What’s with society today? Ugh…how far we’ve come!” 

After hearing that, I almost tripped!

It seemed that having a good hearing was not necessarily a good thing!

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