Chapter 9: Dinner with the Nurse I

After what had happened just now, my whole body was not feeling comfortable at all, but thinking about having dinner with the cute nurse at noon made me feel much better. I hummed a young tune and looked forward to the romantic encounter at noon.

Time passed quickly, and not long after, the cute young nurse changed out of her work clothes and came to my ward. Sure enough, after putting on makeup, this girl looked absolutely gorgeous! 

It was obvious that this nurse had specially dressed up for the occasion. 

‘Could it be that she’s interested in me?’ After thinking about it, my mind started to wander towards some naughty thoughts.

“Sir, what are you giggling about?” The cute nurse looked at my lewd smile, which was far from being handsome, and asked doubtfully. 

I put on my shoes and looked at the young nurse with a smile that I thought was very charming, “Nothing, let’s go eat!” 

After saying that, I took the young nurse’s hand. When I pulled her like this, the young nurse was shocked, then her face turned red, and my heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up a bit. 

‘This girl is so attractive!’

“Sir, we shouldn’t…” The young nurse said as she pulled her hand back, but she still had a sunny smile on her face, at least that’s what I thought. 

“Don’t call me sir, it makes me sound old. My name is Xia Tian!” After saying that, I stretched out my hand again.

“My…my name is Mei Xue…” The young nurse was a bit shy, but she still shook my hand.

“Mei Xue, right? What a beautiful name!” I said with a smile. 

Who knew that Mei Xue would turn red again, as she said, “It’s not…”

Since Mei Xue still had to go to work, we found a nearby restaurant, ordered two portions of rice noodles, and started chatting. During our chat, I learned that we were both around the same age, and she was even a few months younger than me. 

No wonder she was so shy!

It didn’t take long for the boss to bring the rice noodles. The owner of the noodle shop was a middle-aged man in his thirties. He looked at me and smiled, “Young man, your girlfriend is quite beautiful!”

“Uncle, I’m not his…” Mei Xue wanted to deny it, but I spoke up first, “Thank you for the compliment, uncle!”

The boss smiled and went to greet other customers. As soon as the boss left, Mei Xue blushed and angrily complained, “Look, that uncle misunderstood!”

“When a pair of youngsters eat together, it’s inevitable that people would misunderstand. Talking too much will only add fuel to the fire.” I smiled and explained.

I didn’t know why, but I felt very happy seeing Mei Xue’s angry look. I found it quite cute.

“But…” Mei Xue wanted to say something, but I interrupted, “Stop, just eat quickly, the noodle is getting cold!” 

Mei Xue didn’t have the chance to say anything, so she just lowered her head and started eating.

“Why aren’t you eating? Didn’t you say that the noodle was getting cold?” Mei Xue asked suspiciously when she saw that I hadn’t moved my chopsticks yet. 

I smiled and pretended to sigh, “If I eat too fast, I won’t be able to look at you like this…”

“Hateful!” Mei Xue’s face turned red, then she raised her small fist and lightly hit me. 

Her twin mounds jiggled every time she moved, and it almost made me drool, ‘What a stunner!’

“Mei Xue!” 

As we were having fun, I suddenly heard someone calling Mei Xue’s name in the distance. I looked back and saw a handsome young man wearing a N*ke sportswear walking towards me. Although he had a smile on his face, the look he gave me was obviously somewhat unkind.

To be honest, I also wear N*ke and Ad*das clothes all the time, but they were just cheap imitations, far from the authentic ones the young man in front of me was wearing. He guy was the very picture of a generic Mr Perfect—a man who was tall, rich and handsome.

“Mei Xue, I went to find you and heard that you went out with someone else …” Mr Perfect came over with a smile on his face and sat directly next to Mei Xue.

‘This guy sure is rude!’ 

I really wanted to kick him to death…but that would be a tall order for a young loser like me. I would be considered wildly delusional if I really wanted to step on a tall, rich and handsome man like him.

Mr Perfect turned around and looked at me mid-sentence. He had a trace of disdain in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised up, “You suddenly went out to eat with a man. I was afraid that you would be in danger, so I came to find you. Mei Xue, listen to me, there are a lot of bad people in this world, so don’t come into contact with strangers in the future!”

‘Ouch, now that was totally uncalled for!’ 

I didn’t want to argue with this guy at first, but who knew that this mor*on would try to disrespect me as soon as he opened his mouth! The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. 

Just as I was about to teach this idiot a lesson, Mei Xue said with a cold face, “Gao Shuai, just who are you to control who I am going to eat with?!”

From Mei Xue’s words, it seemed that her relationship with the Mr Perfect wasn’t that good. Alright, since their relationship wasn’t good, he couldn’t blame me for being ruthless!

“So your name is Gao Shuai?” I pretended to be surprised and looked at Mr Perfect. The Gao Shuai looked at me with a proud look on his face. He straightened his collar and looked at me with the gaze of a superior. 

‘Heeeh…this guy sure has his nose in the clouds.’

Anyways, just because he ignored me didn’t mean that I couldn’t take the initiative. I stared at him intently and pretended to sigh helplessly, “Hmm…you’re not bad, but still a bit worse than me…” 

Hearing my words, Mr Perfect, no…Gao Shuai immediately looked back at me. He was obviously feeling provoked, so I coughed and continued, “Also, isn’t your name Gao Shuai? Why don’t I see the handsome part mentioned in your name?” (G: Gao Fu Shuai means tall, rich, and handsome, so Gao Shuai means tall, and handsome.)

“What did you say!” Gao Shuai was immediately enraged and stood up from his seat, looking like he wanted to punch me.

“Gao Shuai! He is my friend! What are you doing?” At that moment, Mei Xue spoke up, creating a beautiful scene of a beauty saving the hero!

When Gao Shuai heard Mei Xue’s words, he suddenly went into a daze. Looking at the angry Mei Xue, he suddenly panicked and stuttered when he spoke, “Mei Xue, I…I…”

“Your parents grew up by the sea, right?” Before he could say anything, I spoke again, still acting confused.

Unexpectedly, the guy was stunned and said in disbelief, “My parents were indeed born in a coastal city. How do you know that?”

“No, it’s just that you look so ugly, but your parents dared to give you the name ‘Shuai’, so I figured that they must have grown up eating the salt by the sea, otherwise their taste wouldn’t be so strong!” 

I already understood that Mei Xue didn’t like Gao Shuai very much, and maybe even disliked him quite a bit. Since the beautiful woman didn’t like him, why would I stop myself from speaking harshly?

“You!” Gao Shuai stood up again, then pointed at me with his finger, and he even shook it, as if he was mast*rbating. 

Out of politeness, I had to give him the middle finger in return.

Unexpectedly, just that small gesture made him explode, as he roared, “You little sh*t! Are you tired of living?” 

He was ready to beat me up! How could he ever hope to pick up girls with such a short fuse? 

I originally thought that he was just showing off, but unexpectedly he actually grabbed my collar. 

‘Heh! Did he really think that it would be so easy to bully a loser?’

Ever since Mei’er helped me build my foundation, I hadn’t tried anything different from the usual. Since this meathead was looking for a beating, I had to oblige.

Thinking to that point, I grabbed Gao Shuai’s hand. 

“What? You want to fight?” As I said that, I stood up from my seat. The advantage of being a few centimeters taller than him became immediately apparent. As I said that, I applied a bit of force on my grip. 

It made Gao Shuai scream in pain.

His scream prompted me to quickly let go. Mei Xue was right next to me, so I didn’t really want to hurt him. After all, he and Mei Xue knew each other. So of course, I had to behave rationally if I ever wanted to have the opportunity to ask Mei Xue out for a meal in the future.

Gao Shuai suffered a secret loss and knew he couldn’t beat me, so he ran to Mei Xue and barked, “Mei Xue, did you see it? This guy actually wants to hit me He is not a good person. Don’t contact such people again in the future.!” 

I didn’t expect that this idiot would complain first, but did he think Mei Xue was blind?

“Gao Shuai!” Mei Xue seemed to be really angry this time, and the shock made the Gao Shuai tremble. He knew that there was no way he could trick her, so he grimaced, “Mei Xue, I…”

“Why ate you calling her Mei Xue? My girlfriend and I came here to have a meal, and you suddenly appeared and started screaming like a madman!” My statement not only stunned the guy, but also made Mei Xue’s face turn red.

“What are you saying? Mei Xue is your girlfriend?!” Gao Shuai asked in disbelief. 

To prove my point, I directly walked to Mei Xue and hugged her, “What? You don’t believe it?” 

My action caused Mei Xue’s face to turn even redder, it seemed that the young girl really couldn’t stand the teasing.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!” Gao Shuai’s reaction gave of the feeling as if his father had died. He grabbed his head and loudly roared like a madman, “Mei Xue, tell me, it’s not true, this is not true!”

“He’s right …” 

Just as I was about to answer, it was actually Mei Xue who spoke up first. 

That caused Gao Shuai became even more crazy, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!”

As Gao Shuai was in denial, Mei Xue suddenly touched my cheek with her tender lips. 

Gao Shuai couldn’t help but freeze, and I was also stunned.

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