Chapter 8: Beautiful Nurse

“Sir, do you feel any discomfort?” The nurse looked at me with concern, but I didn’t really feel any discomfort. 

Instead, I felt that my body was full of power, as if I could beat a cow to death with one fist!

However, seeing the little nurse’s worried look, I lost the mood to joke with her, “I don’t feel any discomfort, thank you for your concern…”

“Do you really not feel any discomfort? But sir, your condition before was really…” Before the nurse could finish speaking, I interrupted her with a smile on my fac, “I really don’t feel any discomfort, please don’t worry.”

“I will call the doctor for a check-up!” The nurse still seemed a little worried, but as soon as I heard the word “check-up”, my head buzzed, and I was gripped with anxiety!

The little nurse said before that the doctor had done a series of check-ups, so how much would it cost! 

Even all my living expenses may not be enough to cover so much check-ups, so I quickly stopped her, “Ms. Nurse, please don’t, I really don’t feel any discomfort!”

Seeing my attitude, the little nurse reluctantly compromised, “Okay…if that’s what you want, sir. I’ll leave first!” 

After that, she walked towards the door to leave.

“Miss, please stay!” Originally I was just going to let her leave, but suddenly I remembered something about my chastity, so I had no choice but to shamelessly make her stay

The young nurse heard my voice and turned her head in confusion, “Sir, is there anything else you want?”

“Well… I, I just want to ask something…” I said hesitantly, “Just now, you said that a lot of black liquid was seeping out from my body during the past three days, but I am clean now. So someone should have washed it for me, I would like to ask, was it a man or a woman?”

After hearing my question, the little nurse’s face turned red, and she shyly said, “Yes, she is a female nurse…”

When I saw her reaction, I couldn’t help but ask, “Emm, it wasn’t you, was it?!”

‘Oh heavens!’

If it was really her, my chastity would be at stake! No girl has ever seen my Little Xia, let alone touch it!

‘Since there was dirty black liquid seeping out from all over my body, it also must’ve been the same for Little Xia, right? If someone cleaned me, wouldn’t it mean that she also had to clean Little Xia?’ 

Thinking of that, I raised my head and carefully observed the young nurse.

Judging from her appearance, the young nurse should be about the same age as me, less than 20 years old at most. Her face was pretty, but definitely not at the level of a goddess. Also, her figure was just average.

“Yes…yes…” The little nurse meekly lowered her head, and her voice became as low as a mosquito’s buzzing. If the foundation building hadn’t improved my hearing by a lot, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to hear what she was saying.

Seeing her shy look, I felt pity in my heart. This young nurse didn’t put on makeup. If she did, she would definitely be even more of a pretty girl. I, as an upright young man, really didn’t want this young nurse to take any responsibility. Anyway, I didn’t lose anything.

“Ms. Nurse, don’t be nervous. I just want to thank you!” Seeing her shy look, I smiled and said, “I would like to treat you to a meal later, is that okay?”

“It’s still working time, so I…” The young nurse still seemed a little hesitant. 

In order to lighten the atmosphere, I joked, “I just want to treat you to a meal to thank you, and it’s not like I’ll eat you!”

But who knew, that her face would turn even redder, which made me feel a bit excited. Little Xia also got ready to raise its head again! 

I didn’t expect that even after meeting so many beauties, my control over Little Xia still hadn’t improved. I could only blame my fate. I have been a loser for so many years, and my mast*rbation level was really too low.

“Okay, I’ll have a meal with you during the lunch break!” After saying that, the little nurse blushed and ran out.

‘To think that I would meet such a pure girl at this day and age…’ 

I had to lament my luck. These few days really seemed like a dream.

As I was thinking about how to pick up a girl while eating, there was suddenly a knock on the door. 

‘Could it be that the young nurse is back again?’

Although I was confused, I still said, “Please come in!” 

But, as soon as the door opened, my Little Xia almost lost the ability to stand straight for the rest of its life!

‘What the hell!’

Who the hell let their Tibetan Mastiff run amok! And why did it end up in the hospital? 

It was even wearing a nurse’s uniform. It really ruined the aesthetic! 

It was a Tibetan Mastiff nurse. 

What did it mean to be menacing? This right here, was exactly it! 

Her eyes were unusually large, same for her face. She was only 1.6 meters tall, creating a stark contrast in terms of proportions.

There was a pile of makeup on her face, making one wonder just how much cosmetics was wasted in the process.

And her mouth…it almost made me shudder.

‘That must be what you get after having sucked too many huge shafts!’

Her milkers were quite big, but the big belly below outmatched them in size.

‘Oh my god! Can’t you send me a few more beauties? Why are you torturing me like this?’

“Is this your uniform?” Fortunately, the Tibetan Mastiff nurse’s voice was quite normal, not the duck-like voice I had imagined. 

I gathered my wits and raised my head to glance at the clothes in her hand. 

The clothes were really mine, “Um, yes…”

“Please take off the one’s you’re wearing and put on these on!” The Tibetan Mastiff nurse threw the clothes over and motioned for me to change. 

I was stunned, “Change here?”

“Yeah, so what? Are you feeling shy?” After saying that, the Tibetan Mastiff nurse laughed. 

Looking at her jiggling waist, I suddenly felt sorry for the floor. 

‘Brother floor, you sure are suffering!’

Seeing that I hadn’t made any move, the Tibetan Mastiff nurse became a bit unhappy, “Hurry up! I’ve seen enough birds in my time, and I don’t mind, so why are you the one feeling shy?”

‘Sister, you don’t mind, but I do!’

“Hurry up, I’m in a hurry!” the Tibetan Mastiff nurse urged me again. 

A tear flashed from the corner of my eye, as I gritted my teeth and changed my clothes!

“Here!” I handed the hospital clothes I changed out to the Tibetan Mastiff nurse. 

This nurse was definitely a liar! 

She said she had seen enough birds, but when I was changing clothes, she stared at Little Xia from beginning to end. 


I’d be in serious trouble if she suddenly became attracted to my Little Xia.

If it were the shy little nurse from before, I might be willing, but it was a definite no for this one.

The Tibetan Mastiff nurse took the clothes and winked at me, “Little handsome, are you free tonight?” 

I almost threw up, as I shuddered and smiled dryly, “I’m sorry, I…I still have something to do!”

“What a pity.” The Tibetan Mastiff nurse cutely said.

‘That gesture doesn’t suit you at all!’ 

However, it wasn’t over yet, and she continued, “Little handsome, my mobile phone number is… please contact me when you’re free in the future.” 

After saying that, she twisted her huge butt*ks and walked out of the room.

‘Contact you? I’ll contact your sister!’ 

Oh no! If her sister was the same, wouldn’t I be in even more trouble! 

Things had gotten really dangerous out there these days.

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