Chapter 7: Foundation Building Completed

“Mei… Mei’er, please… stop it, I… I can’t take it anymore!” If this continued, hundreds of millions of my descendants would definitely be released in the wild! 

And, as a man it would be extremely embarrassing…

Mei’er didn’t stop even when she heard my words. She still held Little Xia and pushed it back and forth. Her face was entirely red, “But… but, that feeling is so strange. I…I don’t like it!”

Little Xia was pushed back and forth and rubbed against Mei’er’s thigh from time to time. 

It felt like I was in heaven. However, I had to give up on enjoying that feeling because I suddenly discovered that Mei’er, a fox demon who had been practicing for hundreds of years, still didn’t know what she was holding in her hand!

I reached out and grabbed Mei’er’s hand, letting Little Xia escape from her grasp. Even though it was through my pants just now, it was already a huge stimulation for an inexperienced vi*gin like me!

“Mei…Mei’er, can you please get up first?” I said, my words a bit muffled. But Mei’er had no intention of getting up and said hesitantly: “But, but I haven’t… without my True Qi to guide you, it will be difficult for you to cultivate…”

“We’ll talk about cultivation later. You should get up now…” 

If this continued, I wouldn’t be able to resist pushing Mei’er down. Normally, I would never dream of encountering such a wonderful situation, but facing Mei’er’s stimulation, I really couldn’t control myself.

Hearing my words, Mei’er’s face turned red, and she slowly retreated from me and sat next to me. 

I immediately rushed to the bathroom, not even bothering to put on my shoes. When I got there, I turned on the faucet, lowered my head, and let the cold water pour over me. I shivered all over and immediately became more awake. Little Xia also slowly became weak and lowered its proud head. I was finally relieved. I washed my face with cold water again and then slowly returned to the ward.

Upon entering, I found Mei’er twirling her two index fingers, and her face still blushing red. 

I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed. 

‘Is this Mei’er really a nine-tailed fox demon who has been cultivating for hundreds of years?’

“Um… I’m sorry, I didn’t know, that thing is… that thing…” Mei’er’s voice became smaller and smaller, and she even lowered her head. 

If it weren’t for the fact that only she and I were in the ward, I wouldn’t have been able to hear what she said clearly. But it was clear that she finally understood what she was holding just now.

“Okay, it’s okay… I don’t mind.” I sighed helplessly and comforted her. 

Actually, I really didn’t mind. Only idiots would mind. How can a beautiful girl giving you a h*ndjob be a bad thing?

“Le… let’s continue!” Mei’er turned her head aside, as if she wanted to change the subject. 

Although I knew that Mei’er was talking about transmitting Qi, Little Xia didn’t think that was the case and believed that Mei’er wanted to touch it again. 

I had no choice but to grit my teeth and endure it. 

‘Damn it Little Xia, you are going to embarrass me!’

Soon, Mei’er and my lips locked again. 

Although we were burning with desire, I had already weakened Little Xia quite a lot, so nothing embarrassing happened this time.

Mei’er guided me to open my mouth, and a breath of hot and cold air entered my mouth, then my body. 

The moment the breath entered my body, I felt an extremely pleasant feeling fill up my entire being. It was completely different from the time I mast*rbated!

That situation lasted for about three minutes before Mei’er stopped. 

What surprised me was that during those three minutes, I didn’t breathe at all except for taking in that breath, but I didn’t feel any discomfort. I felt more energetic than ever before, and all the bruises on my body had disappeared, and the scabs on several wounds had fallen off. 

It was simply incredible! 

But, it would have been better if it lasted longer.

I looked at Mei’er reluctantly, but found that Mei’er was dripping with sweat, as if she had done something very strenuous. 

Seeing Mei’er’s seductive look, Little Xia became restless again.

“Xia Tian, I have helped you complete the foundation building. You’ll have to continue your cultivation on your own in the future. I am very tired and need to rest…” Mei’er said feebly, and after saying that, she turned into a necklace and hung around my neck. She seemed genuinely exhausted.

Mei’er had fallen asleep and was probably recovering her strength. After she transferred the Qi and helped me complete the foundation building, I felt energetic, but otherwise very normal. I felt quite disappointed, but since Mei’er had put in so much effort, there must be something more than that.


I focused my attention on the water glass on the table, hoping to use my mental power to make it move. But in the end, the water glass didn’t even budge. I was very frustrated and drank the water inside in one go. 

Heh! If you offend me, this is what you get.

Later, I tried other things, like walking along the wall and transmitting sounds from a distance, but nothing worked! 

In the end, I didn’t give up and decided to try using my eyes to see if they could see through solid things. When I walked outside the ward, I saw a nurse on duty, so I blinked my eyes several times and then stared straight at her chest. Then I immediately saw a patch of white!

But before I could get excited, I suddenly remembered, isn’t the nurse’s uniform white? 

So, I took a few deep breaths and prepared to do it again, but no matter how hard I tried, all I saw was the shiny white nurse uniform. Just as I was about to stop, the nurse suddenly rolled up the book in her hand and started beating me.

While beating and screaming, she shouted, “Ah! You pervert!” 

I quickly blocked the blows with my hands and explained with a grimace, “Sister, I didn’t mean that. I just wanted to see the color of your underwear, no! I…” 

The more I explained, the more confused I became. I looked up at the sky and was about to sigh, but unfortunately, the book hit me in the face. 

So I ran back to the ward in embarrassment, sat on the bed, and rubbed my nose.

After many experiments, I came to the conclusion that even after completing the foundation building, I was still an ordinary person! 

Speaking of changes, there were still some. Little Xia had actually grown a bit bigger, but without a cave to explore, no matter how big it got, it would be of no use!

Suddenly, I felt quite sleepy, maybe because I was too bored, so I lay on the bed and fell asleep. 

It didn’t matter if I fell asleep; I was sure nothing big would happen even I fell asleep!


“Sir? Can you hear me? There is still no response…” 

I was awakened by a gentle voice.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a pretty nurse standing in front of me.

She was dressed in a nurse uniform. I felt excited the moment I saw her beauty, but her expression seemed so anxious that something must have happened. 

Before I could utter a word, the concerned nurse noticed my gaze and breathed a sigh of relief, “Sir, you’re finally awake! I’ll call the doctor right away!” 

With that, she turned to leave. 

I was bewildered, ‘Had I been asleep for a long time?’

“I… just fell asleep. What happened?” I grabbed the nurse, who was about to leave, and asked, my mind filled with doubt.

The beautiful nurse appeared taken aback when she heard my words, but she quickly responded, “Sir, you’ve been in a coma for three days. Weren’t you aware?”

‘Three days?! How is that possible? I had only felt like I had dozed off for a short while!’

Before I could fully grasp the situation, the nurse continued, “Initially, we thought you were just sleeping, sir, but there was no sign of you waking up throughout the day and night! And then…”

Her expression soured. 

“Then your body started emitting a foul odor, and black liquid oozed from your pores. I immediately summoned a doctor, but after conducting a series of examinations, the doctor found nothing wrong with your body. We had no choice but to continue observing. Over the next two days, your body kept excreting the black liquid, and it didn’t stop until last night…”

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