Chapter 6: The Legendary Ha*djob

Just when I was immersed in the pleasure, I suddenly felt someone tapping my shoulder. 

I subconsciously turned my head to take a look, and I got a scare so great that it almost caused me to become impotent!

I didn’t know when, but Mei’er had appeared right behind me and gave me a scare! 

‘Sister, I am still an innocent little vir*gin. I really won’t be able to stand it if you suddenly scare me like this!’

Fortunately, Little Xia had already finished draining the water, and I shook its head a few times and quickly pulled up my pants.

I turned around and looked at Mei’er who was smiling at me and said, “Mei’er, could you please stop appearing like a ghost from now on? I might have a heart attack!” Then I sighed, “Also, this is the men’s room, okay!”

“You looked very happy just now. Do you enjoy touching those things?” Mei’er looked at me and said with a faux-smile.

Although I knew that Mei’er was talking about what happened between me and the Tigress just now, I still feigned ignorance and asked, “Are you talking about the p*eing?”

Mei’er ignored my answer and continued to ask, “Do you like that feeling very much?”

I nodded subconsciously, but immediately felt something was wrong, and wanted to shake my head to deny it, but Mei’er smiled charmingly, and said to me in a seductive voice, “You can also touch mine if you want.” 

Then she straightened the proud melons on her che*st.

As soon as Mei’er said that, Little Xia, who had just finished draining the water, raised its head high and was ready to make trouble again!

Mei’er was indeed an expert, she made Little Xia excited without even having to do anything.

Being charmed by her, I couldn’t help but reach out towards her mounds. But just when I was about to touch them, she dodged, covered her mouth, and burst into a laughter.

Her laugh was immensely charming, and only then did I know, that I was being fooled.

“Xia Tian, ​​haha, you are so cute!” Mei’er’s laugh became more and more exaggerated, and she didn’t stop until she saw that my face had turned dark.

Mei’er was really a vixen, ah no, she was literally the most noble nine-tailed demon fox!

“Is it that funny?” I said angrily to Mei’er.

I was originally going to scold her, but looking at her lovely visage, I really couldn’t get angry. 

Mei’er suddenly looked at me seriously and said, “Xia Tian, ​​do you really like that kind of thing?”

I was stunned after hearing that and thought, ‘What man wouldn’t like that kind of thing? Even a eunuch would probably like it, right? Of course, except for men with special hobbies.’

Although I really wanted to remain an upright loser, seeing how serious Mei’er was, I still nodded honestly.

Seeing my response, Mei’er said, “Your human society is full of intrigues. If you want to be the king of beauties, you must stand at the top of the world!” 

Mei’er paused and continued, “But now, even a measly thug like Zhou Feng can beat you up, so you must make yourself stronger, so that you can protect the people you like, and…me.”

“I know.” I truly agreed with what Mei’er said. 

I was way too weak now— with no money, no connections, and no power. 

Although I managed to scare Zhou Feng away this time, he would definitely come to threaten me again!

Just as I was thinking about it, I suddenly thought of something and shouted to Mei’er: “Tigress is not the person I like! Everything that just happened was just an accident!” 

I was really just a loser…even when I was thinking about serious things, I was still distracted by that matter.

Mei’er looked at me and smiled helplessly, “Anyways, quickly go out. If you stay in there for so long, that person will be suspicious.” 

After saying that, she turned into a necklace again and hung around my neck.

I suddenly felt envious of Mei’er. 

‘If I could turn into a necklace, wouldn’t I be able to sleep in a beauty’s deep valley every day?’

But thinking that the Tigress was still waiting for me outside, I immediately walked out of the bathroom.

“Who were you talking to in the bathroom just now? And who were you calling a Tigress?” As soon as I walked out of the bathroom, the Tigress fired questions at me like a cannonball.

Her question made me feel quite embarrassed. 

Was I supposed to say that I was chatting with a beautiful fox demon in the bathroom just now? And the Tigress I was talking about was none other than her? 

No way!

Did I even have the guts to say that! Wasn’t that just looking for death?

Therefore, I had no choice but to lie my way out, “I was the only one in the bathroom, you must have heard wrong!”

“Did I really hear it wrong?” Tigress actually believed it. 

I really couldn’t understand how she graduated from a prestigious university with such a low IQ.

“Forget it, remember, you must not tell anyone what happened just now!” The Tigress’ tone was extremely strong. 

I pretended to be thinking about something, then looked at the Tigress and asked in confusion, “What happened just now? What did I do? Why don’t I remember?”

The Tigress finally stopped looking at me with a straight face and said with a smile, “You are quite smart!” 

Then she turned around and said, “Come on, the food I brought you is getting cold.” 

After that, as I was about to leave, I looked at the Tigress’s figure and suddenly came up with a plan.

“Ouch, my head feels so dizzy!” I pretended to be a little weak and unsteady on my feet. 

Sure enough, after hearing that, the Tigress immediately came back, supported me. She looked at me and doubtfully asked, “What happened? Aren’t you already healed?”

I pretended to be weak and said in a feeble tone, “Maybe it was because I exercised too intensely just now…”

But those words reminded Tigress of what happened just now, and her face turned red, “Didn’t you say you had forgotten it?” As she said that, she stretched out her hand was about to give me a beating.

I winced and quickly said, “I’m talking about pe*ing!”

But the Tigress didn’t stop, and still hit my head.

I screamed and said with a grimace, “Teacher, you are bullying a patient!”

The Tigress turned her head aside and said confidently, “No, I’m just bullying an idiot!” 

After that, she forcefully pulled me forward and walked to the ward.

And along the way, the friction between my arms and the Tigress’s melons soon made me forget the pain. 

After waiting for more than ten years, the heavens had finally smiled upon me!

Returning to the ward, I lay down on the bed in content, and finished my meal.

After that, the Tigress left.

I began to feel really lonely in the ward, but since my injuries still hadn’t fully healed yet, I could only stay put for now.

Not long after the Tigress left, Mei’er appeared in front of me in her human form.

When I saw Mei’er appear, a smile appeared on my face again. 

It seemed that the heaven was treating me well! 

Just as the beautiful teacher left, the charming fox demon came out to accompany me.

“Have you seen enough?” Mei’er looked at me and angrily said, “Although men are lu*stful, I have never seen such a lu*stful one like you!” 

When Mei’er said this, I quickly wiped my saliva. 

‘I mean, can you even blame me? I want to be more pure, but how can I do that with a pair of magnificent mounds jiggling right in front of me!’

“Now I will teach you how to cultivate, so that your injuries will heal faster.” 

When I heard that Mei’er wanted to teach me how to cultivate, I immediately put away those dirty thoughts and listened carefully.

In fact, what Mei’er taught me was similar to what you would find in most novels. 

We took the Qi of heaven and earth to temper ourself, open our mind, and enhance our consciousness. 

However, it was much more difficult to actually put it into practice.

“First, you must breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.”

According to Mei’er, this was called “Qi Breathing”.

I probably just had use my nose to absorb the spiritual Qi in the air, and then use my mouth to expel the dirty air. 

As time went by, I found that this job was much more tiring than mast*rbating.

Physically, there was nothing wrong with it, but mentally I was just too tired. 

I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth. 

I was able to focus at first, but over time I just forgot about it. After all, I had been breathing in and out through my nose for all my life. The point was that it was incredibly boring, and I became impatient after a while.

“Mei’er, your method is useless!” I said impatiently, “I don’t feel anything at all!”

It was a huge torture for a loser like me to muster up the patience to do something like that. I might as well mast*rbate for fun since I had time.

Mei’er looked at me helplessly, “It hasn’t even been that long yet and you already lost your patience? Cultivation is about perseverance!” 

Mei’er then paused and sighed, “Forget it, I can’t blame you. The world has gone through so much change. After years of pollution, the spiritual Qi has become very thin, and the Qi in this place is too weak, so you really can’t absorb that much spiritual Qi.”

Originally I was just complaining, but when I heard Mei’er say that, I became a little panicked, “You mean I can’t cultivate anymore?”

“That’s not true.” When I heard that I could still practice, I felt relieved. 

Mei’er frowned and said, “If we use elixir and panacea to temper your body, your cultivation speed will be much faster.”

As soon as I heard the words “elixir and panacea”, my heart froze. 

“I know about Golden Gun, Qi Yin and Huai Shan, but where can I get the elixir?” (G: Names of Ch*nese herbal medicine.)

Seeing Mei’er’s expression, I knew that they definitely weren’t the elixir she was talking about. 

It seemed that my path of cultivation had ended before it even began.

But I still didn’t want to give up. So I looked at Mei’er and asked, “Is there any other way?”

Mei’er was about to shake her head, but she suddenly stopped, bit her silver teeth, and seemed to have decided something, and said to me, “Forget it, you rescued me, so I will help you one more time…”

Mei’er’s eyes gleamed with a complicated look and after a long time, she spoke again, “Raise your head.”

After hearing that, I was stunned. 

‘What does my cultivation have to do with raising my head?’ 

Just when I was about to ask why…Mei’er suddenly sealed my lips with hers!

The soft and delicate lips made me lose my head. 

And, what shocked me even more was that Mei’er actually used her tongue to pry open my teeth, trying to penetrate into my mouth. 

Down below, Little Xia suddenly stood erect and pushed directly between Mei’er’s thigh.

‘Does Mei’er want to practice dual cultivation with me?’ 

I was in some serious trouble! 

‘What should I do?’ I was still an innocent little vir*gin, so this could be my first time!

Looking at Mei’er’s proficient kissing skills, I was sure that it wasn’t her first time. But, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to give my first time to a beautiful little fox demon.

I was about to respond to Mei’er, but Mei’er suddenly let go and looked at me shyly, “What are you doing? Don’t push that things against me. That… that feels quite strange!”

When I heard Mei’er’s words, I almost vomited blood. 

She was teasing me, right? 

But before I could speak, Mei’er held Little Xia with her hands through my pants, “Quicky put this thing away, so that I can pass my Qi to you!”

I couldn’t understand what she was saying, and I was completely stunned. 

On the other hand, Little Xia grew up a little bit more.

Mei’er moved her hand to push it to the side, and Little Xia naughtily bounced back again.

However, Mei’er just kept pushing and pushing. 

‘Is this… could this be the legendary ha*djob?’

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