Chapter 5: Ambiguous Event

I quickly closed my eyes, trying to pretend to be asleep, but the Tigress’s voice came over at that moment, “Stop pretending, I know you’re awake, just eat your food. “

I helplessly opened my eyes  and laughed dryly, “Teacher, why are you here?”

The Tigress, Hu Jiang handed me the lunch box and chopsticks and angrily said, “My student was almost beaten to death. As his teacher, can’t I come and see him?”

Tigress’s frown and her tone made Little Xia Tian, ​​who was hiding between my crotch, actually harden!

To be honest, with her protruding melons and curvy rear, the Tigress would definitely be a beauty that everyone would chase after, if only she could control her violent temper. 

Before I met Mei’er, the Tigress’ figure was definitely the best I had ever seen. As for her face, it was by no means inferior to Mei’er!

Mei’er’s face gave off a pure feeling, but because she was a nine-tailed fox demon, she had a charming aura, while the Tigress had a mature charm.

In fact, Tigress was not very old, only 25 years old. She became a teacher in our high school right after graduating from college. In our senior year of high school, she became our class teacher. 

I remember the first time I saw the Tigress with her turbulent mounds. At the sight of their magnificence, my nose started bleeding and my mouth began to salivate, which just showed the Tigress’s lethality.

Unfortunately, the woman was on a perpetual men*pause…

“Classmate Xia Tian, ​​tell me, who beat you like this?” The Tigress said and snorted, “Students who dare to cross me really have some guts!”

I was lost in my thoughts, then I suddenly woke up when I heard Tigress’s words, and couldn’t help but laugh, “Teacher, I just accidentally fell…”

I didn’t want Tigress to know about me and Zhou Feng. She was just a powerless class teacher and she couldn’t help me at all.

“You fell? If you fell, only your nose and face would be bruised and swollen, so how did you end up in the hospital?”  Tigress frowned and continued to face me, “I am not a three-year-old child!” 

‘Yes, you are not, you are old. You are a thirty-year-old men*pausal tigress, but you are just wearing the skin of a 25-year-old!’

Knowing that I couldn’t deceive the Tigress, I could only laugh, but the Tigress kept asking questions, just like the monk Tang S*nzang. Although I wasn’t Sun W*kong, I couldn’t stand it either!

“Teacher, I want to relieve myself. Can you help me to the bathroom?” I could only change the subject and distract the Tigress, otherwise it would spell more trouble.

My head was still quite dizzy, and I didn’t know if it was the aftereffects of that power, but I didn’t have much strength in my body. I had a slight urge to uri*nate, so I made that excuse.

The Tigress glanced at me and angrily said, “Do that yourself!” 

Although she said that, she still helped me up from the hospital bed, put on my shoes. 

I let the Tigress support me, and went to the hospital’s bathroom.

The Tigress’s breasts kept rubbing against my arms, and it felt wonderful. The little bro between my crotch began to act up again.

As I was about to go to the bathroom, I felt a sense of reluctance. 

‘Who the hell built this hospital? Were they that poor! Why did they build the bathroom and the ward so close!’

“Go in by yourself.” When we got to the bathroom door, Tigress was ready to let go. 

Although I felt a little reluctant to let go, she was still a woman, so I nodded.

As soon as the Tigress let go, my steps faltered and I began to fall down. 

But just as I was about to stand firm, my feet slipped and I fell towards the Tigress.

I tried to grab hold of the Tigress with both hands, but the Tigress was not prepared and fell down with me.

Before I hit the ground, my mind went blank. 

When I regained consciousness, I felt that something was in my hand. I grabbed it and found it quite flexible. 

‘Why did this feel so familiar?’ Thinking about it, I grabbed it once more, and I got a huge shock! 

‘Isn’t this what it felt like when I touched Mei’er’s br*asts in the morning?’ I finally understood why they felt so familiar. 

Even though they were separated by clothes, it was summer, so it wasn’t much different! 

‘No, whose bre*sts are these?’ I looked down and saw that I messed up! 

They belonged to the Tigress!

“Teacher, I…I didn’t mean to…” Before I could finish speaking, the Tigress opened her mouth wide and shouted, “Ah!!!”

I immediately panicked. 

There were a lot of people in the hospital. I didn’t know how many people would be attracted by her shouting. 

Our posture was so ambiguous, and if anyone saw it, there could be a huge misunderstanding! 

What made my balls hurt was that the woman took a breath and wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. 

I panicked and hurriedly blocked her mouth with my mouth.

As for why I didn’t block it with my hands, do you think a loser would give up such a good opportunity? 

If I missed it this time, would I have another chance in the future?

But who would have thought that this Tigress was not a pushover ar all. She kicked me right in the crotch and fu*ked me up! 

It hurt so much! 

‘Little bro, why did you have to be so fragile?’

My little bro was injured, and I grimaced in pain, but I couldn’t make a sound. My original purpose was just to block the Tigress’s mouth, but now it seemed that my mouth needed to be blocked even more.

Seeing that the Tigress was no longer screaming, I quickly removed my mouth. 

My brother really couldn’t stand it anymore!

The Tigress’s face was as red as an apple. She looked at me, who was a little pale, and said sheepishly, “I…I didn’t mean to…”

‘No brainer! Even if it wasn’t intentional, why is your kick so accurate? If it was intentional, wouldn’t it have cut off my family line?’

“Teacher, I wish you didn’t blame me for what happened just now…” 

In fact, I was very happy because the Tigress didn’t care about me grabbing her br*asts and k*ssing her lips.

The Tigress turned her head aside, her face blushing red, “Then why don’t you get up quickly!” 

‘Heh! The Tigress was actually feeling shy!’ 

But after such a fuss, the dizzy feeling in my head disappeared and my physical strength recovered a lot.

So I reluctantly moved my hand from the Tigress’s melons. 

I heard the Tigress cough a few more times.

“You can’t tell anyone about this!” The Tigress stood up from the ground, transforming from a gentle kitten into a fierce tigress.

How dare I disagree! Unless I wanted to die!

So I hurriedly said, “No, no, I won’t tell anyone even if you kill me!”

Tigress looked at me who was staring at her mounds, her face turned red and she angrily said, “You need to go to the bathroom, why don’t you go quickly!” 

‘Would you look at that! Tigress was quite cute when she was shy…bah! How could I have such an insane thought?’ 

I shivered all over, smiled dryly at the Tigress, then turned around and entered the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom, I didn’t let little Xia Tian come out immediately. 

Instead, I looked at my hands and giggled. 

I was really a loser!

Then I slowly took out my shaft and started to release.


I really felt refreshed after such a lucky event, so even such a common thing brought me intense pleasure.

Goblin: This novel is pure nostalgic read for me. Some of the readers might find it quite juvenile and perverse, but believe me when I say that this type of novel used to be quite popular back in 2012 and before. I remember reading the novel “A Step into the Past”, which was full of this trope, and found it quite a new experience. Then came “Against the Gods”, “Martial God Asura” and more. I was hooked, I didn’t stop ever since.

So after all these years, it feels quite refreshing to read this kind of novel again. That’s all.

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