Chapter 10: Refining a Lapis Lazuli II (part 2)

Not only within the Holy Empire, but even in the Dragona Empire, those who showed interest were starting to appear one after another.

However, those who started to move more quickly and sensitively about the business opportunity were, of course, small and medium-sized merchants within the Holy Empire.

The aftermath of the commercial war was a devastating situation for them.

Although it didn’t go down to the level of having their limbs cut off like the Merchant Alliance, it was true that they had suffered large and small damages, akin to shrimps cough up in the middle of a fight between whales.

For them, the news of the resumption of Eastern trade by the Uranus Merchant Company was like the welcome rain after a long drought.

Up to 400% profit!

As the history of the past 9 years proved that it was an investment with a 100% chance of success, it was only natural to jump into a business that could not only make up for the damages caused by the aftermath of the war, but also make a hefty profit.

With such expectations and hopes, countless small and medium-sized merchants of the Holy Empire packed up their funds and gathered at the headquarters of the Uranus Merchant Company in Vienna, and Ashbel, who had been commanded by Bahamut, was also included in the procession.

“Hmm… I expected it, but it’s really quite huge. Who would ever think that the procession to make an investment could be so huge? I really envy them as a merchant.”

“Yes. Certainly this is the first time I have seen so many people cram this large building.”

Ophelia, who was ordered to protect Ashbel and was accompanying him, also expressed her thoughts.

The headquarters of the Uranus Merchant Company had a size comparable to that of a royal castle. Nevertheless, there were so many people gathered inside the building that it was impossible to see the end of the line due to it being so long.

All of them were people from all over the empire who wanted to participate in the investment, and even outside the building, there were people who wanted to hoard investment rights.

“At this rate, it won’t take long for the investor recruitment to end. What is our purchase target?”

“Master told me to buy up to 5%, which is the limit, but… it’s not impossible to buy more than that if we use a trick.”

“Yes? Uh… what do you mean?”

“Do you still not understand why Master had you accompany me?”

“Yes, it is to protect Mr. Ashbel in case of any unexpected situation…”

At Ophelia’s words, Ashbel slowly clicked his tongue.

“Tsk tsk… you’ll need to study more if you want to become the Master’s woman.”

“N.. yes? That… why is that…”

Ophelia tilted her head at the sudden words of Ashbel, and seeing her act like that, Ashbel sighed and explained.

“You just have to hold this and quietly submit it to the receptionist. Until then, pretend that you don’t know me.”

“Eh? Ah.. yes.. I understand.”

With a question mark still floating above her head at Ashbel’s words, Ophelia did as he told her to do.

After almost half a day passed in silence, it was finally their turn. 

Ashbel handed out a sealed envelope to the receptionist.

“I am from the Beden Merchant Company. My Master wants to purchase all of the 5% share, up to the limit.”

At Ashbel’s words, the people sitting there began to mumble for a while.

If someone said 5% share of the Eastern Trade investment, it might seem like a small scale compared to the whole, but if you look at the pure amount, it was a huge amount of money.

It was so huge that one could even buy an entire small village!

Soon after they opened the envelope Ashbel had brought with him, they began nodding their heads in agreement.

“It really is the Beden Merchant Company. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to afford this amount.”

“Thank you for your investment. Lady Bertina will also be pleased with the cooperation of the Beden Merchant Company.”

With those words, the receptionists handed out certificates with golden seals.

It had been almost a day since they were sitting here, but it was the first time they had ever put a golden stamp on a certificate.

“You will make a big profit. See you later.”

“Good work.”

Ashbel escaped the place under the heated gazes of the receptionist and the people around her.

Ophelia, who had been standing a short distance away front of them, then approached the receptionist.

“Hey.. this.. please.”

With a slight timid appearance, Ophelia held out the envelope with the seal that Ashbel had given her earlier. The receptionist then opened the envelope and checked the contents inside.


“Ohh.. 2% from the Pepper Merchant Company…”

“The Pepper Merchant Company… I heard that it was founded by a nobleman a while ago. Is he thinking of jumping into the East Trade even with all the risks?”

“There must’ve been some information he picked up somewhere. Besides, this is the Uranus Merchant Company, not some shady organization. There are enough people who would wants to make a bold investment just by hearing its reputation.”

“I guess so. Okay, take the certificate. Here.”

Along with those words, the receptionists handed over a certificate with a silver seal

Even if it was 2%, it was still a huge amount, but the impact of Ashbel, who had bought the first 5% just before, was so strong that this one received relatively little attention.

With the certificate of purchase of the 2% stake in her hand, Ophelia made a strange expression and came out of the building.

‘I think I now understand what he meant…’

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